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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Power of Prayer, or Why We Now Have Another Dog

My oldest daughter has been praying for a dog for over a year. 

Or maybe I should be clearer...

We HAVE a dog.  Just not the kind of dog my kids want.  We have the kind of dog my husband wants, or at least the kind he thought he wanted.  He's part Black Lab, part Australian Shepherd, part hound of hades.  Actually, at almost 3 years old, he is FINALLY calming down.  But he's still not the cuddly, watch TV, sleep on your bed, let you dress him up sort of dog that my kids had their heart set on. 

And so we are back to Mimi and her prayer that she could get a dog that meets all the requirements SHE has for an ideal pet. 

She has been diligent about praying for this animal.  And really, really trying to keep her room clean.  And adding "a dog" to my grocery list every week.  And praying out loud in church for this dog so that others can agree with her.

And apparently, I failed in my counter-prayer efforts because I really thought God was on MY side in all of this.

So last Monday, while we were at soccer with TJ and the other kids were home, the neighbor who was renting RM's house showed up on our doorstep with a dog and told her that they were moving THAT night, and they couldn't take the dog, and if no one wanted her, they were taking her to the pound.  Right then. 

So Mimi called me.  And I actually heard the phone ring because I was reaching for it to check the time right that second.  Anyone who has ever called me knows THAT was a God thing.

And so how do you argue with God?  How to do you, "No honey.  I know you've been praying for a dog, but this one on the doorstep can NOT be an answer to prayer because it doesn't fit into my schedule tonight...". 

Nope.  I couldn't do it either.

And so I'd like to introduce you to Jasmine...Jazzy for short.

I don't know WHAT she is...besides a dog, obviously.  I think she's Welsh Corgi and some sort of Bull Terrier.  She has a docked tail, and I can't imagine someone paid to have that done on a mutt, so I think it must be a breed thing.  Her coat is brindle, and her body is long, but her legs are short (although longer than a Corgi's).  She's almost everything they kids wanted in a dog- friendly, small enough to love on, obedient, housebroken, and much more.  But she also has an affinity for chewing up My Little Pony ears, and this morning tried to eat a chicken- yes, the real kind, and no, I'm not sure if it's going to live, so she does have her flaws too.

Anyone with a more educated guess as to what type of dog she is is welcome to chime in ;-).
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1 comment:

April said...

I have NO IDEA what she is(besides CUTE!), but this made me LAUGH! My girls are asking for a Yorkie. Yeah, right.($$$) We currently have the 75-lb. chocolate lab rescue PUP who is five years old and has an affinity for chewing on all things No-No. . .including chickens. GRRR.
And she is NOT calming down, even seems to have ramped-up her annoying behaviors!
I don't know WHAT I would do at this point if a "mutt" showed up on MY doorstep!
I hope Jazzy settles in well and learns what is OK to chew SOON. :)