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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Can you believe it's Thursday already?  Okay, maybe you can, but I can't.  It seems like this week just flew by!  Anyway...time for Three Things Thursday, where I post three random things about me.

1) I grew up just outside of Buffalo, New York.  I guess last week was the anniversary of the blizzard of '78, and I saw some random pictures taken during the blizzard from around the Northeast posted on FB.  I remember the snow literally going up to the 2nd story windows during that winter.  I remember in general winters being so cold that we sometimes all lived in one room of our house (the family room that had the fireplace), and my mom hung blankets across the door to keep the heat in.  The bathroom was beyond that warm barricade.  You had to have a serious need to leave the warmth of that room-just sayin'.

2) Ironically, one of the girls who was in the gifted program with me in our teeninee little town outside of Buffalo now lives minutes away from me in our new town.  It's truly a small world.  I haven't physically bumped into her yet, but we were in church together on Christmas just was a big church, and neither of us knew the other was at that particular service until we got home.

3)  While my childhood was filled with winter wonderlands, my children saw snow fall for the first time last week.  Well, to be fair, they have all seen it fall before, but they were too young to remember.  So for the first time in forever (yes, that was intentional-is there anyone else out there who just can't stop singing all the songs from Frozen?) our school had "snow days".  The only catch was that they had better be outside enjoying it (or inside thawing out), because just being inside lazing the day away would get them a math assignment faster than you would think this 40 something year old mamma could react ;-).

If you want to play along and participate in Three Things Thursday, just click the link above.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Lilla Rose January Sale

Lilla Rose took four of the most popular Flexi of the Month Clips from last year and made them permanent additions to the catalog.  To celebrate, they are having a two day sale.  Today and tomorrow, you can get 15% off those four clips in any of the 7 sizes they come in.  But hurry, because the sale is limited to quantity on hand, and sizes are already selling out.  Tidepool Treasures and Cameo Appearance are two of our FAVORITE clips, so we are very excited to see them added to the line permanently!  Lilla Rose is a business my girls are hoping to build for their future, and we thank you for supporting them by using our link:

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Things Thursday Disney Style

I know I don't have to follow Heidi's lead with the Disney style theme for this week's Three Things Thursday, but I'm going through a bit of Disney withdrawal right now with all my friends posting about their visits to the parks and us not being able to do that anymore (it's a bit more of a drive from NC than it was from Central FL, lol).  Heidi chose her 3 favorite souvenirs to blog about, so I figured I'd share mine...kind of.

See, we recently moved, and it was rough.  If it didn't fit into a 26' u-haul, it didn't come.  And that meant the vast majority of my Disney stuff didn't come.  It's okay really.  As much as I LOVE Disney, I guess having had a family member whose house burned causing them to loose a lot of "precious" things, and a BFF who moved from New Zealand to the states with literally 2 suitcases per person, I know that the things that matter in life aren't things at all.  So those knick knacks and collectibles that I enjoyed so much, I largely had to let go of and let someone else enjoy now.  But here are 3 things I kept:


I've had this Donald glass since my first trip to the parks-Disneyland in CA when I was about Sari's age.  He's lost a bit of his original color, but other than that, he's still going strong.


My Pooh mugs.  I LOVE the design of these.  In fact, to be honest, I have the matching cookie jar.  I *had* the matching print, but I parted with that in the move.  I also kept a 25th anniversary mug.  Not only does it have all the characters, I worked in the Special Events office for that, and I was in charge of bringing 1000 kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs to WDW for the first time in their lives (2500 B&G Club kids came, 2 other people handled the other 1500).  That opportunity blessed me so much, and the mug reminds me of that time.


This sericel.  I almost sold it before we moved.  Almost.  I sold my Ariel lithograph.  I sold my 4 castle lithograph.  But this sericel I just can't part with.  It's the Fab Five after all.  And it was a Disney Company Team exclusive.  Okay, it's not really a souvenir.  But as a Cast Member, you have the chance to buy a LOT of cast member exclusive stuff, and this is pretty much the one thing I held on to.  (Mine is actually framed, but I can't get the picture to upload, and there is a glare on the glass anyway, but you get the idea.)

So aside from a few Christmas ornaments, that's it, except for some momentos-thank yous from the Boys and Girls Clubs, yearly reviews, positive guest or cast notes, that type of stuff.  All I have to show for 10 years at the Mouse and many, many more years of being a Disney fan.  But I'm okay with that, because those momentos are really the best of all.  Those and the pictures.  Pictures are really my favorite souvenir, and TRUST ME, I've got a 


of pictures :-).
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three Things Thursday

My friend Heidi hosts a weekly blog meme called Three Things Thursday.  Because my poor blog is all sad and neglected, I thought I'd join in.  So while I totally LOVE our new locale, I'm going to make this a list of

3 quirky things about our new hometown

1)  In our new hometown, there is a strict leash law, essentially meaning outdoor cats are illegal, unless yours happens to never, ever stray from your yard (amazingly, our neighbor's never does).  ALL pets must have a tag that they wear all the time, and all yearly pet vaccine must be up-to-date, or there are stiff penalties...they take animal control very seriously around here.  It's not an issue for us- our lease agreement stated we couldn't have any animals- but our neighbors illegal cat has apparently caused some issue with a "concerned citizen" on the street behind us (who because of zoning live in the county and not the town, so the law doesn't apply to them).

2)  In our new hometown, "(a) No person shall fire or otherwise discharge any type of firearm, air gun, gun or pistol, or any spring gun, pistol, or other similar device which impels with force any projectile, shot or pellet of any kind within the corporate limits, unless:
(1) Such firing or discharge is made pursuant to an approved recreational or instructional program supervised by competent authority acceptable to either the director of parks and recreation or the chief of police; or
(2) When lawfully used in defense of person or property or pursuant to lawful directions of law enforcement officers."   In other words, no airsoft guns.  In fact, technically Nerf guns are illegal.  That made us parents of the year when we gave 3 of our kids airsoft guns for Christmas only to find out they can't shoot them legally within the town limits and the "concerned citizen" who lives behind us is only too happy to call the police about that too.  But this house is only a rental, and now we know.  

3)  In our new home county, there is not a single movie or piece of music in the whole county library system.  And our county contains the state capital!  The former library director decided libraries were for books and books alone.  Sadly, as a homeschool mom, that cuts out all sorts of documentaries and old movies and History channel specials, etc. that we use to go along with our learning.  SIGH.  That one is going to take some getting used to...and planning...and scouring Youtube and Netflix.

So there's there things.  I hate that they seem so "downer"-ish.  We really love it here.  There just always is an adjustment, and sometimes it's crazy the things you never would have even thought of being an issue.  Maybe next week's list will be 3 things I the chocolate place I found today...

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A New Year, a New Home, and a New "Gig"

It's 2014-how did that happen?  How has it been a month since I've blogged?  Well, actually, I know how.  It's because I've been insanely busy.  Moving a family of 6 is hard work.  Moving a homeschooling family of 6  that is essentially a one room schoolhouse from 10th grade down is even harder.  Moving a homeschooling, one room schoolhouse family of 6 when both parents have had their own self-employed businesses (my husband's computer business and my photography) is just flat-out crazy.  Oh, and add in Christmas, and an impromptu trip back to FL the day after Christmas and you get One Blessed Busy Insane Crazy Mamma who has had no time for blogging.  But I do intend to to a few catch-up posts for y'all as soon as all my pictures are one this computer because...wait for it...wait for it...yep, I killed my computer on Monday.  No, I didn't really do anything to it.  It just died a very unceremonious death and took all my access to technology with it.  I'm typing this from my newer, prettier, faster, stronger, model, but of course, it's also the stripped down version currently since my husband informs me I need to find a 12 step program for people who take as many pictures as I take it may take *a while* to load all my pictures on the new computer.


I haven't been a total slacker, and in the middle of all the chaos, I started my new gig as a writer for Home & School Mosaics.  

Here's the link to my first article about how we as a society just don't do a very good job welcoming people to the neighborhood anymore.  It's based on personal experience ;-).  (Although I want to say I have really great neighbors.)  I'll still be doing reviews for them as well, but I've wanted to get back into writing, and now I get the chance to do it with some of the best people on the web.  I've "known" (at least via the web) most of these ladies for eons, and I'm honored to be part of the team.
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