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Friday, June 21, 2013 Lilla Rose business and their GREAT 48 sale!

Lilla Rosa is having a 48 hour sale. Several months ago the girls and I offered to review a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip (figure 8 shaped hair clips that come in beautiful beaded styles and DO NOT HURT when you use them), and loved it so much we decided to start our own Lilla Rose business. If you've ever wanted to try a Lilla Rose hair clip, with this sale, now is the time! 

Our Lilla Rose Business is called Such Cute Hair,  because that's exactly what you can have in just a few seconds using a Flexi Clip.  (You can get to our page by clicking on the words Such Cute Hair.)  Here are a few recent pictures of Sari wearing clips.  The first two use a size large clip because her hair goes almost to her waist and getting all of it up when it's braided or twisted takes a big clip.  The third picture is a medium sized clip.  The last horrible one is a selfie that I took of my sad hair.  I can, actually, get all my hair in a tails up twist using this mini, although the style I have it in for that picture is a half-up.  If you know me and can visualize my hair, an XS is the size that will a) do a tails up twist nicely or b) hold my pathetic pony tail.  But the mini will hold the tails up is I clip it toward the ends of my hair, and a small will hold it if I clip it at the fattest part of the twist.

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