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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Loved+Blessed Box Review

It's so nice when encouragement arrives on your doorstep.  Especially when all you've been dealing with for weeks is brown moving boxes and this one is a petite pink box with the words "loved + blessed" on the outside.  Even the mailing label says, "Encouragement Delivered."  And that's exactly what the Loved+Blessed Box is-encouragement delivered to your home.

Last month's theme was "Speak Life."  The box contained a mini poster reminding recipients not to believe everything they think, and then providing positive encouragement (you are loved, you are blessed...), a removable, repositionable sticker, two scripture cards (one was a bonus), a theme card, which is mounted inside the box to explain this month's theme, and a journal for recording encouraging scripture, quotes, or positive thoughts.  Here's what it all looked like:
Loved + Blessed Boxes can be bought in month to month, and 3, 6, or 12 month pre-paid subscription plans.  They are $10 each month to month, and less for the pre-paid.  You can also purchase them as a gift for someone else at the same price.  Previous boxes are available for purchase as well.  The price is slightly higher ($12), but you know what you are getting, so that's helpful if one box looks particularly appealing or encouraging for someone you know.

OBM says:  The idea of these little monthly subscription boxes is so popular right now.  And I love that this one is Christian and positive and NOT full of a ton of junk that I just feel guilty about throwing away because I paid for it.  They'd also make great, inexpensive, "I was thinking of you" gifts to send.  As to the box I specifically received, I wish the mini poster had stuck exclusively to affirmations that were Biblical and then put the citation beneath the saying, i.e. "you are wonderfully made...Psalm 139:14" and skipped the "you are smart" type things because I'm not sure that's among God's promises for each of us :).  Other than that, I loved the box, and I think it came at a perfect time for me.  Ephesians 4:29, the verse on the scripture card, is one of my favorites to be reminded of, especially in the stress of moving!  I am truly loved and blessed-it's a good reminder.

For you Facebookers out there, Loved+Blessed has a FB page where they post encouraging things on a regular basis.

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