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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 24

I'm super thankful today for the unexpected blessing of an equity check from our mortgage company (extra funds after the loan payoff) and for today marking the LAST payment related to that house-the power bill-being paid.  Happy bonus!  God is faithful all the time.  Now, off to pay some more bills ;).
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Monday, November 23, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 23

I'm thankful I got the chance to shoot my kids today.  Tee-hee.  That sounds wrong!  Taking their photo has become somewhat of an ordeal with varying schedules for each and their just general getting-older-and-less-happy-to-pose-for-Mom's-camera stage in life, but we got it done, even with the girls both feeling under the weather.  It was COLD-43 degrees-but they were troopers.  There *might* have been some Starbucks bribery involved.  I won't show the finished product that I'm using for Christmas this year, but here's a different one from the same shoot. (You might have to click on it to see it better).

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 22

I'm thankful for our neighbors.  We have great neighbors.  I know not everyone can say that, but I can.  Today, Sari spent all day with 2 of her BFFs (sisters) who live 2 houses down.  She is doing a praise dance class at their church, and they are performing it Christmas Eve.  She couldn't be more excited.  She's down at their house a TON, and it will be hard when we move, as having friends in the neighborhood is something she has really grown to treasure.

And the little boy next door?  He's just a cutie-patootie!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 21

SPLASH!  I'm thankful for Splash.  Splash is an event that takes place on college campuses across the country where, for one day, the college students get to teach classes to high schoolers about any topic they want.  The high schoolers then sign up for the Splash event, and enroll in specific class that interest them.  In the past two weeks, my kids have taken classes on Chinese yo-yo, martial arts, water conservation, trolley problems (ethical dilemmas), and more at both Duke (2 weeks ago) and UNC today.  It's a great chance for them to experience a college campus, broaden their horizons (Wet and Wild wasn't quite what TJ thought it would be, but he's quoted the water stats from it numerous times), and sometimes even made new friends, as many homeschoolers do these events.  It's also allowed me to watch them go through the class choices and wisely discern which ones hold worldviews contrary to our own and then, without any prompting form me, not take those classes.  Baby steps into the real, unfiltered world they will live in very soon.  So I'm thankful for the colleges that give of their resources and the college students who give of their time to make Splash possible.

(These pictures are NOT mine-they are from the Splash UNC website and taken in the Spring session-TJ was too young for that one. Mimi took a cake decorating class.)

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 15

I'm thankful for an offhanded remark my Precept teacher jokingly made about one of her sons being her favorite child because he was the one who called every week.  Those tongue-in-cheek words were a great reminder to ME that I need to be better at reaching out to my mom and family.  I'm such an introvert that I'm comfortable going extended periods of time without actually speaking with people, but that doesn't mean they aren't constantly in my thoughts and prayers.  Unfortunately, they don't know that, lol.  Every since my teacher's comment, I have made an effort to give my mom a call and "check in" with her.  I'm so blessed that my mother is still here-her mother died at a young age-and I want her to know she is important to me.
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 14

I'm thankful my man is back in town.  He was, ironically, in Orlando for a conference, but he got home around noon today.  We've had a lazy "welcome home" afternoon full of watching Mr. Holmes-good, but really slow, and snacking, and then a turkey dinner since turkey is yummy and on sale right now.  It's great to have him home again.
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30 Days of Thankfulness- Day 13

Today, I'm thankful for George Washington.  Okay, that's kind of tongue-in-cheek, although he was an amazing guy.  But today I got to teach in the elementary class of our other co-op...a history one.  And although I taught on the Civil War, and Beth and I did fun games and interactive lesson  activities and read a book, etc., when it came time to do review, one little boy answered  an enthusiastic "George Washington" to everything.  He and his 6 siblings were adopted from Asia...Latvia or Ukraine or something like that...just last year, so it's amazing how well they already interact and do so well in English, which is NOT their native tongue...but clearly sometimes it gets to be a bit much for this little guy and good ole' George is his default answer.  It was awesome.  I'm thankful for his family answering God's call for adoption of this large sibling group, and I'm thankful for the G.W. chuckle.
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