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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott!

I can't believe my once 4lb 5 oz miracle is now a 5'4", 115lb TEENAGER. Where has the time gone? Happy Birthday (yesterday-being on the road means a lack of internet connection) to the child who made me a "mom".

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So close...and yet so far

You know, it seems to run in my circle of friends. This peculiar little twist on family trips.

Our scheduled time for departure was around 7ish, and all was going well until...

TJ barfed at 4:45...and 5...and, well, you get the idea. Seriously? This JUST happened to Aunt Fannie lest week the day she was leaving. But hers was a case of a child with a cold and a hyperactive puke mechanism, and mine is a little boy who really does seem to suddenly have the puking plague.


we wait.

And most likely miss DC.

We'll leave in early morning, God willing. Please pray for my little boy and for all of us.
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Saturday, June 19, 2010


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Update on all things Chicken

The girls have moved into their new digs, which we were cryptically calling "the playhouse", but then everyone in the neighborhood found out anyway, so now it's the coop...or if we are feeling fancy, the aviary.

Here's a recent picture of the girls. I can no longer tell the 3 Red Stars apart at all. They were very different in appearance, but now they look the same. They are still lighter in color on the butt end, but they definitely changing.

This is Buttercup, our easter egger. She has green legs, and she pretty markings. She is the most docile of the four, although they are all very nice. She's also the smartest of them all by far.

Here's the coop with the girls in it. Obviously I have some painting still to do-the bare wood in the pictures will be white, but I am loving it. I am SO glad we went with this design, even though it has taken much longer to build it than I thought. The 100+ degree heat index has had a LOT to do with the extended time frame.

Here it is from the side. You can see the laying boxes (they aren't that shallow-they extend inside too).

Here are some of the roosts inside. We happened to have had an orange tree that died on the edge of our property, so we dragged that into the coop, and voila! instant roosts.

Here's the other side of the coop. The area above is the one part that isn't finished-we will get that wall put on tomorrow, and then there we will be able to actually retreat into the hen house and feel nice and secure.
We are almost there! I can't wait to be done, and it will be none too soon.
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More Sari-isms

Sari, my 5 year old, has been keeping us entertained lately. She talks constantly (unless strangers are around, and then I can't even get her to LOOK at them). Yesterday, we were swimming and she said, "Mommy, look, I can talk UNDERWATER." Yep, it never ends. Ironically, a friend's daughter was over Thursday morning, and she too talks NONSTOP-in fact, I'd say she makes Sari seem quiet. The girls disappeared back to Sari's room, and there was TOTAL QUIET in the rest of the house for a good 15 minutes. I think we may be on to something.

Today, Sari was full of the funniest outbursts, most of which I've forgotten.
I do remember that when we went by Marie's house, she noticed another house down the street had two bounce houses in their yard, so she said, "I think they must be having a SAY YAHbration, because they don't just have ONE jumpy thing...they have TWO." What 5 year old says someone is having a celebration and not a party??? And I will miss when she finally can say her "l" sound right. It's so cute to hear her substitution.

And then there was the moment she came to tell her Daddy that there was a dead roach on the floor (hey, it's FL...even if you don't have a roach problem, you will occasionally find a roach that has flown in). Anyway, she came into the kitchen and told The Hubs that she needed a paper towel so she could go pick up a CROTCHroach, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Then she told me that she needed the paper towel because she didn't want to touch the crotchroach if it was dead, and she didn't want to kill it if it was alive. I told her there were plenty of crotchroaches in the world, and she could feel free to kill any that wandered, or flew, their way into our house.

I know she said some other really funny things today. I wish I could remember them all, but at least I remembered the crotchroach thing...somehow I think that will stick around here for a while ;-).
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Destination Disney: It's BACK!

Years ago, when Disney opened its park in France, the ELP got shipped over there. Then it came back to FL for a short run, but then it was replaced again by SpectroMagic. Well, as of the 6th of this month, the ELP is back again. My friend Heidi is restarting her "Destination Disney" meme, and I thought these pictures from last night's ELP fit perfectly with her questions:

What was your favorite Summer experience at Disney?
Do you have a favorite summer event that Disney sponsors?

The fact that summer time means extended hours and a guarantee of fireworks and parades and shows galore is part the attraction of Disney in the summer. Our passes (seasonal) blackout after Friday, so we crammed in one more visit last night. We saw the new Summer Nightastic fireworks and they are AMAZING. We sat behind the castle, and we were truly in the middle of the whole display. I'd have pictures, but my 5 year old HATES fireworks, so she spent the whole time in my lap screaming and crying while everyone else ooohed and ahhhhhed. Then we saw the 11 PM Electric Light Parade. There's a tip. If you can, see the LATER parade. It's SOOOOO much less crowded. We walked to the hub in front of the castle 15 minutes before the parade started and got front row seating.

Pete and Elliot

Ball Dancers

Tinkerbell's float-she's in the front under the "hot air balloon"

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I hate the beach. I'm probably in the minority, but I just am NOT a beach person. I HATE sand. I HATE salt, and thereby salt water. I HATE applying MILES of sunscreen to four children and myself. I hate crunching on sand in my food. I hate getting saltwater on my face and not being able to wipe it off...well you get the idea.


I refuse to give my children the upbringing my husband had, living 5 minutes from the ocean but NEVER going there. (Okay, we are more like and hour and a quarter from the beach, but you understand.) So when my friends decide to go, I will almost always tag along because my kids, unlike their mamma, LOVE the beach.

So, since Jennie is here from out of town, a whole group of my BFFs went to the beach. We were there for hour, and the kids LOVED every minute. I took my camera, (well, my lesser, back-up camera) and it died after the first picture (above), so I lifted these from Aunt Fanny :-).

Yea, that's me in the middle. I guess turn about is fair play, since I am always taking bad pictures of Aunt Fanny, but I just look man-like. I'm a man with cleavage. Scary!

Lunch! I like this particular beach area because there is a "park" there with free, easy parking, nice bathrooms, and picnic tables, so no crunchy SANDwiches.

TJ and my Godson

Mimi and Jennie's daughter. They've literally know each other since Mimi was born.

The girls making sandcastles as the tide rolled in.

The four amigos. They really are best buds.

Little girls out and...

in the water :-)
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Monday, June 7, 2010

iheartfaces-Play Challenge

This week's challenge is "play". I figured since we are currently in soccer mode, I'd use on of those photos. I didn't quite get this framed perfectly-too many wiggly kids and me not being able to get any lower than the ground would allow, but I still love it ;-).

To see other entries in this week's contest, click below!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Upward Awards and Sailing

Today was family sail day, so TJ got to go out. Of course, he didn't go out with his BROTHER, but he got to go with some other boys and he had a great time.

Scott sailed a laser by himself today. He had a great time too. Their afternoon on the water was cut short by a storm that blew in with hurricane force least that's what they felt like coming in off the lake. The blowing sand, and for that matter the raindrops, HURT.

From sailing it was off to Upwards soccer awards. Here's TJ and his team. They had huge rental waterslides for the kids, but again the pesky weather kept them from enjoying the water for very long.

Mimi's team was light on players...only 6 total, and only 4 at most games (4 was what they needed to play). She was much smaller than many of the 5-8th grade players, and today she got kicked in the foot as she blocked a goal. Her skin got ripped through her leather sneakers, along the nail bed of her big toe, and the toe is either broken or jammed/bruised badly. But she managed to smile for the picture!

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Random pictures for your enjoyment

Man I WISH this had come out better. I took several others, but the flash didn't flash on them, so this is the only one that was lite correctly, and poor Paul lost half his face.
Soooo cute!

I just loved the two older girls taking Sari by the hand for their walk.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

This is what happens...

when a photographer tries to take pictures of her own kids...

Big goofy teeth-y smile...

Goofy, snarky smile

Closer to normal

Now that's my TJ

Yes, she's special...

Really, mom...

Not really a smile, but I like this one.

More of a smile, but I never got "the shot"
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Disney with my TOS Peeps

The Monday before FPEA, I got the chance to meet with with my "boss" and two other reviewers for the TOS Crew. It took my girls ALL DAY to come out of their shells and make friends, but the boys were best buds in 10 seconds flat. I know it will shock everyone, but I did not bring my camera, so these are ones I lifted from Becky and Heidi when they tagged me with them on Facebook.

The moms

The boys heading out for a Kim Possible mission

Mimi and Heidi's daughter and Becky's son (who Scott hung with a lot, but he and Heidi's daughter had already planned to do Kim Possible together).

While the kids were divided between the UK (my boys) and France (the rest of the kids) for their Kim Possible missions, the sky decided to open up. Luckily Scott and TJ had just completed their mission and headed over to meet us just as the rain began (BIG shout out to Becky's husband for going to look for them for me since Sari was being clingy and whine-y since she wore bad shoes to Disney). We, as a group, hid out in France until the rain passed, and the boys decided to strike a pose with the local gargoyle.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Every once in a while...

we do school, LOL.

Scott has been studying Astronomy. Here's his object lesson on Solar Eclipses.

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