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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What About Socialization: Dispelling the Myth E-book Review

Socialization. It's the one word that can make homeschoolers shudder. At some point in time in everyone's homeschooling journey, someone will ask, "But aren't you worried about socialization?" Sometimes it's a complete stranger, sometimes it's a close family member, but someone sometime will ask. And sometimes, everyone you encounter seems to ask :-).
When families are new to homeschooling, that question might well be one they are struggling with themselves. After all, they've just decided to do "this thing" called homeschooling, and now they are being asked to tell other people just how it is exactly that their children are not going to turn out to be terribly awkward, socially inept adults when they are wondering the same thing.
Even for older, more experienced homeschoolers, I think everyone would admit that we all need to be reminded WHY we do this beyond the question of academics. I think we all struggle with whether our kids should be doing more activities or different activities so their childhood experiences will be well rounded. And I think there probably are families who live in remote locations that really do wonder if their kids are missing out on socialization opportunities their traditionally schooled peers experience as part of their daily routine.
The Old Schoolhouse magazine has a brand new e-book out that addresses all these concerns and more. Entitled What About Socialization? Dispelling the Myths, this book is divided into two parts. The first includes seven different essays on the Myths of Socialization. Each one is authored by a homeschooler, and while their subject matter may be the same, I was impressed at the many, many unique points each one made. I enjoyed that they were all Christian in content, and frequently used scripture to reinforce their points. I certainly finished reading them with many new ideas about how to answer peoples' questions and with some things to think about in terms of my own goals for my kids socially.
The second part contains five more essays by homeschoolers focused on ideas, examples, and success stories-including one essay by a homeschool graduate. Again, I was challenged and convicted about some things, and encouraged and inspired about others.
This e-book ends with a resource page containing links to articles, blogs, and documented research on the subject of socialization. Like the essays, they hopefully will encourage you about your choice to homeschool and set your mind at ease that your children are indeed receiving the BEST socialization they could ever get right there in your home.
I think this e-book is an indispensible resource for new homeschoolers, for those with anti-homeschooling friends and relatives, or for veteran homeschoolers who sometimes need a little reminder that the scope of your homeschooling extends far beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is available at The Schoolhouse Store for $12.45. Because it is an e-book, you can purchase it NOW and receive it you will have it handy for any "discussions" with concerned family members over the holiday week-end and the Christmas season to come. Or to encourage that neighbor who has been struggling with whether homeschooling might be right for her. Or to encourage YOURSELF during this busy season that you are doing what God called you to do, and if you are faithful to obey, He will take care of all the rest-including making sure your children will someday be well-adjusted, positively, and lovingly socialized adults.
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