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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Luminescence 2012

In late November, the kids and I spent the day at Disney.  Then, the Hubs met up with us (he was working near there) and picked up the boys so that the girls and I could go see Luminescence at the Gaylord Palms.  They have several shows a night until January 1st,and it's totally free (well, except for the $15 to park your car there--oy!).  We got there in time for the tree lighting, which features a singing performance with the Edge Effect.  They actually light up the whole atrium area, and it's very impressive. Then we watched the actual show, which also features the Edge Effect and one of Mimi's teachers from Metro Movement and Aerial Arts doing a performance on the cube.  First let me say the Edge Effect is AMAZING.  And of course, Miss Christye was great (on nights when Miss Christye doesn't perform, Miss Stacy does, and she's great too).  The show was so good, we stayed to watch a second one, and Sari was begging to stay for the last one too! 

Here are some pictures:

 At one point, the drummer is clipped onto wires and raised up to an aerial drum set above the stage. He has no seat up there- just "sits" suspended in his harness.  Too cool!

Here's the drummer above the stage.

 Miss Christye's cutie-patootie husband Danny.  Yes, they're a very talented family.

 The girls with Miss Christye
The girls with Edge Effect
If you live in the Orlando area, you really should try to make it down there before the show ends for the season.  You won't regret it!

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