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Friday, November 18, 2011

Math Mammoth Review- Revisited


I was introduced to Math Mammoth three years ago when the TOS Crew was asked to review a few of their offerings.  My original review is HEREI liked what I saw so much that I then bought the whole Blue Series to use as a supplement to our "regular" math curriculum.
Well, this year brought some unforeseen circumstances that meant that my "regular" math curriculum was just not going to work for us.  At the same time, the TOS Crew was asked to once again take a look at Math Mammoth.  So I happily volunteered, and when I explained my situation to Maria Miller, who wrote the Math Mammoth curriculum, she generously offered me the chance to review the whole Light Blue Series, which has been a huge blessing to our family.
So just in case you didn't follow the link above and check out my original review, let me give you a little information about how Math Mammoth works.
Math Mammoth has four different "series", all geared toward providing quality math worktexts and workbooks at affordable prices for grades 1-8.

The Blue Series features worktexts (worktexts contain instructions in each math concept as well as exercises for practice work) organized by TOPIC, such as clock, money, addition and subtraction, and the division book you see to the left

The Light Blue Series features worktexts also, but they are organized but GRADE level, not subject.  Each level is a complete curriculum for that grade.  In essence, the Blue and Light Blue Series offer the same instruction and practice, just organized differently.
The Gold Series features worksheets only for each GRADE level (grades 3-8).  No instruction is given, just exercises that provide practice opportunities for review or reinforcement.  They are helpful for teachers or tutors in particular, or also for homeschool moms who know their children need a little more work in a particular area :-).

The Green Series features worksheets organized by TOPIC instead of grade.  In essence, the Yellow and Green Series feature the same worksheets, but organized differently.

But since the the Light Blue Series is what I received to review, that's what I'll focus on.
The pros:  I love Math Mammoth.  They are serious about the "affordable" part.  For example, topical books from the Blue Series range from $2-7 each, and an entire year's curriculum in the Light Blue Series is about $34.   I love that the instructions in the worktexts are written in such a way that (as long as they actually READ the text) my children were able to do the work on their own.  I was available to answer their questions, but they were able to do the bulk of the work themselves.  The Light Blue Series also includes a worksheet generator that parent can use, along with answer keys, tests, and cumulative reviews.  I could not be more happy with it!  I also want to say that the customer service at Math Mammoth is exemplary.
The cons:  None.  The Light Blue Series offers everything I loved about the Blue Series, only organized in grade levels. 
The bottom line:  Math Mammoth is great.  Whether you are searching for an affordable, full math curriculum like the Light Blue Series offers, or just wanting to review math skills by topic for extra concept reinforcement, Math Mammoth has just the right product for you!
To check out all of what Math Mammoth has to offer, go HERE.  They also have a Make it Real Learning series that covers real life applications for middle and high school math.  Some members of the TOS Crew received those books to review.  To see what other Crew members had to say about Math Mammoth, go HERE.
Legal Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received the Light Blue Series so that I could give my honest review.  That download was my only compensation. 
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