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Friday, April 25, 2008


fudgesicles :-). We have an ice cream truck (actually 2 or 3 different trucks) that comes by almost nightly. While I have happy childhood memories of ice cream truck indulgences of my own, somehow it loses some of the uniqueness when it comes with such frequency. Oh, and gone are the .25 ice cream treats. These treats individually each cost as much as a box of them would run you at the store. And when you multiply that times 4 (or 6 if you count mom and dad, LOL)... well, it's a rare treat around here.
But tonight. Well, tonight Mimi is at a friend's sleep-over, TJ and my husband are at Scouts, and that leaves just Scott, Sari, and I. Sari passed out naked on the couch about 10 minutes post-bath, so she was down for the count, and Scott was out playing down the street, so I was actually engaging in adult conversation with Presley by phone when I get an emphatic pounding at my door. The minute I open it, a gaggle of children blurt out that Scott is down the street bleeding "a lot" from his head, his knees, "and everything." Yikes! Good bye Presley, hello quandary. What do you do when you are the only adult home, your daughter is sleeping NAKED on the couch, you can't lift anything because of wrist surgery, and your son is up the street bleeding? You lock the doors, close the baby gate, say a little (or big) prayer that the 3 year old will stay asleep, and hop in the car since it is faster than walking and easier for transporting an injured 80 lb. child. Then you thank the relative strangers who have taken care of your son thus far, escort him limping to the car, and drive quickly home. After copious amounts of hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, and Neosporine, not to mention a dozen band-aids, the first aid session ends just as you begin to hear the first strains of "Deck the Halls." (Yes, our ice cream truck plays a full repertoire of Christmas music year round, LOL. ) This definitely is an ice cream truck night :-). $3 is exactly what I pillaged out of my husband's change stash, and $3 is exactly what it took to get Scott and I something. I love fudgesicles, and I hardly EVER eat them, so that was fun. And Scott is doing better, although he was shocked at the abrasion on his forehead.
And speaking of boo-boos, have you ever done something dumb? Like today at the park. I brought a milk crate with our stuff in it since I could carry that one handed. Then the table was full, so I set it on the ground behind the table. Then Aunt Fanny got there with our favorite baby Reggie (whom I could not watch since I am not supposed to lift anything heavy, and she's up to 20 lbs. now). So I get up to go see baby R and catch my foot on the edge of the crate. I scratched and bruised my inner calf on the edge of the crate, and then hit the back of my other knee on the bench of the table as I fell back down on my butt. Just call me Grace! Oh yeah, I have bruises so deep I think I will have to wear pants for the next week or so. At least they will draw the attention away from my incision scar for a while, LOL.
The relative calm of my household will end soon when the other boys get home, so I will sign off for now.
I'm blessed my son has good friends (and they have nice moms) who look after him when he gets hurt. I'm blessed that my wrist has healed enough that I can type (almost) pain free. And I'm blessed that I met a new homeschooling mom today, and had the opportunity to tell her all about our wonderful church!
until tomorrow,
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Scott's accomplishments

Today, Scott had a piano competition. He was the youngest competitor by 5 years, and had been playing at least 2 years less than everyone else. He did his best, and he got 3rd place. We are thrilled!
Also, he caught another snake the other day. This one was an abnormally large ring neck snake. He's amazing, but it makes me nervous that one day it will be the wrong snake.
Well, I'm off since I don't type very fast one-handed, LOL.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home again

So I had my surgery today on my wrist. Initially, we thought the pain came from a ganglion cyst ( I had one removed from my other wrist 15 years ago). Then an MRI confirmed a cyst, but not where the pain was, so the doctor then decided it was caused by a less common thing called a carpal boss. A carpal boss is basically a bony growth on the end a finger bone that usually causes no problems, but can rub on the tendons and collide with the carpal bones in that tight area, and cause inflammation. Of course, I get that kind, so that's what they took care of today. The doctor excised the bony growth, removed what on the MRI to be a cyst, but turned out to be inflamed tissue, and moved my thumb tendon over about an inch in the carpal sheath so as to have less "stuff" taking up the small space where the most inflammation was. It was more involved than planned, but hopefully was successful.
As a total blessing from God, they were able to do a local "block" so I did not need general anesthesia (although they still dope you up into a twilight state). My husband remarked that in terms of anesthesia recovery, I seemed better today than I did a week ago after the scope. I was literally up and walking within an hour post surgery.
Here's a funny: I'm allergic to shellfish, so they took it to the extreme and did not use Betadine to prep the skin. Instead they used some prep that has turned my skin greenish blue. My arm looks like a bizarre mix of the Incredible Hulk breeding with Smurfette :-). Oh, and I just have to wait for it to wear off. I can't wash that arm until my follow-up appt. on Monday AT THE EARLIEST, LOL.
Vicodin is my new best friend :-), and thus far it has not made me loopy, but don't laugh at me too much if I don't make sense, LOL.
Oh, sadly, yesterday our hamster peachy finally succumbed to her wet tail and died :-(.
More sadly, my friend Marie lost her grandmother Memere yesterday. Mem had a great active life, and I was lucky enough to know her. I know she will be missed.

until tomorrow,
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

My fair lady...and gentlemen

My kids entered many of their pieces of art and their handiwork into the fair. Today was "dollar day" and it was a total wash-out. It has rained every afternoon for 4 days, and we need the rain, so that is wonderful, but not so great for the fair. Around 6, Mimi, TJ, and I braved the weather to go see how they did with their entries. (On other days admission is $7 each, so today is the only day we would even contemplate going to see how they did.) I had to move barricades out of the way just to park, because my mini-van is not an off-road vehicle, and I was NOT going driving through the tire-deep puddles in the parking area when there was plenty of paved parking just beyond the barricade. It's not like ANYONE else in their right mind was entering the fair then anyway. In fact, they were literally locking up the buildings at 6:45 when we left because the rain was so bad.
But it was not for naught. My kids did well with their entries, and I am proud of them. I would have been proud of them even if they did not win, since they did the very best they could do, but it is nice for them to receive encouragement for and recognition of their hard work by more than just their family and friends. Below are a few pictures.
Mimi took 7 first places, including one Best of Show. She also got 3 second places, and one third (which is surprising, because her painting of shapes is really pretty good-better than I could do, LOL).

TJ took one third, one second and 2 firsts, including one Best of Show. (He only had 4 things entered.)

Scott also had 4 things entered. He got a first, 2 seconds, and a third. Amazing for my "non-artistic" child!

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We love our bunny!

Here are some pictures of Thumper. Honestly, I think my husband is just as fond of him as Mimi is :-). I think he's quite pretty. (Sari calls him "bumper", LOL.)

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Some day I will own some of these

These are alpacas, and I know it sounds crazy, but someday I'd love to have some. This is the farm we visited last Sunday where we got our bunny.
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Sea World

Here are some more from Journey to Atlantis. None of the kids is brave enough to ride it, but they discovered the joy of getting wet by proxy if you stand at the bottom of the water flume :-).

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Sea World

Here are a few pictures from our last trip to Sea World. The kids love the Clyde and Seymore show (which I could NEVER see again and be fine with that, LOL), so I took these for their benefit.

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Our resident hawk

We have a hawk nesting in our camphor tree. By the sounds of it, there is at least one baby, but I've only seen the adult. Here are a few pictures:
The mama
The nest
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Places you don't want to bump into people you know...

1) The feminine products "aisle" in any store, but particularly Wally World, where the pharmacy line directly faces the feminine products. And who should happen to be in line while I am looking for ahem, needful things? My across the street neighbor (the HUSBAND) and his teenage daughter who used to play at our house all the time. Oh, AND a lady from my Precept class. On second thought, maybe I didn't need those things to bad after all, LOL. I mean, everyone knows women need those things, but who wants to actually have casual acquaintances watch you shop for them?
2) The endoscopy waiting area at the hospital. Who comes walking by but our neighbor who bought the house behind our old swing set? "What are you here for?", he says. Like I'm going to tell him. I said, "A test" and left it at that. He was there in a different part of the medical building for a lump he found on his head that he will have surgery on Monday to remove. His loud and colorful language about said bump made me a little squirmy, so I was glad it was a brief encounter. Then who comes rolling out but an older gentleman from our church. No fooling him, he knew what I was there for ;-). He had just come out of there, and encouraged me that it wasn't that bad.
Does this happen to anyone else? I mean, I don't embarrass that easily, but there are just some places you don't want to encounter people you know, yet I manage to find them there :-).
Just a thought to start your day!
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Look out Jeff Corwin!

Scott has a huge affinity for all things reptilian. He loves to catch lizards and even baby snakes. But last week, he went well beyond that...and caught THIS:

Yes, this is a 3 1/2 foot long Black racer. We have several black racers that live around our yard. They are NOT tame snakes, nor can you really even raise them to be tame, and they are typically very fast, (hence the name "racer") but apparently it was cloudy and cool enough that this one was not quick enough to escape my determined 10 year old. Scott held him for a few minutes, I snapped photos for posterity, and we let the snake go.
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Post-procedure update

So I'm not blogging in a drug-induced haze, and I'm sorry (NOT!) if that's disappointing :-).
When they say the prep is the worst, they are telling the truth...but mostly because while they insist they don't "knock you out", they really do, and so it doesn't matter what the tests are like because you sleep through them.
I woke up after a nice nap, and drank 3 glasses of juice, so they sent me home before I started costing them too much in beverage allotment :-).
I wasn't "with it" for the Dr.'s update, but it was mostly small stuff. They did some biopsies, and said I have a mild hiatal hernia and mild diverticulosis (I doubt I spelled either of those right). I'll know more in a week or so when the biopsy results come in. That's been the trend for all my testing-they find little stuff, but nothing to explain the bigger picture. (I don't think I ever blogged about my other test, but I have an ovarian cyst too, and they are treating that with birth control pills. There's an irony for you. I'm on BCP not to prevent pregnancy but to shrink a cyst.)
All in all, the tests were fine, and I slept the rest of the afternoon away. I did cheat and only drank half my prep solution yesterday, but I had done a little internet digging and found that I really had gotten to the place I needed to be when I was only half way through, and that stuff is SOOOOO nasty that I just couldn't drink another sip anyway.
Anyway, enough of the geriatric posts about my ailments :-). I'm going to log off since there is a deluge outside and tons of lightening.
until tomorrow,
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wow, has it really been a week...

since I last blogged. I LOVE to write, but lately, by the end of the day I am just "done". Here's a quick catch-up.
Friday, we had an "all-day" sewing day at Presley's house to work on our quilts. We arrived a little late because Thursday night our sweet hamster Oreo died of "wet tail", which is just a fancy name for stress induced "runs". It's very common in pet store animals, and she likely came home with it. Unfortunately, they have a 7 day return policy, and she died on day 10. I called Friday morning, and "persuaded" them to replace her. Our new hamster is much larger, and older, and her name is Daisy. I'll post a picture, but she seems pretty nice too. We ran to the pet store Friday morning before they could change their mind, hence being late to Presley's house.
This quilt is Mimi's, and she got probably 12 of her 16 main squares done, and then I worked on my present for my mom (the first quilt I made) that needs to get finished. Then Mimi went off to spend the night at a friend's and Scott went to his first Boy Scout week-end campout.
Saturday was my birthday, and my husband and kids made me breakfast in bed. Then, Jennie and I spent 2 1/2 hours taping outlines of rooms on the floor of our church's hopeful new home so that people could walk through the next day after church and "see" the warehouse as it would look with walls and rooms, etc. Then off to gather Mimi from the house where she spent the night Friday night, and back in the total opposite direction for MM's birthday party...followed immediately by pizza for dinner and dessert at my mom's. I LOVE her chocolate angel food cake recipe (which I can make, but hey, hers is the original) and she made it just for me :-).
Sunday, my husband had to be at the Y at 5:30 AM to set-up the Y's gym and make it look like our church (hence our excitement about a bolding to call our own). Mimi wanted to go with him so badly, she woke up at 3:45 and stayed up so she would be ready when he got up. It was a LONG day, LOL. After church, Aunt Fanny, Jennie, and I went to the new building to give "tours" for people from church who were coming for their first look. It went well, and we were there until about 12:30. Then we came home, ate quickly, and Mimi and I went to a local Alpaca farm for their "open house". I would love someday to own alpacas, but now is not the time. Going to see them and picking the owners' brains a little about the business was fun though. And, they had angora bunnies, which really "made" the trip for Mimi. In fact, one of the bunnies had had babies a few months ago, and they were half angora and half dutch (favoring the dutch in terms of hair). The lady who owns the farm offered one or both of them to Mimi for free, and she jumped at the chance. I said it was Daddy's decision, but God is in the details, and while at Presley's we had both noticed an unused rabbit hutch, so when the lack-of-home was daddy's only objection, and Presley offered temporary use of her hutch, we called the lady back and told her we'd take a bunny!
Sunday night, some friends took Jennie and I out for our birthdays. Let me just say, I have the BEST friends. Really. I know a lot of people say that, but I mean it, and I know they do too. It's so amazing to have a group of women who really would do anything for each other, and who lift up each other and support each other. And our kids all get along great too. It's truly amazing, and after my husband and my kids, these friends are truly the best gifts God has given me.
Monday, we actually "did school" and Tuesday we had Precept followed by getting the kids fair entries ready followed by art class followed by actually dropping off the fair entries followed by dropping the kids at home with their daddy followed by returning to the fair grounds to submit some photographs followed by gassing up the car and grabbing a 7-11 taquito and doughnut for dinner followed by UIP. It was a long day!
And today? Well, today started out with an impromptu letter boxing excursion. We brought back 1 million mosquito bites, but no stamped log book. Kiwi and I both neglected to grab the directions as we left her house, and this one was more complicated than others, so we had a nice bug filled walk in the woods and then came home. ( I have NEVER seen that many mosquitoes...they literally followed each of us in a cloud.) I grabbed a quick lunch for the kids, and we went to get our bunny. His name was going to be Captain Carrot, but the owners were calling him Thumper, and so Mimi decided to just keep that name. So Thumper is now home with us on our back porch.
Why did I only grab lunch for the kids? Because today I started a new diet. It's called the colonoscopy prep weight loss plan. And yes, it's every bit as disgusting as you think. It's like self induced POMA-a real mind over matter thing. I wasn't even going to share, but since this generally geriatric procedure is becoming more common in younger people, I thought I'd share so anyone else finding themselves in this place can have someone to turn to to commiserate. I have the actual procedure tomorrow at 11, as well as an endoscopy at the same time. I have not had real food since dinner last night, and 11 will seem very far away when I wake up! Kiwi is taking the older 3 kids to a field trip tomorrow, and Sari is spending the night at her Godparent's tonight (she's been begging for a few nights now) and will hang out there tomorrow. I should be home tomorrow around 2, and Christine has begged me to blog in my drug induced haze, but I can't see that happening :-). Actually, it's the "being out of control as induced by the drugs" part that I most dread. The procedures themselves are routine enough, but anesthesia and I are not good friends, so if you are the praying sort, I'd appreciate prayers for a smooth recover from the anesthesia.
I'll let you know tomorrow how things go.
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