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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

iTooch App Review

eduPad, a French company, is leading the way in using tablets, computers, and smart phones to bridge the gap between school and home and play and study.  Their iTooch apps offer educational but fun lessons in core subjects for grades 3-SAT prep.  Lessons are aligned with the Common Core, and each app features thousands of questions on a given subject at a given grade level.  The apps are designated under elementary, middle school, and SAT prep.  Some of the subjects they offer are language arts, math, health and science.  For upper grades, they also have music and French, as well as SAT prep.  And, if you happen to be French, they offer most of these apps in French as well.  Apps are available for IOS, Windows 8, and now Android devices.

Here are a few screen shots of how the apps work.

With over 100 apps, iTooch has some free apps, and some paid versions.  They are available through iTunes App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Store.  Because my Android tablet is dead in the water, I was only able to review iTooch's offerings via computer, but some members of Mosaic Reviews actually got the chance to try the app out.  To see what they had to say, go to the Mosaic Reviews Blog.

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