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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scott's story...part two

My pregnancy was great. Really. An aversion to fish was the worst thing I experienced. I LOVED being pregnant. At the time, I was working for Disney full time. I segued into a behind-the-scenes job when it seemed like the right time. (My status then was "full time" which meant I had great benefits BUT I had had to leave Guest Relations and go back to attractions to get that coveted full time spot, so I was working on the Studio Backlot Tour and lifting wheelchairs and experiencing an earthquake every 25 minutes of your day is not what the doctor ordered.) Behind the scenes, I worked in the offices doing a little bit of everything...but mostly working on an initiative called Guest Satisfaction Measurement which I had been one of a few key people at the Studios to help implement. So it was great...behind the scenes parking, 9-5 job, air conditioning. As Disney goes, it doesn't get much better than that! AND, I still taught the behind the scenes tours on a part time basis.
Because I had needed a doctor to help me conceive, and the choice of whom I would see was dictated by my Disney insurance, we had ended up at a practice in Altamonte. They had a midwife practicing with them, and I LOVED her. Terri was great. We were on the same page about everything, and I always looked forward to my appointments. I loved all the girls in the office too.
Being that it was my first pregnancy and I am tall, I didn't get very "big" even toward the end of my pregnancy, but I usually measured fairly close to where I should, so it wasn't a concern...until my appointment at 36 weeks.
By 36 weeks, I was measuring a little behind where I should be. I remember asking something about whether I was big enough, because I looked about 6 1/2 months pregnant, not 8 months pregnant. That was when my midwife said, "Well, actually, you are measuring behind, so we are going to send you for an ultrasound." I had a sense that something was acutely wrong.
We went for the ultrasound, and honestly 11 years later, I can't remember if they told us anything there or not. I do remember her saying, "I know what you are having." We had decided it would be a surprise. But in that instant all I could think was that something was wrong and this total stranger KNEW the gender of our baby but we didn't. If something were to have happened, I wanted every last moment to "bond" with the baby not as a "baby" but as Scott or Mimi (the names we had picked out), so we found out that day that we were having a boy.
My midwife told us that the ultrasound confirmed her suspicions...a condition called Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR). She set us up for an appointment with a perinatologist, but it would be a week before they could see me. It was a LONG week. I passed the time working, and shopping for pre-mie clothes I had discovered I would need. (It sounds crazy, but 11 years ago, there were not pre-mie clothes to be found. Usually, nicer stores had one or two outfits. My in-laws actually bought one in the hospital gift shop. Pre-mie diapers were IMPOSSIBLE to come by without ordering them by phone and having them shipped to you.) We had found a "coming home from the hospital outfit" at a latino store in the the mall. It was white knit (I picked it out before I knew what we were having, and white was gender neutral) and was slender, so I hoped it would fit. I backstitched his name on to the little hat that went with it during that week too.
When our appointment with Dr. Fuentes finally came about, I had no idea what to expect. We went down there, and there were literally tens of couples all there because something was was a hugely sobering thought. I still remember what the waiting rooms looked like. It's one of those days that is etched into my memory for good. Anyway, they repeated the ultrasound, but this time gathering more info. They could not detect a diastolic flow across the umbilical cord (no detectable blood flowing from him back to me). We met with the doctor. He told us there was a 90% chance that Scott would DIE in the womb within ONE WEEK, but a 4% chance that he would need oxygen if labor was induced now. His recommendation? The baby must be born that day. I was 37 weeks to the day.

Okay, I'll finish later. My littlest is naked, and I'm not even sure she has clean undies to wear, LOL.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bouncing off the WALLS excited!!!

We interrupt the Scott story for a mortgage update...

So this whole re-fi thing is a little stressful. We had the appraisal the other day, and the guy called and asked if it was okay if he showed up in about 20 minutes. Sure, why not?

I bent over backward to accommodate him as we have...well...not your average house in SOOOOO many ways. Comps (comparable sales of like age and sized homes in your area) are really hard to come by. After all, how many homes boast a 1200 square foot bomb shelter?

So the appraisal arrived at the lender on Thursday. I called Thursday afternoon, but it was still pending review. They said they'd call when it was reviewed. It's now Tuesday. Still no phone call. So I called them. And of course, my agent was at lunch.


Another agent was more than happy to help me. And even happier to tell me that the house appraised for $56 THOUSAND more than I had estimated. AND $98 thousand more than we paid for it 7 1/2 years ago! I am bouncing off the walls excited! Ultimately, those numbers mean little other than they should be approving our new mortgage any day now, but it is nice to know that even in this crazy market we are not doing too bad from the stand point of housing equity. With the re-fi, we will be here for a while, and those figures don't change the fact that this house's quirks mean just the right buyer has to come along when we finally do sell, but it still makes me happy :-). God is so good!
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Scott's story..part one

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mother. I actually had great difficulty in college choosing, or caring about, a major since I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. So I chose Social Science Education with a minor in History and would joke...TOTALLY tongue in cheek...that at least that would be helpful if I should ever decide to homeschool my kids (which was not even a BLIP on my radar screen at that point, but it seemed like a justification for an education that would "go to waste" as soon as I left the workplace and started doing what I KNEW I was meant to do.)
Of course, that requires two things: a husband (which I had...and which I suppose many people view as optional, but of course it's NOT according to God's plan) and CHILDREN...or at least a child for starters. Like most young couples, we never thought we'd have any challenges in that area.


Until year after year passed by and we we not pregnant.

So we had all the usual testing. My husband was fine (of course). My testing was more extensive (months of charting Basal Body Temps and bloodwork, etc.), but my desire for a child was so palpable that I'd do anything. There's this test called and HSG that involves dye and checks to be sure all the tubes, etc. are open and functional. That was the next step for me. I waited several weeks for an opening. Then we drove down there that morning full of anticipation of finding out one more piece of the puzzle. And once there, I did all the usual pre-appointment paperwork.
And then they finally called my name...

to say that because I was allergic to shellfish, they could NOT do the test.

I cried. And cried. And cried.

All my hopes hung on this test, and they couldn't do it. I called my doctor's office in despair. They graciously agreed to try clomid without the test, and see if it worked. If it did, the test was unnecessary anyway. If it didn't work after a few months, we could revisit everything. So I got the Clomid, kept charting the BBT's and prayed. A lot. I even welcomed the potential side effect of having multiples since we had had such a hard time conceiving even one child thus far.

Month one yielded no results.

Month two yielded no results.

Month three? An ovarian cyst (a result of the Clomid) and

A baby.

I was finally pregnant.

There is no way to describe the excitement. I took, I don't know, a TON of pregnancy tests. Then I wanted the doctor to confirm them. It seemed too good to be true. Over 4 years into our marriage (and 5 years by the time our son was born) and we were finally expecting. Those four years were filled with disappointment on a level I can't adequately describe.
(Read a tad about it in this segment of another post: See, we struggled with infertility for 5 years. And while we were "praying" for a baby, our spiritual walks were no where near where they are now, and I can't say it went much deeper than that. We relied mostly on our own strength, and every month was hard. My cycles have became irregular when I went off "the pill" in my early 20's and we started trying to have a family. And cycles that were sometimes 28 days, sometimes 2-3 months between periods were not uncommon for me (and still aren't). Imagine that being your "normal" and then add trying to get pregnant into the mix. Every time a regular person's 28 cycle would pass, I would begin to wonder, am I pregnant. Days would stretch to weeks. At first, of course, I took pregnancy tests regularly, but when they would be negative and still no period, you think to yourself, It could be wrong, so you take another. And another. And another. Then you just stop taking them. And you stop believing this act that seems so simple for undesiring teens around the country is ever going to happen for you. Each period is like a baby lost. You can't help but think when you haven't had a cycle in 3 months that maybe the tests are just wrong. Your hopes get up a little. You start to think, What if? And then BAM! All your hopes are dashed again and again and again. Chart after chart, test after test. )

But it all disappeared in an instant when that pink plus sign appeared.

I'll finish his story later...I really ought to do something tangibly productive now, LOL.
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Okay, I am just technologically illiterate, but I can't for the life of me figure out why this photo rotated when I uploaded it, nor can I figure out how to rotate it back. Oh well, just turn your head :-).

Dippin' into some Buffalo Chicken Dip at our family picnic.
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TJ is pretty good about having his picture taken and I snapped a few of him in New York this summer. They aren't the greatest, but they make me smile :-).

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Can I be honest?

I love my kids. Really. I've always wanted to be a mom, and God has blessed me richly. I firmly believe homeschooling is what He has called me to and that we as their parents are the best influence in their lives.


I LIVE for VBS. Vacation Bible Schools are God's gift to homeschoolers. Homeschool moms are "on" 24/7. You take your kids grocery shopping, bill paying, and even to the GYN with you (unless you can work something out with your friends). There is never a time when your job ends. You are always the mamma. And I love that. Really I do.


Sometimes I want to do the things that don't seem to get done. The 2 years worth of filing. The purging of clothes that the kids have outgrown. The sorting and organizing of 1200 square feet of "stuff" in the basement. And VBS gives me the one time a year that I get a few hours to myself when I feel the mental burden of all the other daily things I "should be" doing lifted and I can take on one of those larger projects because the kids are not here so I am not neglecting anyone. (Okay, Sari is here, but the dynamics are different and one is SO much easier than all 4.)
So last week the kids were in Music Camp all week. They loved it, and I had 5 days that they were happily occupied in worship and learning, and in theory I could tackle my projects.


We have a puppy.

They take time.

And energy.

And need constant supervision.

SO the projects went largely undone.

But, I did get to spend some nice time with Sari alone. She never gets that and she really enjoyed it. We baked and cleaned and read and played with Riley. And it was just the two of us.

Here are some pictures of our week:

Can you spot TJ? He's in the black shirt next to the girl in blue.

Mimi is in the light purple shirt...with all the hair. Look out Crystal Gayle, LOL.

Scott got to play a robot. He's the tall one in the middle.

Two different very similar smile, LOL.

The song was called "I'm going to throw up". Just read the words. The chorus talks about throwing you hands up to Jesus, but the kids all LOVED it for the obvious gross innuendo.

Finally, here's Sari helping me make jello. She could not have been happier!
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If all else pictures

I've been having a hard time the past few days feeling inspired to blog. First, it seems like peeping into everyone else's life is far more interesting than everything I could have to say. Second, the building and the puppy are occupying every spare minute of our time as a family. And third, well, I've just been in a funk. You know how someone says something to you or about you and they mean it (hopefully) totally different than you take it? Well, that happened to me the other day and I've been trying to work through it.
There are times I feel like this blog is a bit of a sell-out. It's not the deep stuff I thought I'd be typing. But time and my life get the better of me. By the time I sit down and type at 11 at night, I am too tired to be deep and meaningful. And during the day, there just seem to be too many interruptions or too many other things I should be doing. So I am trying to be content with the season I am in, but it's one of those daily struggles for me.
I'm not sure if I am boring you guys to death with pictures of the new church building, but since that's all we seem to be doing these days (11:30 at night and my husband's still up there), it's what I have to share until a more moving muse inspires me...

Mimi and the other obm (okay, really her name is not obviously obm, but she does share my real name) mopping the floors. All the classroom floors needed to be swept and then mopped before the carpet tiles can be laid.

You are NEVER too young to be put to work, LOL. Two youth girls painted, and they shepherded their young apprentices. Sari enjoyed sweeping (or swinging the broom through the air), and L even got a turn with the roller.

My husband and C building the stage in the sound booth.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

More painting

This time at our new church building. We had a work night tonight, and a wonderful couple from church volunteered to watch kids so parents could go work. Jennie and I both took them up on their offer and went and painted. I think I painted as much of me as I did the walls-it was really splatter-y paint!
Here are some pics:

The youth group came to help :-)

This is the room I worked on...but I did the cut in work at the ceiling. This is the HOTTEST room in there, and after spending quite some time on a ladder painting all around the room, I can tell you hot air REALLY DOES RISE. This room was easily 20 degrees warmer than the rest, and the ceiling was even warmer than the rest of the room. Painting it was like the CCOTL weight loss plan.

Not sure who thought, "hey, let's put the tallest guy here up in a lift where he has to duck to avoid ceiling tiles", LOL but here's Shelly's husband running cables.

More work tomorrow. We are trying to get our certificate of occupancy this week, but an unforeseen glitch may affect that...we will have to see. Still, it's all very exciting. SO exciting that I caved in and allowed Jennie's two oldest to come spend the night. She did take TJ, so at least I have only a net gain of one, LOL.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Houston, we have signage...

The Building and...

The street sign.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So what exactly are the qualifications...

for a "bad mom"? If your kids are going to a music camp for the week, and your boys have worn THE EXACT SAME CLOTHES for the first two days, does that count as "bad mom" material? Especially if you don't notice until your MOTHER IN LAW comments that the youngest son will need a change of clothes before she takes him to the movies because his clothes are so dirty? (Of course, she said this in front of him, so draw your own conclusions about HER qualifications.) In the end, TJ opted not to go to the movie anyway...I think in part because of her comment. Sad. BUT they went to see Wall-E, which ironically, the older two LOVED. The in-laws thought it was terrible, and Sari (who went in TJ's place) got scared in the middle and started crying so her Nana took her out.
(And then she called to talk to me from the hallway outside the theatre. When I suggested that she might be okay to go back in if she were sitting WITH Nana or even Scott, Nana said, "She was sitting with Scott. She was sitting in the seat right between Scott and Mimi." Does the mother-ese get lost that quickly? Did she really not understand that "sit with" means "in the lap of" and not just somewhere in the vicinity of?)
Oh well.
Sari watched the last few minutes, and then they all went to dinner so it was a nice night for them. TJ hung out with me, and Bam-Bam and his mom came over to see the puppy. Oh, and in the middle of all that, the appraiser called and he had gotten a call from the mortgage company saying they wanted teh appraisal by Thursday, and he was going out of town tomorrow so he wanted to know...could he come by NOW?
Why Not?
I mean, I just have a new puppy, visitors, and a total wreck of a house due to the room make-over, but sure, just do a drop-by appraisal.
I BENT OVER BACKWARDS to help him, making copies of surveys and the old appraisal...anything to make him look favorably on our situation. Please pray that the appraisal comes back where we need it, since in this market that is the one big unknown.
I'm kind of glad they dropped by without any prep time because I would have been going crazy trying to make everything as "good"" as possible for the appraisal, and now it's done and I can't change anything anyway.
When we told my in-laws what we wanted to do with the money from the re-fi, they scoffed and said that would not even begin to be enough. Yep. Thanks for the support. Sorry, I don't mean to sound as bitter as I probably do. By tomorrow it will be water under the bridge.
Anyway, I'm going to go spend time with my husband now :-). I married him, not his family, LOL, and despite our chocolate/chili pepper marriage, I DO enjoy his company, and I don't get nearly enough of it right now ;-).
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A different sort of update

Okay, so constantly supervising the puppy takes more brain energy and time than I anticipated, and blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Tonight we went to look at the progress on the new church building, and I thought I'd share it with you all...

Signs are a changin'...Awesome Audio's is down, and ours will be going up!

That big vacant spot under the Motorcycle Training? That's for us too!

Even at 8:30 tonight two guys from the church were up there grouting a building with no air conditioning right now!

Some people obviously WEREN'T working hard, LOL.

But they enjoyed the fan nonetheless.

The new sanctuary...facing the stage.

The windows on the "family worship" room just off the back of the sanctuary.

The back of the sanctuary. The family room is in the far corner, and the partial wall next to it is the sound booth. The doors with the exit sign are the main doors from the classroom area.

The kitchen. This is in the adjacent building with the classrooms and fellowship area. This building needed less build-out, and most of the build-out is done. The walls are textured, some are primed, and they should get painted this weekend.

A bathroom in near the fellowship hall.

One of the classrooms.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

So, how was YOUR week-end?

We've been busy! The puppy slept 4 whole hours the first night, LOL. It was not pretty Saturday morning. Oh, and he peed on the carpet 4 times. But, given that until Friday night he could pee wherever and whenever he wanted, the learning curve hasn't been too bad. Today he's done great until he peed twice on the carpet tonight, but at least I caught him mid-pee both times so I was able to whisk him outdoors to finish. He's a good puppy, but until he's housebroken he will require honest, full-time, eyes-don't-ever-leave-him supervision. It's a bit exhausting.

Saturday my husband went to our church's work day. They were priming walls, laying tile, and building the stage. He left the house at 6 AM (neither one of us was sleeping anyway with the puppy whining). I brought Scott up to him around 10. Then they came home around 1:30 and we went to The Sound of Music at a local theatre. It was a fund raiser for my in-law's church. The whole family went, and it was good, but it was also 3 hours long. We came home, let out Riley, and then went to my in-laws for dinner. Then we came home again dealt with the dog, got the kids ready for bed, and collapsed exhausted! The good news is that Riley slept almost the whole night last night. Yea!!!

Today was church, a visit from Aunt Fanny and her kids to see Riley, and then a visit from the in-laws to see Riley and Scott's room. I'm basically bathing RIley every day since he was an outdoor dog and has the fleas to prove it. While I was bathing him tonight, my husband came out to tell me he cut the tip of his finger OFF slicing up potatoes for scalloped potatoes. Never a dull moment! We've finally got the bleeding stopped. It's his MIDDLE finger of all fingers, and he needs to keep it elevated, LOL.

So how was your week-end?
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcome home Riley

So we did it.


has come home to live with us...but not without a great deal of drama!

Ever since we met the puppies last Saturday, it has only been a question of WHEN we would get one...not if we would get one. My husband and my kids were smitten, and who couldn't love a face like that? Not to mention these puppies are sweet. I mean, my friend at Sonlight Garden has 6 kids, 12 chickens, 2 cows, 2 horses, 2 dogs, and then the puppies. How could these puppies NOT be sweet?
So after putting off my kids all week as we tried to restore some order to the house after Scott's bedroom project, we finally set our sights on this morning being THE morning we would go fetch the puppy, which the kids had already named Riley. All that we needed was to stop by Wally World to get a few last minute things...a food/water dish, a leash, some flea stuff, and, at the kids' insistence, a tag with Riley's name on it. We had let K know yesterday that we'd be out sometime this morning to get him. So this morning at around maybe 9:45, I called to say we'd be coming that way after a trip to the store. I got her voice mail so I left a message. She called me back a tad distressed. It seems when her husband went to work at 8, all was fine and dandy, but when she went out around 9:20, 2 of the puppies were missing. The mamma dog and her son from her first litter came romping back onto the property (after escaping) soaking wet, but the 2 puppies were no where to be found. And the puppies that were missing? One of the 2 gray ones that she had already promised to someone...and Riley. So K was hoping we'd delay our coming so they would have time to look. The problem was, by the time I called her, the kids were literally loaded into the car. So I took the honest route and explained what happened and asked them what they wanted to do. They unanimously voted to go help search, and we skipped the store (not knowing if there would be a puppy to use the things we would buy) and drove right out there, which each of the kids praying silently on the way, even Sari.
We started bellowing for the puppies as soon as we turned onto her street. When we met her son on the road, my boys hopped out to help look. Mimi joined the search once we got to K's house and the girls headed out to the neighbor's 45 acres to look. The boys joined them, and they searched until probably 12:45 with no luck. At 1 J was meant to go to a friend's house and the girls had riding lessons, so the kids came back. (The little girls were oblivious to all the stress of the search and had a GREAT time playing together all day.) We inadvertently invited ourselves to lunch as no one seemed to want to admit defeat and suggest that the puppies were gone for good and we should stop searching. (BUT, we did prep the kids to go spend some time with the remaining puppies as one is still up for grabs, and it looked very much like that might be the one we took home eventually.)
As K's girls began their riding lessons, the other kids scarfed down hot dogs and alphabet noodles. Mimi and K's neighbor girl watched part of the riding lesson, but then the girls went to ride on the trail and Mimi and the neighbor came in and ate. It was at that point that Mimi lost it and came and quietly cried on my shoulder. She had put on such a brave face, but Riley had stolen her heart, and she was realizing that the chances of seeing him again were not good. I tried to encourage her with scripture, but with mercy and empathy NOT being my gifts, I tend to err toward the practical like, "A man's heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9 which is truth, and wonderful, but not really reassuring to an 8 year old. I tried :-).
Anyway, after most of the kids finished eating the girls returned from their trail ride...and someone came in screaming, "THEY FOUND THE PUPPIES." It still brings tears to my eyes, as at this point these 7 1/2 week old puppies had been missing for about 6 hours. Mimi JUMPED up and RAN to the puppies, and we all ran outside to see it for our own eyes. But there they were, safe and sound. The whole house...all 10 kids and K and I erupted in relief and happy chatter like, "I can't believe you found them." "We were just riding and we heard a yelp." "I thought they were gone for good." "Can you believe it mommy?" It was a wonderful moment.

On a side note, the whole visit was wonderful. The kids get along so well, and I draw great solace in the normalcy of K's life. We commiserated about pressure in choosing next year's school materials, the difficulties of pubescent boys, and the lack of water pressure we both suffer from. We lamented on the number of times a day the dishwasher needs to be run and in the never ending battle to stay on top of the kids, their stuff, and the household, and in the bumps and bruises that are inherent to childhood, but make you feel bad as a mother nonetheless. We shared the joys of overheard giggling little girls, cuddly babies (her daughter actually fell asleep in my arms :-)), and the blessing of motherhood. The kids enjoyed opportunities they don't get everyday like wandering through "the wilderness" (even if the task was the sad adventure of looking for lost puppies) and riding a horse.

We left K's after all the puppies got a flea bath. They have been outdoor dogs so far, but Riley will be an indoor pet, so we'd like to keep the flea population to a minimum. We had not stopped by the store on the way, so K was kind enough to let him get bathed there before he came home.

We finished out our day with Riley in his new home, and my mom, step-dad, and Marie and her family coming over to meet the new addition. We christened our new fire pit, although no one sat too close since it was pretty warm out. And now I'm off to bed...if Riley ever stops crying. He was fine-totally asleep on the couch with my husband, but then he woke up and I took him out to potty one more time, and now he's in the crate and VERY not happy about it (but until he's housebroken, he'll have to be crated at night and unhappy). I'm thinking it's good that there are two doors that close between my bedroom and that crate :-).

Tonight I'm one VERY blessed mamma. God showed himself in a powerful way to my children today, and they (and I) won't soon forget it.
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J and P's family

Here is my friend J's daughter. She is a total cutie. J and her husband adopted this little one when she was a baby. J was even on Oprah because Oprah was doing a show about the agency J and her husband used. I'm thrilled that they are parents, and even more excited that they are adding to their family. J is pregnant and expecting in November. The girls will be 19 months apart. She'll have her hands full for a while! I've given her my blog address, so for those of you out there with kids that close in age, you can comment and encourage her.
Anyway, I just had to share her cute daughter's picture with you all since I just got an e-mail from J this morning.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

And I do this voluntarily?

Yesterday Scott and I had appointments at the allergy doctor. Seems that the allergy serum is only good for a year, so my shot in June was actually from expired serum. Who knew? Anyway, since we do our injections at home (my mom does them, but now I think Presley is going to have to because hers were almost pain free!) we needed to go into the office for our first injections off the new vials. The nurse there is like nurse Ratched. She just aims and injects. No gently gathering the tissue where the shot will go. No gentle poke. No slow administration. She literally has you turn around and then she gabs you and is done in a millisecond.
I was glad to be there though because Scott has a bad reaction to his shots. So much so that my mom was uncomfortable giving them to him anymore. But there, they could monitor him. The did a lung function test during his reaction and then nebulized him and repeated the test. It must have helped a bit because they gave me a prescription for the inhaler...although he thought we probably wouldn't need it. They also did what I do, which is dose him up with Benadryl (I had given him 2 tsp. before we went). He sleeps REALLY well after that. The bottom line is that the doctor wants his shots cut in half, but twice as often. The smaller amount of serum should cause a smaller reaction. Also, we will do claritin the morning of his shot. We'll see how it goes.
As for me, my immediate reaction is not bad, but by bed time, it looked like I had gotten breast implants on the back of my arms. Seriously. Ask my husband. It was like a had a really large extra muscle or something. And they ITCH and HURT. I've never had them get that big before. They really were about the size of a softball cut in half. This morning they are still slightly swollen and hot to the touch, but at least it's progress. I can't believe I do this on purpose!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can you relate?

SO we have this magazine kicking around the house. Normally the advertisements are TOTALLY lost on me. I mean it. I am an advertisers NIGHTMARE because I don't even notice them. But this one from Jeep totally cracks me up because I can totally relate...

"First we added doors and it snowballed from there."

It goes on to say, "Over six decades ago we entered the civilian market and gave the people what they wanted:doors. Then, a roof. And some seatbelts. Pretty soon, we got carried away..."

I can totally relate. My WHOLE LIFE works that way. I start with one thing, and it snowballs into something huge and totally different. Like making over Scott's room. It seemed simple. But. Have you seen my house? If you take all the stuff out of one room in your house and you totally change the function of that room, then all the other stuff that was in there, and all the stuff that applies to its previous function (in this case my office) has to find a new home. So one room spills over to every other room of the house. Add puppy proofing, and it just gets carried away.
So what did I do to make life more interesting today? Well, after seeing the predicted doom and gloom from the president and the head of the Fed, I decided if ever there was a time to refinance, it would be now. So I innocently went on Lending Tree to get quotes. It's been 7 1/2 years since we've applied for a mortgage. I forgot. how. painful. a process. it. is. Seriously. I spent ALL morning on the phone with 2 different potential lenders, each stumping me with questions I should know but don't, and questions I have never thought of and can't understand why anyone else has either. ARG! So in addition to cleaning my house and puppy-proofing and picking up said puppy, I now have hours of phone interviews and paperwork hunting to go through.
It all started with a simple online form...and it snowballed from there.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's finished!

For all you friends who just can't sleep at night without knowing how the room turned out, here are some pictures...
This is the window wall BEFORE we moved the mattress up onto the loft and then moved the desk OFF that the desk is NOT really in front of the window as you will see.

Here's his new bedding. New big boy sheets and comforter. The bed here is on the floor, but you'll see it up on the loft next.

Here is the finished loft with the bed on it and the desk under it. With the desk and keyboard on the same wall, he can share the chair between the two of them. Also, his keyboard allows for recording music onto a computer, and his computer will be on the desk (NO internet in the bedrooms) so that way he can record his music.

Here's the wall with the door. You can see a poster behind the door which is really cool, but currently has no frame, so we have to remedy that. It's satellite pictures of the earth at night showing all the lights on each continent.

Here's the wall with the closet and his dresser. His artwork will get hung, and the lamp is new.

Last night, NONE if the kids slept in their own rooms, prompting my husband to ask why we even bother having rooms for them. Scott and Mimi fell asleep on opposite ends of a small sofa, TJ fell asleep in our bed, and Sari fell asleep on the living room floor (no surprise there I know). I told my husband our next house needed 2 bedrooms. One HUGE one with our bed and palettes on the floor for the children, and then a second smaller one to use for...ahem...marital congress, LOL (gotta love that 1930's terminology).
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Sunday, July 13, 2008


SO today we went to church and had a great message. Then the younger 3 and I went to the grocery store and Scott had a friend come over. We worked on getting the loft put together, but SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless but really wants a puppy) forgot to recharge the batteries of his cordless screwdriver so the loft bed is 90% done, but not sleep-able yet. Then I took S home, went to JoAnns with Mimi to get fabric for her next sewing day, and went to Tractor Supply to get bunny litter...and puppy food, a collar, and some toys...yep, it's about as official as it can get. At least Mimi cleaned her room to earn the shopping trip. Oh, and I went to Target and spent my birthday gift card from this year, and birthday money from last year or the year before (I know, I'm crazy) and got a firepit. My husband has really wanted one for a long time, and this one was very nice and on clearance, so I decided to get it. Our anniversary was a few weeks ago, and other than dinner, we never get presents since it always falls during our vacation week, and vacation sucks up any present money we would have to spend on each other. So this was my chance to get him something he wanted for free, since it was money his parents had given me for my birthday :-).
My husband smoked some meat today, so he made dinner while I ran the errands. Then we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth (Scott read the abridged version on vacation) and I made caramel popcorn. It's really yummy, but since that's what I was eating when my crown fell out, I think I just will never be able to eat it and not worry about causing more dental problems. Back to Kettle Corn for us.
I'm off to bed. There's a full day of laundry and cleaning the house tomorrow...and piano practice and lesson for Scott...oh, and SCHOOL for the kids...don't want to forget that!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

More cute girls :-)

Who Doesn't love puppies? Especially little girls!
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potentially the newest member of our family!

My husband wants a dog. Really. Like, he really wants one. Normally it's me doing the, "Isn't it cute...can't we keep it" thing, but before we went on vacation, someone he knows had some puppies and HE brought it up...IN FRONT of the KIDS. That's the same as telling the kids we are getting one in kid language. But when we got home, he did not mention it again, and I felt relief that neither did the kids and maybe it was just a passing thing.

Or not.

Turns out those puppies were all claimed, but our friend K just happens to have the EXACT SAME type of puppies available RIGHT NOW, LOL. SO we went to see them today when we picked up Scott.

I LOVE critters, but I have 5 strange hairless types already (4 kids and my husband) to clean up after day and night. We also have 2 of the more traditional hairy ones...a hamster and a rabbit. So for once, I am less enthusiastic, and he is really pressing forward.

But here's the thing. He's my husband. He is the spiritual and physical head of our household. He works hard to provide for our family and serve our church. And if his one desire is a dog...why shouldn't he have one? So most likely I will suck it up and mentally gear up for poop scooping (off my carpet...they aren't housebroken and we don't have a fenced yard). I'll keep you posted, but here are some pics from today.

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Doin' the Happy dance

My boy is home!!!! I'm so glad he had a good time, but I'm also really glad he's home. He's tired, and he may skip out on the Wizard of Oz tonight, but he's currently sitting on the floor of his new room assembling a lego thing J gave him. He loves his room, although we did not get it finished. We need to assemble his loft bed (2 parts still need a little more poly) and then move in the furniture (some of it is going UNDER the loft, so it can't be moved in yet).

The ceiling fan...I repainted the blades in a metallic paint, added a strip of the wall color, and colored the plain plastic stripe in the center a darker brown to match the stain on the loft bed.

His curtains and a bit of the wall color.

New "stuff"...laundry hamper and garbage can.

In other happy news, your/our prayers were answered :-). Scott appealed to the range master, and he took the homework late, so HE GOT HIS RIFLE SHOOTING MERIT BADGE!!!!! I'm so thrilled because he really worked hard. All of the boys in his troop earned it. Also, they earned their other two badges as well. There was some talk that the Geology badge would require two more activities after camp was finished, but somehow they completed them at camp so they got that badge too. It was a great week for them, but I'm so glad he's home.
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