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Friday, March 12, 2010

Homeschool Library Builder Review Revisited

Below is my review from last year for HLB. I still stand by everything I said. My experience was that they have good prices and quick service. I would definitely encourage homeschoolers and book lovers alike to check them out!

I must confess. Before this review, I had never heard of Homeschool Library Builder. It's funny to think that 25 years ago, homeschooling was rarely seen, and resources were hard to come by. Now, it seems that new resources appear daily to help homeschooling moms in their pursuit to school their children.
Homeschool Library Builder is a website/internet store that is run by two homeschooling moms whose goal is to help you fill your bookshelf without emptying your wallet. What's not to love about that? I have to admit, I LOVE books. I love to read. I love to be taken to far away places or times since past...or maybe even times still to come. And I want my children to love books too. But good books. WAY better books than some of the ones I read when I was their age. I read anything and everything, but my parents had never heard of "living books" or had any sort of tug toward the idea that maybe what I should be reading was QUALITY literature. As I strive to create a different, more wholesome, learning environment for my children, I grow more and more appreciative or places like Homeschool Library Builder that carry not only newer released books, but many older, and even out of print books. The owners themselves have this to say:
Our books are excellent choices for anyone, regardless of age or chosen educational path. Our desire and delight is to assist you by offering selections
to enrich your child’s education, from preschool through high school, and
beyond. In addition to books recommended by highly-respected and widely used
homeschool curriculums, we offer titles specifically chosen to supplement unit
studies, promote sound moral character, and provide knowledge of truths for
curious youngsters. We want to help you build your own excellent library and
create memorable reading experiences for your family!

For those of you who use a "book intensive" curriculum like Sonlight, Tapestry of Grace, Five in a Row, Ambleside, Beautiful Feet, or Veritas Press, you will find that they even have many of your supplemental books there, all organized so you can search by curriculum.
With books covering a range of topics from activities/crafts to biographies, and from science to poetry/art/music, there are tons of books for every possible area of study. And all at great prices. Plus, their condition is noted, since not all the books are new, so you know what you are getting for the price. Again, here's what the owners have to say:

We stock new and used, hardcover and softcover titles. Most of our new titles
are publisher’s remainders and overstocks. Our used books are rated by condition
and priced accordingly. Most of our used titles are in very good or better
condition. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for hard-to-find or
out-of-print titles.

Homeschool Library Builder also has a FREE membership program, allowing you to earn points for every dollar you spend. 15 points gives you $1 credit toward purchases, so it's like getting paid back to read books. How cool is that? (Oh, and there's a referral program, so if you go there and if you buy something, could you put my name-Amy Anthony-as the one who referred you?)
So what's the bottom line?
I think Homeschool Library Builder has some great books are really great prices. I love that they have books specific to certain curriculums, and I especially love the chance to earn points toward free books. Their shipping is modest, and with the price of gas as high as it is, it could easily be worth it to shop online and pay the shipping rather than driving all over looking for one book in particular. That's what I did. I got 5 books from HLB for $12 and change-and that included the shipping. They ran the spectrum from a Cam Jansen book for Mimi to a book about Thanksgiving with firsthand accounts from some of the pilgrims. And they arrived 5 days after I ordered them! I think HLB could get addicting!

To check out Homeschool Library Builder and all the cool book they have, go HERE. To see what other members of the TOS Crew had to say, go HERE.

Legal Disclaimer: There is none! This site is free for everyone, and I received no compensation to review it.
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