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Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Star Speech Review

If anyone knows about speech therapy, it's me. Not only did I almost major in Speech Therapy in college, I have had 3 children out of four go through speech therapy. And each with a different disfluency, so I've been through quite a bit of parental training :-).

That's why I was SO excited to get the chance to review Super Star Speech! Super Star Speech was developed by Debbie Lott, who is a licensed Speech language pathologist a with Master’s degree in Education/ speech pathology (she also happens to be a member of the TOS Crew, but I PROMISE that will have no baring on this review). Super Star Speech is available as a spiral bound book or as a downloadable book. It contains an articulation test to give to your student and information for the parent to know what to be looking for and how to score the responses. Then, the parent is given information about how that sound is formed and WHEN a child would normally be able to successfully make that sound. Finally, there are lesson plan pages and guidelines, and specific activities and word lists for the sounds your child might need to work on so that any one using this book could provide articulation therapy for their children.

The pros: This book and system is VERY easy to use. And given what private therapy costs, it is incredibly affordable. I was able to test my daughter, the last of the four and only one who hasn't had speech therapy, and found her articulation problems were actually more minute than I perceived and totally age appropriate. But even knowing that, I was able to set actionable goals for working with her to bring her articulation a little further along. Knowing that one of her problem letters was "l", I also requested the Super Star R and L book, and I would recommend these more specialized books as well, since they go into even more depth and offer even more games and activities specific to the two of three sounds they address.

The cons: There aren't any. The system is easy to use, affordable, and well thought out. Debbie Lott is not only a speech therapist, but also a homeschool mom-what's not to love about that?

The bottom line: Private speech therapy gets really expensive really fast, and unless your child has had an accident that affects their speech or you have GREAT insurance, speech therapy is rarely covered by insurance. Access for homeschoolers to public school speech therapy varies by state, and at least where I live it is only guaranteed in group settings-meaning your child does not get individual therapy, but group therapy based on their grade. And 30 minutes twice a week divided by 6 kids means your child doesn't get much time devoted to their specific articulation problems. Super Star Speech is a wonderful answer to that dilemma. I would recommend it whole-heartedly if you suspect your child has articulation problems. You won't be sorry!

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received Super Star Speech and Super Star R and L for us to use and review. Those downloads were the only compensation I received for my review.

Super Star Speech, Super Star R and L, and other targeted speech therapy books are available HERE. Super Star Speech is $22.95 ring bound, $18.95 spiral bound, or downloadable HERE for $12.95. Super Star R and L is $18.95 spiral bound and $12.95 for a download from HERE. To read what other members of the TOS Crew had to say about these speech books or other games available from Super Star Games, go HERE.
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