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Monday, June 23, 2008

We're off

We leave in the morning for vacation. We have a family reunion in upstate NY every year, and my kids literally start counting down the days for the next one the minute we return. We are looking forward to seeing some local things we haven't seen in a few years, and new for us this vacation, we will do some letterboxing!
I'll be gone for a week, so I"ll see you (or share with you) when we get back.

Bye y'all!
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Last night

TJ read Green Eggs and Ham BY HIMSELF! YEA TJ!!!!


Scott read to Sari and she fell asleep on the boy's floor while he was doing that, so he curled up around her and fell asleep too. It was one of those angelic moments that balance out all the not-so-angelic moments :-).
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We're famous

Well, kind of. The kids and I were front page of our local newspaper this Sunday. It is the article that came from the interview the reporter did 2 weeks ago. The article is actually really good, and very favorable to homeschooling. I'd put the link, but it has our names and hometown, so I am hesitant to do that here.
I have a hard copy thanks to our neighbor and a copy I printed from the internet. Some friends are giving us more copies too, so I'll have one for each kid, while will be nice.
I'm glad it ran before we left town for vacation so we got to see it!
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just a thought

The "joy" of packing is highly over-rated...especially for 6 people :-).
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More Sari-isms

The other day, Sari was sneezing.
When she got done, I said, "God bless you."
Then she said, "Mommy, I need some of those 'God bless you thingies'."
I said, "You mean you need a Kleenex?"
Tee-hee, "God bless you thingies". Where does she get this stuff?
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

They tried...

Want to know how to turn potentially perfectly palatable pancakes into putrid palatte-poisoning pancakes? Use 5 TABLESPOONS of baking soda in the place of the 5 teaspoons of baking POWDER the recipe calls for!
Mimi and Presley's daughter decided to make my life easier by making breakfast this morning. They had planned eggs, pancakes and blueberry muffins. Luckily my husband tasted the first pancake, pronounced it awful, and stopped the cooking of any more of them. The muffins went into the oven though...but apparently the measuring faux pas was universal and they were terrible too. The tasted like horrible salty pretzels that were the consistency of cake. Truly inedible.
I doubled the other ingredients in the pancake recipe, and with the addition of chocolate chips, blueberries, butter, and maple syrup, they were marginally edible, LOL.

It's the thought that counts, but I see a "recipe reading" class in their future!
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Picture recap-Beach Bag for Sandi

Here's the "beach bag" I made for my Uncle's wife. I made hers and mine with home decorator fabric, so it is more substantial. I LOVE mine (I'll post a picture later) and hers turned out well, although it's not a fabric I'd use for myself.
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Picture recap-QUILT!

I'm so happy it's finally DONE!

The center of the quilt is the star field from my great-grandmother's 48 star flag. She had 2 of them, both 5 1/2' by 9' and this one was a little tattered, so I decided (after much moral debate) to use the star field as the center of this quilt (and one of the stripes as the red border). This way, that flag and the memories it represents are preserved forever in a very usable way. On two squares are photos. Here they are up close:
The picture in the upper right is ME, eating from a cherry tree in the backyard of my Great Grandmother (Grandma Tress, we called her-she's my mom's dad's mom). The photo right below that is her house. The larger photo to the right in sepia tones is Grandma Tress as a young lady, the bottom left is my mom as a small child sitting on Grandma Tress's porch, and the bottom right corner is Grandma Tress with my mom. I LOVED my Grandma Tress, and would spend time with her every summer. SHe always made jello for the local firemen (I have some of her copper molds) and she ALWAYS had Spaghettios in the cellar for me. Mimi is named after her middle name. Her first name was really Tressa, but she didn't like it, so she went by Tress.

The top photo her is of the other side of my mom's family. The second lady from from the left is my mom's mom Muriel. My brother is standing in front of her. The first lady (in the blue dress) is HER mother Alberta (my mom's grandmother). I'm to my grandmother's right (as you look at the picture), my mom is on the end, and she is holding my sister.
The bottom photo is my sister, me, Grandma Tress, and my brother.

I'm crushed because the photo transfers are cracking and coming off. I might be able to fix it by re-ironing them with the release paper on the backside of the transfer paper, but to do that, I have to iron something else on to something so I HAVE some release paper to use. I'll ask my mom if I should try it because...The quilt is a present for her. Her birthday is July 2nd, and her family has always been really patriotic. (The picture of my mom's mother's side of the family is taken in front of my grandmother's garage...which was permanently painted with the flag on it.) The flag that is in the middle of the quilt flew at many of my mom's birthday gatherings, so it seems only fitting that she have it. I hope she loves it. She has seen it in its unfinished state, but not the finished product. And she has no idea it's for her. I'm almost looking more forward to getting back and giving it to her than I am to going on vacation!

Here's Sari with it. I love that it will bring the generations together by virtue of the story it tells. My kids never met those grandparents/great-grandparents of mine, but now they will be exposed to them every time they see the quilt at THEIR grandmother's house.
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Picture recap-Mr. Scott

Here are some photos from Mr. Scott's show.

Don't touch the candy cane...
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Picture recap-Storm

Here's the tree that snapped in half

And a 6' branch that fell in the front yard (a common occurrence with Camphor trees)

And the branch that didn't fall, but I had hoped WOULD fall, since it is precariously balanced, and we will need to get on a ladder and free it so it doesn't fall at an inopportune time and take out some small child. In the second picture, you can see the branch dangling off the corner of the house.
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Picture recap-Father's Day

Here's the cookie-cake Mimi decorated for her daddy for Father's Day:

Publix had heavily advertised for Mother's day that the kids could come in and decorate an 8" cake for their mom...there was never any mention of a charge involved on any sign of flyer. We did not go because it was a busy week-end. Father's day week-end, I just happened to need to go to the store, and although I did not know about it before hand, when I saw the Publix lady sitting at a table with decorating stuff, I figured they were doing something similar for Father's Day. So I said to Mimi, "WOuld you like to decorate a cookie for Daddy?" and of course she said, "YES!" And then the lady says, "The cookies are $7.49 each...regularly $9.95, so you're saving $1.50." Let's be clear that this is an 8" cookie. I could go BUY premade cookie dough, roll it out into a 13" circle, and even BUY icing to decorate it for WAY less than $7.50, but what do ya do? So, I'm a sap, and a busy mom, so I caved in...and Mimi LOVED it, and was so proud of her cookie. Note to self...steer clear of Publix on holiday week-ends :-).
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Crossing things off my list

We leave for vacation on Tuesday. Every year, my dad's brothers organize a family reunion on the last Sunday in June. It is our one major connection with that side of the family since my dad does not speak to any of us at all.
Anyway, I have a mental to-do list (which will get written down tomorrow!) of things to accomplish before we go. Things like cleaning the bunny and hamster cages, making sure the bunny has food, packing meds, etc. But two BIG things from that list were my main goals this week while the kids were at Art and Sports camp. The first was to finish my 4th of July quilt. This is the first quilt our homeschool moms did, but the big "reveal" was after teh 4th, and we had already moved on to our Christmas quilt project, so I had set the 4th of July one aside. My intention was to give it to my mom for her birthday this year. I'll explain WHY tomorrow when I actually post pictures, LOL. Her birthday though is July 2nd, and we get back in town the evening of July 1st. So it had to get done before we leave. And it IS!!!! Yea! It took 4 days, but it's done, and I love the way it turned out.
THe next project was of my own making, but I decided it would be nice to make my Uncle's wife a beach bag like the ones the girls learned how to make and the one I made for myself. I knocked it out this afternoon, so it's done too.
Also, the kids got their homeschool evaluation done today, so from an official standpoint, our year homeschool year is "over" but of course we still have lots to cover. Learning is a lifestyle, not a schedule-able event. But hey, the county will be happy!
Oh, and the ice maker is finally fixed. After requesting a morning appt., they showed up at 4 PM, but he replaced the ice maker with a new one, so here's hoping it will work.
We saw the Jiggleman yesterday, which the kids LOVED, and then had the end of Art and Sports camp with a final show by Scott. He did an alter call of sorts, and Emily and a few friends went to pray. She's given her heart to Jesus at every vacation Bible school she's ever gone to, and always sincerely meant it, but this time, she really seems to have EMBRACED it. Maybe we've hit that nebulous "age of accountability" but she finally seems to KNOW that she is saved.
Go Scott! Go GOD!
Tonight she has a friend over. Presley's Aunt has had a recurrence of cancer and ao P's up there visiting her Aunt, but her daughter stayed behind with her dad due to some summer activities. Presley's hubby called today to see if she could come over for the day while he went to work, and she ended up staying the night. She's very helpful, so it's nice to have her around.
Speaking of lists though, I am sure "go to bed at a decent hour" is on there somewhere, so I'm off to bed. I PROMISE pictures tomorrow!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mr. Scott

The kids are really loving Art and Sports Camp this week, and TJ in particular is enamored with Mr. Scott's magic. (Scott Humston does a short magic show for them each day). All three of them are excited that he is doing some older material from our DVD and newer stuff not in his library show. Too funny was what I overheard TJ saying last night as I was making dinner. Mimi had surprised him doing something, and he loudly proclaimed, "It's the big one Elizabeth. It's the big one." My husband informs me that quote comes from Sanford and Sons, but Scott uses it in his show while he's working with "Puff". I could not help but burst into laughter when TJ said that :-).
Speaking of the Library, tomorrow at MDHS at 2 PM is the Jiggleman. You MUST go see him if you have not seen him before. He's great. The kids can't wait to see his show again!
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Wow! That was some storm

We had a rainstorm tonight, and it was a doozie. My poor sister decided to come over just as the storm was hitting its peak, and her car got hailed on in my driveway. We got so much rain, we had to check the basement for flooding (it was fine). We also must have gotten one of those "microbursts" because a 15' tall tree at the end of our carport was snapped in two. Sadly, the tree is a loss. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.
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Rewatching an old fav

We watched The Princess Bride tonight. It's a movie my husband and I have always loved, but we have not watched in literally years. I never noticed that they actually say, "s** of a b****". ARGH! Why do they put such yucky stuff into otherwise fun movies?
My husband and I have been married 16 years one week from Friday. At our wedding, we danced our first dance to the love song from The Princess Bride (it plays during the credits and instrumentally during many scenes in the movie) and we had recently spoken about it to the kids, so they of course wanted to see it. Nothing will show you how far you have come in your Christian walk as having a former fav make you cringe. I still like the movie a lot, but things bother me now that I never even noticed years ago, and that's a good thing from a maturity of faith perspective, but starts to really limit your viewing choices, LOL.
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Sears' (non) response

Here's the e-mail I got back from Sears:

Thank you for visiting, we appreciate hearing from you.

Please be assured that we understand your frustration, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

We have noted your comments, and will share them with the interested parties for proper consideration. By sharing your feedback with us, you have made it possible for us to address the issues and/or rectify the situation. Further, your forthright comments will enable Sears to achieve excellence in everything we do.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800)579-2395.


Sears Holdings Corporation

It's a polite way of saying, "Thanks for letting us know...we'll file this in the circular file." Oh well, at least I tried.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Probably should clarify...

In relation to my post about the fridge, I have nothing against people who speak a different language or who have limited English skills. What I do have a problem with is a major chain like Sears having people in their "customer service" department who don't speak English well. It's not customer service if I can't understand them, and they can't understand me. If I "press or say 1 for English" then I expect that I will indeed get someone who speaks English :-) (beyond the sickeningly sweet computerized voice on the phone tree).
The computer wanted to know what was wrong with my fridge, and it didn't like, "it's broken" as an answer, so it provided a series of prompts..."If your refrigerator is vibrating, say 'vibration'. If your refrigerator is thumping, say 'thumping'." Seriously, I couldn't make that up. Oddly enough, "not making ice" was not an option, LOL.
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Below is the e-mail I just sent to Sears...Can you believe my ice maker is broken AGAIN???

In January we purchased a new Kenmore side by side refrigerator. The model number is 106.57902700. The serial number is SU4927923. The date of manufacture is 12 2007.
The fridge we replaced was a Kenmore that lasted 15 years with no problem I can remember. On the other hand, the ice maker on the new fridge has needed repair 3 times since January. I have much higher expectations of a Kenmore than that, and very much regret my purchase.
Your service department is terrible. I HATE talking to a phone tree, and it takes several minutes to get past your to speak with a real person. Many of the people answering the phones seem to have limited English skills. This, or many it's just your service system, limits their ability to meet my needs. To expect people to have an entire day free for service on a new appliance that should WORK and not need service is ridiculous. The closest you get to an appt. is "between 8-5" and it is typically scheduled several days out. This past week, I called on Friday about our ice maker (it's once again broken-I can see the piece of plastic that has gotten stuck and is causing the whole thing not to work). They scheduled an appt. for Tuesday (today) between 8-5. I stayed attached to my house, and around 2:30 got a phone call from my husband that HE had gotten a call on his cell that he had not answered because he was on a business call. When he called them back, it was the service guy, who had already canceled our appt. because he did not reach someone right away. His English was also lacking, so it was hard to understand him, but when I called the 1-800 number again, they said the technician had canceled the appt. because he did not reach someone by phone. Apparently, the person who scheduled the appt had switched our primary number to the cell number (not mine, but my husband's) and not even put in our house phone as a secondary number (it SHOULD have been the primary number). SO now I've sat here all day and no one is coming to fix my fridge, and the next "new" appt. they can give me is for FRIDAY, one week from the date I called about the ice maker not working.
This situation is simply unacceptable. I did not cancel the appt., nor did I instruct anyone to change my "primary" number. It is beyond understanding to me that the person scheduling the appt. switched the primary number, and worse they did NOT even put our home number as a secondary number. But even more grievous is the fact that the technician is allowed to just cancel the appt. if no one answers on the first call. My husband returned his call in less than 5 minutes, but by then it was too late and the appt. had already been canceled.
That I have had to give up 3 (and now, because of today's mistake, 4) days of my LIFE to deal with broken parts on a new $1000 appliance is unthinkable. Does Sears not have any pride in the Kenmore name anymore? It used to be that a Kenmore was synonymous with quality, but based on this experience, I doubt I will ever buy one again. Honestly, I would have you take this fridge back and get my money back if I could. I have the feeling this fridge is going to cost me an awful lot of time and already has.
I'm VERY disappointed, and would very much like to hear from someone who is concerned about my problems and is willing to do what it takes to make them better.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Doncha just hate it...

when you actually pay to rent a movie from the video store and it turns out to be bad...or just not even worth watching? Put Atonement under that category. Trust me.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I know I'm an anomaly in a coffee drinking world, but first, I really shouldn't have caffeine. Second, I don't actually care for coffee unless it's loaded with cream and sugar Third, coffee doesn't do my irritable bowel issues any favors.
When is coffee a good thing? When you have a developing migraine and you need a quick dose of caffeine. So today, for the first time ever, I found a Starbuck's drink I actually would voluntarily consume :-). I know many of you are caramel macchiato fans, but I think they taste like I'm sipping on a liquid cigar. NASTY!
But today? Today I fell in coffee love, LOL.
My newest migraine preventive vice is....a Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino. YUM. Serious YUM.
But here's the thing...if you are complaining about $4 a gallon gas prices and sucking down Starbucks, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you! If Starbucks were gas, it would probably run $20 a gallon. It's crazy expensive. Luckily, we had a BOGO coupon AND a $5 gift card that my husband's one employee thoughtfully gave her boss for Boss' Day. So my net cost was still a positive .39 balance on the card (yeah, like that will buy something), but it was really yummy even if it is priced like liquid gold.
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A penny saved...

Somewhere around child #4, shopping with coupons just stopped happening. I always justify our newspaper subscription with the thought that if I just save $1 a week with coupons from the paper, we break even with the subscription. But alas, now more often than not the coupons just get pitched untouched. Well, this evening I decided to go through the pile of coupons I had pulled out intending to use and also go through my coupon organizer to throw away expired coupons...most of them expired in Nov/Dec. 2007. Yep! It really has been a while. Sadly, I know I've bought most of the things I had coupons for, but sometimes the release of the mental stress of having one more "to-do" to manage is worth a few dollars saved. But now with the price of gas hovering at $4 a gallon, I think I'll be coupon clipping again :-).
But hey, at least I can just throw out the ones for diapers. Sari has really embraced potty training (actually, she trained herself...I had nothing to do with it...that's the beauty of waiting until the child is ready). She never even wets the bed. I'm so proud of her!

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Our Father's Day pic

I wish TJ had actually smiled, but the other kids all were so nice looking, especially Scott, and TJ frequently "smiles" like this, so I went with this one.
Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!
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Looky what I found!

Here's a cool homeschool website with lots of files that people have uploaded that you can use for free. I got there by following a link to these. Then I searched the site and found these simple lapbooking directions. There's tons of stuff here, and it's all free. BTW, I am taking the "Children's Motto" cards, and I plan to remove the cute clip art and actually put the kids' pictures on there. I think they would be more meaningful that way.
Just thought I'd share :-).

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Friday, June 13, 2008

More Sari-isms

We were praying before dinner, and Scott blessed the food, but Sari always has to pray. Unbeknownst to me (I was in the kitchen dishing up the food), she had worked out a deal with her Daddy that she did not have to eat peas tonight. So Scott ends his prayer, and starts popping peas. She turns to reprimand him, "You top eatin. It my turn to pway." While she was not paying attention, I noticed she didn't have peas and gave her a small scoop. So she starts praying.
(Yesterday, I shared with the kids the idea that we should be sure to thank God for ALL our blessings, not just the big things. Someone once challenged me with the thought, "What would you wake up with in the morning if you woke up WITHOUT all the things you did not thank God for the day before. While that has totally overhauled Mimi's prayer life, this is one admonition that Sari does not need. She thanks God for EVERYTHING...and I do mean everything.)
So she is in the middle of her laundry list when she gets to, "And tank you dat I not have to eat..." And then she looks at her plate, sees the peas that she was just thanking God she did NOT have to eat, and says, "Hey Mommy, Daddy say I not have to eat peas."
We all busted out laughing with serious giggles. It was too funny.
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Coming Soon

But not soon ENOUGH!
Here's the link to the latest movie by the same people who did Facing the Giants. This one is about marriage, and I can't wait to see it. It will be released in Theaters in September. Be sure to check it out!

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The Best Movie in the World

Today the kids and I went to Sanford to get their picture taken for Father's Day. A group shot of the brood is our annual tradition. I think my husband forgets that we do it every year, that is until he opens the gift and sees the picture. I have no fear of blowing the surprise though, becasue he gave up on reading this long ago, LOL. We told him we were goiong out there to get Scott's 11 year old picture taken, and we did that too. It was a busy afternoon. Throw in a trip to JoAnn's to get material to make a "beach" bag for my Uncle's wife to give her as a gift when we go up there, and a few quick dashes into other mall stores, and it really was tiring, but fruitful.
I LOVE the kids' picture, and Scott's is really great too.
By now you are wondering what this has to do with a movie, LOL. Well, Scott grabbed a movie to watch in the car, and it is the BEST movie ever.
What movie is it? Facing the Giants.
I know I've blogged about it before, but it REALLY is not only a must-own, but a must-watch-regularly movie. It is soooo amazing in Godly example. And it's about football, of all things. I HATE sports. But this movie is really the BEST. It makes me cry over and over. It really could be the basis for a whole character study curriculum. I certainly want to watch it with the remote in hand to just pause the movie and TALK with the kids about what has just happened because it is sooooo rich with lessons.
You MUST at the very least rent it. I'd let you borrow ours, but... we'll be busy watching it over and over again.
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Yesterday the reporter came to take pictures to go with the article. It was great, in that we got to just "do school" and he just took pictures around us. How's that for well adjusted kids? Not only did they have to perform on command, but they had to pretend like we have a camera flashing around us everyday as they attempt to find Macedonia on the map. Of course, with me as their mother, they DO have a camera flashing around them a LOT, LOL.

We spent the afternoon at Scott Humston's library reading/magic show. Some of us met before hand for ice cream, but I think we won't do that least not THERE. At BR, the KIDS scoop was $1.99, although it rang up at $2.29. Worse, the scoops were TINY. Scott's show was worth every penny though (it was free, but it would have been worth every penny we spent on the ice cream at least, LOL).

Crispy came by after and we showed her the 3 clean rooms of the house, LOL. (Actually, I showed her the whole thing-I must be addle-brained these days that I am showing more people my mess.)

After that, it was Mickey D's for dinner and straight off to church for a great reminder that Jesus IS God, and He is the WORD, and we need to actually let Him lead us, and actually apply His Word to our lives. Intentionally, purposefully, and accurately. Every day. Intending to apply it is NOT enough. Yep, that spoke to me...

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot off the Presses

So this morning a reporter from a local paper came to interview the kids and me. My sister is friends with someone who works there, and somehow this friend mentioned to a reporter looking to do a story about what a family was doing for the summer that I homeschool. He thought that was an interesting twist, so he wanted to talk to us.
It's weird to try to homeschool on command, and even more strange to haul everything out, and then have him ask us questions for an hour and get no schooling done. He asked a TON of questions, and I hope I was eloquent in my answers. My approach to homeschooling is different from a lot of other people's, but I tried to get that across to him-that part of the beauty of homeschooling is having the freedom to do what works best for you and your kids...even if that is NOT what works best for anyone else you know, or what the local schools are doing.
I'm apprehensive about it because I feel like the reporter was a bit young and I think homeschooling was a foreign concept to him. I hope I explained it well and that he can take what I said and translate that into something that doesn't make us sound like freaks, LOL.
He wanted to speak to more homeschoolers than just me, so if you are reading this, and I know your phone number off the top of my head, you may be getting a call from him.
The photographer comes tomorrow to take pictures to go with the article, so we have to homeschool on command again. The upside is that my house is relatively clean, and has been for almost a whole DAY, LOL.
Crispy, now is the time to come may not look like this again for a while.
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Wrist Update

Sorry to be so silent.
Here's an update on my wrist. I went to therapy, and they don't think the damage is permanent, but it is a back slide. I am back to where I was a few weeks ago pain wise, my flexibility isn't compromised except by the additional swelling, but the biggest thing is that I can't bear ANY weight with that hand without pain. I also have a numb spot on my PINKIE finger, which she thinks is caused by the swelling from the new injury. My middle finger is shades of purple and yellow, but it is getting better every day.
I have a few therapy sessions left, although I'm not sure exactly how many...probably 2-3, so I'll get what I can from them and trust God with the rest (and Ann and her husband's offer of therapeutic help).
That's it, I won't whine anymore, but I did want to update you so that everyone had the same info.
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gloom, Despair, and Agony

To continue the Hee-Haw theme...

Mimi and I went to Aquatica yesterday, and I will blog about that, but I just wanted to update everyone that I haven't spoken to about what happened.

After a full, fun day, Mimi decided she wanted to ride the one ride she had not done in the whole park. She was going to go alone, but decided at the last minute that she'd really like me to go, and I caved in and said yes. (I had done almost all the other ones with her, but this one involves going in a circle around and around like being flushed in a toilet, and I don't "do" circular movement well.) So we waited in line, got to the top, and went on our merry way.
In the "toilet bowl" part of the ride, my butt was dragging the bottom (you ride in a 2 person inter tube, and I was sitting a little lower than I would have liked), so I tried to shift my weight. Somehow as I pushed up with my hands, my left hand slipped and went into the water. My left hand is the one I had surgery on. All that would have been fine, but all of a sudden, my left middle finger caught IN something in the water (I still have no idea what) and snagged while the rest of my body remained in motion (darn those laws of inertia, LOL). I really felt like my finger had snapped in HALF, and it was excruciating. I pulled my hand out of the water, and there was about a 1 inch long and 1/4" deep indentation in my finger. That area was totally white, and numb to the touch. Worse, my thumb, and hand was hurting too.
When we got to the bottom, we got out, and I told the lifeguard what happened, and began a wild goose chase trying to find 1st aid. I got wrong directions 3 times. I still can't believe they made ME go there, instead of bringing someone to me.
Anyway, they gave me ice and took an accident report. My middle finger by then had turned severely bruised where it hit whatever it hit, and it was already swollen to about twice its normal width. But ice and an accident report were the extent of their help.
Today? Today I can't grip ANYTHING with my left hand...not a paper towel to rip it off the roll, not my shorts' zipper, not anything without pain. And my finger is still swollen, and my thumb and surrounding tissue aches randomly, and my wrist is swollen to a place only seen immediately past surgery. And mentally, I'm about as depressed as I can get. I am sure I have damaged some soft tissue (the injury was severe enough that it would have incapacitated my GOOD hand) and 2 months post-surgery, I'm sure that's about the WORST thing you can do. I don't know how therapy will go tomorrow, but I am sure I have taken about a million steps backward after 7 weeks of progress. The swelling has impaired the flexibility greatly.
I'm trying not to be glum...I'm getting over my pity party mentality, but I to be honest I am really discouraged and a tad scared about what damage has been done. I keep reminding myself to give it to God. I have to remind myself because I keep wrestling it back. I know He has not given us a spirit of fear, and I know it is what it is, nothing can change it now, and it will all work out in the end, but I'm impatient, and desperately wanting to reach a place in my recovery where the surgery has left me better off instead of worse than I was pre-surgery. I was finally getting there, then WHAM, this happens. And there's the whole knowledge that my insurance money for therapy runs out after another few sessions, and now I've messed it all up.

Okay, that's it...I'm moving on now...Time to get over myself :-).

until tomorrow,
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Sari is in the living room right now unpacking an entire backpack full of stuff she brought from her room to play with while we watch a movie.
She is talking to and about everything she takes out of the bag, and it was making us laugh, so my husband turned to me and said, "She's a hoot." She looks up and says, "I am NOT a goof." So her daddy explains that he said, "You're a hoot." SO she says, "I NOT hoot. Daddy, you not ever say dat again."

Yep, she's a HOOT.
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Fixed tooth

Dr. W met me at his office at 7 AM Saturday morning, fixed my crown, and charged me NOTHING because he had used a "not so permanent" cement on the crown when he put it on since that tooth had given me so much trouble and he thought I might end up needing a root canal. This cement is the permanent kind now, and so far it has been fine :-).
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Does anyone else have luck like this?

DO you remember that song from Hee-Haw (a show I despised, but my parents liked) that went, "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all."? I ask, because at least for me and Dentistry it's true.
I was in the kitchen making caramel popcorn (the Falcone recipe that R had given me, and Ann so kindly posted on her blog) and I took ONE bite...and found myself holding my CROWN in my hand. Seriously. This literally 2 weeks after my filling fell out on the opposite side of my mouth.

This time, I called the dentist, because the nub of a tooth you have left under your crown is missing ALL the protective enamel, and is just enough of a tooth to REALLY cause you pain, but not enough to do anything with. It literally twinges when I breathe through my mouth. ARG!

So I ate humble pie and called the dentist at 8 PM Friday night, and explained to him that I was currently holding in my hand the very crown that has plagued me for the last 2 years, and whose nerve had FINALLY died down enough that I could chew soft foods with it, and now BAM, the crown comes off. He said he could meet me tomorrow to fix it, but alas tomorrow I am taking my champion cookie selling girl scout and her friends on their well deserved (and cookie money funded) trip to Aquatica.

So my wonderful dentist (he's wonderful now...we'll see if/what he bills me for this) is meeting me at 7 AM to fix the crown. Which is great, because I need to lose weight, but the no-food-or-drink-by-mouth plan really isn't all it's cracked up to be. At least it kept me from the popcorn :-).

Pray for me tomorrow. Environments like Aquatica tend to push me way overboard in the stimulation realm, and then add early morning dental work to that, and it will be an interesting day.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Watch out Webkinz friends

There's a new SNAKE on the loose. Yes, Scott's Webkinz had expired, so last night his siblings bought him a new one. It's a snake named Tiger, and unbeknownst to us, merely adding a NEW Webkinz will also continue the life of your current Webkinz, so he is thrilled to have both critters to play with. By now any of your children that we know who have Webkinz have gotten a letter from Tiger since Scott was up at 6:30 to register it. It's fun to see him so excited, and even more fun to see all the kids playing together with the newest addition in its physical, stuffed animal form.

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This is what our kids are missing out on...

When our old neighbor was here last week-end, she and Mimi played "school" and I found this note lying on the floor the next day...

"O.K. It is hard for your child to learn and she keeps on failing. She will not go to 1st grade.

Miss R and Miss E"

Apparently they were the "teachers", but you have to wonder how much they reinforce the idea of "failing" in public schools if it became the topic of a letter the girls wrote to their fictitious KINDERGARTEN student's "parents".

Just a thought.

obm, whose blessed to understand that if there is any failing done in her "school" it's me failing them, not the other way around.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That kind of day

It was one of those days...

Sari was grumpy from the get go. She climbed into my lap and just sobbed, "hold me." BUT simultaneously she wanted me to make her breakfast, but then when I said "no eggs", she refused to weigh in on whether she wanted oatmeal or cereal...and the day went on from there.

Mimi wasn't feeling well when she woke up.

The boys were themselves.

And I was still recovering from not being well the past few days.

SO. So we did a lot of reading this morning. Me reading to them, not them reading to me. I read our Bible story from Leading Little Ones to God. I read about Christianity, or the lack there of, in Spain from Windows on the World. I read about Germany from a library book. And I read them the beginning of the stories about Martin Luther from Hero Tales. It wasn't the most exciting of homeschool days, but it fit the mood. Oh, and I don't know why it took me this long, but I have figured out how to get school done with a currently moody 3 year old...Nick Jr. I have a TV in my bedroom, and yesterday it dawned on me that I could actually USE it and let Sari watch Dora and company while we do our "work". It has made for a much easier 2 days. It's not my brightest moment as a mom, but it gets things done. Oh, and the grumpy girl suddenly morphed into happy singing girl.

Because of the way the girls were feeling earlier, I had made other plans for the kids during therapy, but oddly enough when faced with sitting in Daddy's office for 2 hours, or going to Marie's house, Mimi suddenly felt MUCH better. So out went the Daddy's office plans, which turned out to be good since I went to my car and found a screw sticking out of my half-flat front tire. ARG!
SO I managed to drive to get lunch (we were TOTALLY out of food) and then get the kids to Marie's and me to therapy without the tire giving out. Therapy did not go long...mostly because I had a different therapist and he didn't really DO anything, so I went by Tires Plus on the way home. And waited 40 minutes without them even getting to my car despite the fact that there was only one other person having work done there. So I had to leave, screw still in the tire, to get my kids from Marie so she could run P & B home.
I went from there to Presley's to help her figure out a quilt thing, and then home for 20 minutes before (I thought) leaving again to go to my Godson's preschool "graduation". But alas, my husband got stuck at a client's and I had to take Scott to Boy Scouts...or at least half way to Boy Scouts...and my husband met me there, inflated my tire some, and took Scott the rest of the way. But we had already missed graduation, so the other kids and I went to Bealls to look for Crocs for the little ones. Sari got her heart set on the ones they call "Mammoth" because they are faux fur lined-cute, soft, but TOTALLY impractical in Florida (WHY are they even stocking them right now???), so I told her "No" and all heck broke loose. She started crying then, and didn't really stop again until we got home over an hour later...and during that hour we checked out at Bealls and went shopping at Publix so we would have food to eat tomorrow.
I'm sorry, did I say she was crying? I meant SCREAMING. Yes. I'm serious. NO, I'm not exaggerating. I thought they might ask me to leave Publix. She finally stopped after the lady at the deli counter stuffed her full of cheese, ham, chicken, and more cheese. But then we'd shop for 5 minutes, I'd tell her "No" about something else, and she'd break into hysterics again.
AH, 3 year olds...gotta love 'em.

So it was that kind of day. Lest you think I'm complaining, I want to be clear that I know how blessed I am..I'm just trying to keep it real. Some days are good...some days you wish you couldgo back to bed and just pull up the covers and ignore the world. Today was closer to the latter than the former.

I AM blessed to have 4 children...there were many years I wasn't sure God would even bless us with one.
I AM blessed that my 3 year old has been and ANGEL most of her life. It makes the bad behavior even harder to deal with sometimes, but I know this is a phase and NOT her true personality.
I'm blessed that when I run out of food it's because I haven't been shopping and not because I can't afford food (at least right now...if gas keeps going that could change).
I'm blessed that my kids sometimes don't feel well, but none of them are chronically ill.
I'm blessed to have a husband who has a job that pays our bills and provides for our needs, and if it sometimes encroaches on MY plans, well that's the trade-off for relative financial security that some people don't have.
I'm blessed to have friends who invest in my children's lives, and whose children we invest in too, and while I'm disappointed to have missed the graduation, that 30 minutes ceremony is nothing compared to a lifetime of memories from the time our families spend together.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

So why do YOU blog?

A friend recently posted on her blog a question...Why do you blog? It seems simple, really. Unless, of course, you don't know. I mean, I never really stopped to think about why I blog. If asked why I began to blog, I would probably say that I have always loved writing and have found myself without a venue these past few years, so creating a blog seemed to fill that need.
But then, I realized it wasn't really as simple as that. I quickly realized that's not the reason I am blogging NOW.
NOW, I seem to find myself the subject of writer's block more often than not because I quickly realized many of the things I wanted to say don't really fit the goal of this blog. Maybe I need a few blogs? I don't know. What I do know though is that I blog on this blog now for one reason...

To leave a legacy.

Funny that we are studying 2 Timothy in church, and one of Paul's main goals in that book is to leave a legacy in the form of Timothy. My aspirations are much less lofty.
I want to preserve our lives as they are now...the good, the bad, and the ugly. And some of it really is ugly. But some of it is good too, and I want my kids to be able to look back at it and remember the things they were involved in, and learn more about ME and their daddy by the things I write about. I mean, I'd LOVE to have known my mother, or my grandmother, or my great-grandmother on a more intimate level. To have really had a glimpse into their day to day life. Their hopes. Their fears. Their dreams. And even their failures. Of course, I know my mom, and I even knew her when she was my age now...but I knew her as a 10 year old then, not as the adult, as the mother I am now. Did she struggle with the things I struggle with? Did she worry about me or my siblings and the way we would turn out? What did SHE think I would be when I grew up? What are those little tidbits that I LIVED through, but have forgotten. Of course, in my life some of those things were far less than pleasant. Having an alcoholic as a father probably means that some of my childhood amnesia is a blessing, but I would LOVE to have known all those little things.
And that's, I think, why I blog. To leave a legacy for my children, and to help me remember someday in my "old age". Of course, I struggle with discretion. How much information is too much? How do I blog about what is really happening without crossing a line and betraying my children or somehow maligning them. But still, I think the benefits outweigh the risks...assuming the internet is here to stay, since I can't afford to get this thing published, LOL.
So....why do you blog?
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What are the odds?

Scott and his Boy Scout troop went camping this week-end at a local spring. Saturday morning's activity was a multi hour canoe-ing trip. My husband, great scout that he is, volunteered to stay back at camp and watch their stuff and the non-existent camp fire. Scott rode in a canoe with the Scout Master and his son. Things were going well...until they capsized the canoe. What was Scott wearing on his feet? His NEW Crocs-they aren't more than 2-3 months old. And what happened? Those of you who know us can guess, I'm sure. His foot got stuck in some muck, and his ONE Croc got stuck, pulled off his foot, and was lost forever.
The irony? This same thing happened with his last pair of Crocs in a local downtown stream. That time, I was with him, and I made him muck around for 30 minutes trying to find it. The stream looked about a foot deep, but when you stepped in it (and all boys love to step in creeks, right?) you sank up to your, well, privates. And Scott is no short boy. That muck was thick, and alas, the only thing we had to show for him mucking around after the lost shoe was 2 leeches (YUCK!!!!).
Yesterday, I'm sure he was glad his mamma wasn't there :-). So he returned one-shoed from the canoe trip. The worst part is apparently it came up to the surface (Crocs float if they aren't buried in feet of muck) and floated past our friend's canoe and T didn't go after it. With 6 kids, you'd think he'd appreciate the value of lost footwear, LOL.
What are the odds of twice losing ONE Croc in river muck? There must be a lesson in all from now on he can only wear beach shoes in rivers. Oh, and sadly, the Crocs are two different sizes, so it's not like he can wear them as a mis-matched pair...I already thought of that.
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