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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy day

So today we spent most of our time cleaning....and cleaning....and cleaning. I HATE cleaning. But the past week I actually blew off doing school with the kids in favor of cleaning, so that gives you an idea how out of control things were.
I finally have all our school stuff organized-papers filed, books organized on shelves, supplies in designated places. It's almost scary. My plan is to spent the summer getting the downstairs ready to move the school stuff down there, and it will be a big job, but now at least I know what I need space-wise.
Scott started golf today. A local golf course offers free golf lessons for 2 1/2 months over the summer. We signed Scott up and he seemed to enjoy today. He can go again tomorrow, so we are planning on him being there again.
The hubs and Mimi made dinner tonight. She wanted to make Chicken Cordon Bleu, and that's what they made. It was DELISH! YUM YUM!!!! Then, for dessert, she had her heart set on making chocolate truffles from a cookbook she has, so I helped her make those. They were really good too. It was a great meal.
Then, after dinner, because we can't seem to live in a clean environment for more than a few hours, we started ripping out the living room carpet. Seriously. It was GROSS. I mean, actually, the carpet isn't gross when you look under it at the pad, but the carpet was really worse for wear. We had been told by the previous owners that they THOUGHT there were hard wood floors underneath, but they HATED hard wood, so they had kept the floor carpeted the whole time they lived here (15 years) and they had no idea what shape they were in.
So it was a gamble, but the carpet had to go...

Here's our first look at the floors:

Not as bad as we thought they'd be. Here's the bigger picture:

Yes, obviously there are places that will have to be fixed, but the hubs went to the store tonight and found some stain that is EXACTLY the same color, so we will just stain the spots and but down a layer of poly and call it done for now. The smell of the stain is about to make me crazy and is giving me a whopping headache, so maybe i'll sleep on the porch tonight ;-).

I know anyone who knows us know that our house is really old (1883) even though it doesn't look it. Well, here's a bit of proof:
Yep. that's one of the nails that was poking up through the wood. Maybe there's a museum that wants it...

Anyway, I think we're done for tonight. More demolition after church tomorrow I'm sure!
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To make you laugh...

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Friday, May 29, 2009


ARGH!!!! The deluge of the past two weeks has apparently left an entire colony of ants seeking higher ground...IN MY HOUSE. It's making me CRAZY. There are ants scurrying around on my keyboard while I type, ants running up and down the file cabinet, ants in TJ's room, ants coming in the back door and making a bee-line to the fridge....ants, ants, and more ants. It's BUGGING me (all pun intended). Luckily, they are sugar ants, so we are not getting bitten, but they have to GO. This means WAR...
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

No need for words...

This is Mimi's second donation to Locks of Love. She's been on the fence for a few months now, but decided today to do it, and her daddy said it was okay, so snip went the scissors. 12 inches later, some child needing a wig is that much closer to having a head full of curly hair. Four years ago, the cut was FREE...this year we had to pay-if I had known that I would have just cut it myself. Oh well, live and learn.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I ♥ Faces-Silhouettes

The theme this week at

is silhouette. I took this picture before Christmas, and I love it because the sun was just right. I can almost make out who it is, but I love that they are oblivious and just having fun on the swing set.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Our Nephew BJ


TJ-Thank goodness that yellow tooth is starting to wiggle. Who knew when he broke it at 18 months that the crown would last so long? God has been good to him!

Scott in a rare display of love for his father.

Mimi, oblivious to the fact that Daddy is less than thrilled with all the picture taking, LOL.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

I ♥ Faces contest

This is my first time joining the fun at I Faces but everyone who knows me knows my passion for photography and for faces in particular. It is so hard to chose just one photo-the one for this week is supposed to be our best "face" picture-but I just can't get enough of the baby above and she's not even mine. RG just has the cutest face and she's so expressive. As a plus, she doesn't seem to mind me sticking the camera in her face every time I see her either, LOL. If you want to join the fun and enter your own photo, go HERE.

I am submitting this photo into the Blurb book photo contest. If chosen, I grant I Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I Faces web sites.

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Happy Birthday!!!

Okay, it's a day late, but happy 10th birthday to Kiwi's daughter M. She's a special friend, and we had the honor of taking her to Disney for her 10th birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday M!
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun with my girl friends

In high school, my closest friends and I had a saying...STASM. It stands for "small things amuse small minds". We'd use it for whenever something immature got us...or better still some of our friends...really tickled. Well I'm not trying to say anything bad about my current friends or the size of our minds, but all you have to do is mention Sharon Stone, and you reduce us to this:

And I'm betting the picture below will reduce YOU to the giggles too. Sorry, Aunt Fanny, but I but you'll SMILE for my pictures from now on, LOL.

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Kittens :-)

I know, I feel like this blog has been taken over by kittens lately, but since they have taken over our lives, I guess that's appropriate. The three kittens Callie is nursing are doing great, and they are all still AVAILABLE, so let me know if you want one! Today I successfully got my hands on the fourth kitten that was still with the stray mom Abigail. I relocated both to the crate Callie and her first batch of kittens used when they were outside. Abigail is not thrilled, but her kitten had gotten too mobile for the area they were in...there is metal vent pipe that runs down into the basement wall in the area they were hiding out. The pipe has no cover over the end, and if the kitten went in, it would slide down to the bottom and never be able to get out...and if mama went after him, she'd be a goner too. SO, they had to move.
Here are pictures of all the kittens. Abigail (the mama) is up for adoption too. She is soooo pretty and is very sweet. She's barely not a kitten herself. Speaking of the kittens, they should be ready to find new homes in about 3 weeks (they seem to be about 4 weeks old).



Abigail and the fourth kitten. See how pretty Abby is? She has a cute white streak on her nose, and white feet and chest. On her underside you can see some of the orange calico she has in her that showed up on Princess's markings.

The fourth kitten fending off the fierce camera beast ;-)

Here you see his marking better. While Kipper is all black, this one has white paws and a white chest and tummy. He is very cute and is not skittish around humans at all.

Any or all free to a good home...or barn...or farm...or yard....or anything but my house, LOL.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I know...I'm totally lame ;-)

Or at least my blog is. The good news is that my computer is finally fixed. The bad news is that I am to far behind I may never catch up. I have so much to share...a little this...a little that. Here are a few bullet points from the past two weeks:
* My computer died. A sad death. It was painless (for it). It died in its sleep. Sadly, it was quite painful for me. I lost everything on it and all contact with my extended world. Hence, the total lack of blogging.
* God is good. He gave me a computer genius as a husband, and my computer is working again...and he restored everything I lost. I LOVE my husband.
* I had an actual "paid photographer" gig (although I TOLD them they did not need to pay me...usually I have to BEG my subjects to sit for me, LOL).
* We found homes for all Callie's kittens!
* I got a massage with my Christmas gift card from my in-laws.
* On the way home from the massage I found out we had three MORE kittens. Not even 24 hours after the last of the first litter was out the door. These are from a feral stray. She took off when the hubs and the kids rescued the kittens (it's a LONG story). Callie was engorged from her kittens leaving, and she has stepped in as a surrogate mom. She's the BEST. I am soooo glad she showed up at our house.
* On that note, Callie is an indoor cat now ;-).
* The feral stray is hanging around here now and is almost totally tame. We call her Abigail, and she is BEAUTIFUL (the picture doesn't do her justice) . Anyone want a kitty?

She's just barely old enough to be a mama herself. Oh, and she has another kitten holed up with her in a crevice of our house.
That little black blob is the other kitten. That makes FOUR kittens that will need homes in about 3 weeks. Any takers??? They are really cute! Oh, and 3 are TOTALLY socialized with children. Two boys, one girl, and one I don't know yet because that one is still with Abigail. We plan to socialize that one as soon as we can get to it. I don't have a picture, but it is black with white paws and a white chest from what I can see.
This is the all black boy. We are calling him "Kipper" He really is much cuter than this picture makes him look.
This is "Ben", so named because he looks just like a cat who died a few years back. His name was "Ben".
This is Princess. She has really pretty markings. So much so that my husband entertained the idea of keeping her. PLEASE, someone take her...we have enough cats!
Ben and Princess sleeping. You can see her marking better here.

* I got my hair cut. Several inches off. I love it. YEA!
*We officially decided to give Scott a rest from Boy Scouts. I think we are going to really curtail activities for a while, at least the night time ones. It's too much.
* Scott is getting ready to graduate from his beginning sailing class on Sunday. He is really liking it. Since that is a Saturday afternoon thing, it doesn't interfere too much with family stuff, and so he may continue if they offer it for the month of June.
* I spent 5 hours in the ER last week. It was ridiculous. I knew exactly what was wrong...and exactly what I needed, but getting it taken care of the next day with four kids in tow was going to be excruciating, so I opted for the sleepless night instead. I'm doing better now, but the antibiotics have caused a problem of their own...never a dull moment.
* United In Praise's concert have almost come to a close. I will probably miss the last one, which is odd because in all the past 6 years worth of concerts, I've never missed one. My heart was not in this session as it has been in the past. BUT, God has shown Himself mighty and reminded me that it's not about's about Him and how He uses UIP and me working in us and through us to accomplish His plan.
* Lastly, at least for now because I'm tired, Callie went into HEAT a few days ago. I found out when I found our outdoor cat Mittens in the house, and the middle of sowing his seed into a very willing Callie. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? God has a sense of humor. But if MORE kittens are the result of that interlude, I may be certifiable!

Chat with you more this week-end because tomorrow is crazy-busy!
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