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Sunday, October 7, 2012

BeeYoutiful Skin Review

BeeYoutiful, a company that sells natural products for "healthy living for the real world," has launched a new company called BeeYoutiful Skin, which focuses on "real make-up for real women".


Their make-up line is entirely mineral based make-up, and also features natural skin care products like moisturizer, toner, and lip balm.   Members of the Crew were asked to review their foundation, eye shadow, and two of their make-up brushes.

BeeYoutiful Skin offers 24 different foundation colors.  They offer color charts to help you choose the right color, or samples can be ordered for $1 each.  Each sample allows for several applications.  To choose our foundation color, Crew members were allowed to choose 3 samples to try first.  That worked quite well, and of of my 3 was definitely "the one".  The foundation is sold in a 20g size, and retails for $25.

As for eye colors, there are 48 different choices!  And not only can they be used as eye shadow, they can be used as eye liner, or even as lip color.  They retail for $10 each.  Blush and bronzing powder are also available, although we did not review those.  All colors are completely mineral based.  There are no fillers used at all.  Because of that, each individual color has a unique weight, so the products are sold by volume.
 Because mineral make-up has a different application process than "normal" make-up, the brushes are very important.  BeeYoutiful sent us their foundation brush (above-$11) and their combo brush (below- $6.50). 


The pros:  I'm a huge fan of natural products, and have been using raw mineral make-up for a few years now.  Because I've seen the heart and soul behind BeeYoutiful, I knew that this make-up would be very good, and I was not disappointed.  I have a daughter turning 13 in just a few weeks, and while she won't be wearing make-up with any sort of regularity, I also knew that when the time came, I wanted her to wear the right make-up.  Good make-up.  Healthy for your skin make-up.  And that's exactly what BeeYoutiful offers, so I decided that rather than choose colors for myself, I'd pick things for my daughter.  The foundation matches her skin perfectly, and she is really pleased with the lightweight, but thorough coverage.  The eye shadow we chose, Sandstone Cream, is beautiful on her and very natural.  But the best part was the sample they allowed us to chose for lip color.  It's an eye shadow color called Silver Peach, and it was just gorgeous on her.  Absolutely perfect.  I never would have dreamed of using a powder for a lip color, but mixed with a bit of lip balm, it worked quite well.  The technique for that and for all the make-up application is fully explained through a series of "how-to" videos available on the BeeYoutiful Skin site.  The brushes are marvelous.  The combo brush really handled everything from being dampened to applying lip balm and cleaned up without any effort.  And the foundation brush is so full, it is definitely the best brush I've every had. 

The cons:  Other than the fact that mineral make-up applies a bit differently than you may be used to, so you will want to watch the videos, I have no cons. 

The bottom line:  I could not be more thrilled with our selections for my daughter, and my happiness with those products has made me certain that I will be switching to BeeYoutiful Skin mineral make-up myself.  The brushes also are fantastic, and the prices for them are quite reasonable.  I'd definitely recommend BeeYoutiful Skin products to anyone looking at giving mineral make-up a try or currently using mineral make-up. 

To order any of the mineral make-up, skin care products, or brushes, go to BeeYoutiful Skin's website.  To see what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members had to say about BeeYoutiful Skin or about some of BeeYoutiful's other products, go to the Crew blog.

Below, you can see some pictures of my daughter step by step:
Fresh face, no make-up

Foundation only-what a difference!!!

Foundation and eye shadow

I took a bit of the eye color and used it as light blush

Lip color completes it.  This color was just right for her.

The finished product.  The results are very natural and beautiful.

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the Crew, I received 4 samples baggies of colors, and larger samples of eye shadow and foundation.  I also received the foundation brush and combo brush, as well as a DVD with application instructions.  These products were given to me for the purpose of giving my honest review, and all opinions expressed are my own. 
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