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Friday, February 3, 2012

KinderBach Just Keeps Getting Better!


As a member of the TOS Crew, I've had the chance to check out KinderBach twice before.  The fact that I would check it out a third time speaks to how much I like it.  I've thoroughly explained how their online piano lessons worked in my previous reviews HERE or HERE, so I give a brief review and then hit the changes.


KinderBach is an online or DVD based beginning piano program.  Currently, it is 60 weeks long, with four 7ish minutes long lessons in each week.  There will be 10 more lessons coming soon.  We have reviewed the online version only, but my understanding is that they are the same as the DVD offerings.  KinderBach is targeted toward children ages 2-7 and is available for home or classroom use.  Included with the online version and on the DVDs are the workbooks that go with the videos and help reinforce the lessons.  They are covered in the course of watching the video to ensure the student understands.  You can view a video at this link about how KinderBach works.


The Pros:  I've never, ever met someone who regretted learning to play piano and to read music.  And KinderBach begins teaching these lessons in a way children can understand easily.  My almost 7 year old LOVES KinderBach and will do a week's worth of lessons at a time because she can't get enough.  Everything you need for these lessons is right there, and all the glitches I experienced in my past reviews were gone.  I downloaded the entire workbook and printed it out first, so the pages were at hand, and I had NO problems with the videos loading in and running promptly.  But the best "pro"?  KinderBach keeps getting better.  The largest stumbling block in the past to having KinderBach be really successful was the fact that you had to have a computer very close to your piano, or have a portable keyboard that you could move close to your computer.  But the folks at KinderBach are working toward making their videos "smart device friendly" and you can already watch all the lessons via iPad.  So now, you can just set the iPad on the piano and watch the lesson right there.  It's brilliant!

The cons:  I don't have any.


The Bottom Line:  My daughter loves KinderBach.  She runs around the house singing the songs and begs to do more lessons.  In terms of value, KinderBach can't be beat.  If you pay by the month, it is $19.99 a month.  Paying by the year takes that down to $7.99 a month.  As someone with an older child who took piano for years, I can tell you his lessons were $20 for 30 minutes and each book was about $8 (there were 4 books per level).  So you can do the math, but you can't beat KinderBach's value.  Will your child be a virtuoso when they are done?  No.  But they will have a great background in piano theory and they will know, by the end of the program, where the notes are on the keyboard and when the next set of lessons is out, they will even know where they are on the staff, (i.e. be able to read music).  And the icing on the cake is a special discount code just for YOU, my readers.  If you use "TOScrew2012" you will get 30% off any order!  The code is good for a YEAR, and can be used for either the online or DVD versions!!!

To learn more about Kinderbach's piano program for young children follow the link.  To see what other members of the TOS Crew had to say, go HERE.

Legal Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received free online access to KinderBach so that I could provide this review.  That limited time access was the only compensation I received.
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