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Friday, October 28, 2011

Say Anything-Family Edition Review


Some of you may remember last year when I was fortunate enough to get to review a game called Wits and Wagers Family Edition by NorthStar Games.  My family loved Wits and Wagers then, and we still love it now.  It's one of those games that gets played very frequently in my house.  Given how much we loved Wits and Wagers, it was natural for me to jump at the opportunity to review another NorthStar Game- Say Anything Family Edition.


Say Anything Family Edition is designed for 3-6 players, although you could probably play it with teams if you wanted to to include more people.  Although it's a "family" edition, the target age range is 8 and up since reading, writing, and sometimes understanding of current events is required.  The game starts with one player being the "judge".  The judge draws a card and reads a question from the card for everyone else to answer.  For example, "What would be the coolest thing to collect?"  The catch is, you are trying to write the answer you think the judge would pick!  You write your answer on a small dry-erase tablet, and place it face up in front of you.  After everyone has an answer, the judge uses the "Select-o-Matic 6000" to pick the winning answer in their opinion, and then, much like Wits and Wagers, all the players get to wager on whose answer the judge chose.  You have two tokens with which to wager, and points are awarded for choosing the "right" answer according to what the judge chose on the "Select-o-Matic 6000".  After that round is finished, points are recorded, and play continues as the next person becomes the judge. 

The pros:  We LOVE this game-every bit as much as Wits and Wagers.  Even my 6 year old plays, although she usually has to draw a picture of her answer and then explain it to everyone.  My kids play this literally every day.  It has never made it onto out "game shelf" in the 6 weeks we've had it!  It's fun, it's fast (you only play to 12 points, and you can earn up to 3 points each round, so games go quickly), and it's really easy to play.

The cons:  There are some questions that I think even an 8 year old wouldn't necessarily be able to weigh in on in the same way a teen or adult would, like "What's the most romantic movie?" (although my kids chose that question and all picked their favorite Disney prince/princess match up movie).  There are other questions that just are, in my opinion, inappropriate for the family version, like "Who's the best looking actress?".  But honestly, since each card has 6 question to chose from, you can just skip anything that is objectionable to you and still have plenty of playing fun, which is what we did.

The bottom line:  We love this game.  I can't say that enough.  It's fun and easy to learn and play, so you can take it to gatherings of family and friends and NOT have to worry about getting bogged down in explaining the rules for half an hour before you ever get to play.  With Say Anything, everything you need is in the box, you explain the simple rules, and the game begins.  I would totally recommend this game to anyone looking for a chance to gather round the table and have some family fun!  Say Anything Family Edition retails for $19.99, and can be found at places like and maybe even your local Target store or other retailers.  Say Anything is also available in a non-family version as well.

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Legal Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a free version of Say Anything Family Edition for the purpose of giving my honest review.  That game is the only compensation I received.
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