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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Can you believe it's Thursday already?  Okay, maybe you can, but I can't.  It seems like this week just flew by!  Anyway...time for Three Things Thursday, where I post three random things about me.

1) I grew up just outside of Buffalo, New York.  I guess last week was the anniversary of the blizzard of '78, and I saw some random pictures taken during the blizzard from around the Northeast posted on FB.  I remember the snow literally going up to the 2nd story windows during that winter.  I remember in general winters being so cold that we sometimes all lived in one room of our house (the family room that had the fireplace), and my mom hung blankets across the door to keep the heat in.  The bathroom was beyond that warm barricade.  You had to have a serious need to leave the warmth of that room-just sayin'.

2) Ironically, one of the girls who was in the gifted program with me in our teeninee little town outside of Buffalo now lives minutes away from me in our new town.  It's truly a small world.  I haven't physically bumped into her yet, but we were in church together on Christmas just was a big church, and neither of us knew the other was at that particular service until we got home.

3)  While my childhood was filled with winter wonderlands, my children saw snow fall for the first time last week.  Well, to be fair, they have all seen it fall before, but they were too young to remember.  So for the first time in forever (yes, that was intentional-is there anyone else out there who just can't stop singing all the songs from Frozen?) our school had "snow days".  The only catch was that they had better be outside enjoying it (or inside thawing out), because just being inside lazing the day away would get them a math assignment faster than you would think this 40 something year old mamma could react ;-).

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1 comment:

Heidi Strawser said...

Great list this week! Our house reminds me of your childhood home. I try really hard only go to the bathroom when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary these days. Our toilet seats are FRIGID!