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Monday, March 30, 2009

Schleich Figurines Review

Without a doubt, by kids favorite products to review are TOYS. Shocking, I know! We've been fortunate to get some really cool things that fall into the "toy" category this year, too. But I have to say, these are by far my favorite!
Schleich is a German company that makes toy figurines. The company has been around since the 1930's, and has been making figurines since the 1950's. They began with popular comic figure lines, such as the Smurfs, which they carry today,
and then branched out a quarter century ago to include their amazingly realistic and hugely popular animals.
The figures, such as these meerkats, are so realistic, and are all hand painted. They are a treasure to own and to be played with. The company has an inspirational dedication to making quality children's figures and places educational value above profits.
The pros are too numerous to mention them all. Many of the figurine lines are produced to scale, and contain informational brochures with the figures so your children can learn more about the animals they are playing with. They product line is amazing in its scope-everything from farm animals to dinosaurs to knights to the American frontier. There's even a fantasy world of elves. And despite being hand painted, they are not too expensive at all. Figures range in price depending on how large and complicated they are. Some figures are as little as $2.50, while some large accessories are significantly more, such as this castle for $159.99.
Many figures that come with horses are quite detailed and impressive and are usually $14.99, such as the Gold Prospector below.
I don't have a con for these. My kids and I both think they are great. The MINUTE they arrived, my kids tore open the package, and 10 minutes later my daughter called me outside to take the following pictures (she created one venue for each figure we received, but you'll get the idea):

The bottom line to me is that these figures are not only fun, but educational. You could use them to set up a diorama about different geographical areas you are studying...or recreate certain times in history...or use them to classify animals...the list of possibilities is endless. I look forward to adding to our collection. And since these figures are not only available HERE from Schleich, but also at our local Target, they are very easy to acquire. As a bonus for us, they are also available at Epcot in the Germany pavilion, which my astute children quickly pointed out as we were browsing in the shops.
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crispy said...

We can get them at Tractor Supply or our Kroger grocery store. We often pick out one as a treat when they are buy one get one free. I like the farm animals.