Homeschool in the Woods Olde World Style Maps Review

I'm sure all homeschoolers have companies whose products they love. For me, Homeschool in the Woods is one of those companies. I was first introduced to them through their hand drawn timeline figures (I own the CD-I love them so much). Then they branched out into Time Travelers History Studies and Hands-On History Activity Paks (I reviewed those last year-LOVE IT!). And now? Now they have introduced a line of Olde World Style Maps.

The maps are available in two separate sets -World Maps and United States Maps. As you can see above, both include well over 100 different maps ) available with choices such as labelled, unlabelled, outline, or detailed. AND, both include bonus notebooking pages to offer a way to easily record what the students have learned about the places they study.
Here are some sample State Maps:

And here are some of the Modern and Ancient World Maps:

And here's an idea of what the Notebooking pages look like:

The pros: I LOVE Homeschool in the Woods. Their hand drawn images are charming and professional at the same time. These maps are very reminiscent of what real Olde World maps look like, and yet, unlike their historical counterparts, they are accurate and easy to use.

The cons: There is nothing about these maps that I am not fond of, but since everyone out there knows that I am a spendthrift, I do wish they were a tad less expensive, although they certainly are not more than the better map outline books out there that homeschoolers currently turn to.

The bottom line: These maps are gorgeous, and their homeschool uses are endless. I like that I can print them off as I need them, and that it is on my computer, not hidden on a bookshelf where I would forget about it. For either set, the cost is $18.95 to download, or $19.95 plus shipping for the CD. The much better deal, which I would suggest, is to get the two sets combined for $28.95 downloaded or $29.95 on CD.

To view more information about the maps, and to download full size samples, go HERE. To see what other members of the TOS Crew had to say, go HERE.

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received both sets of maps for free so that I could review them. These downloads were the only compensation I received for my review.


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