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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Three Things Thursday- 7/10/14

It's time for Three Things Thursday.  I had every intention of "playing along" last week, but it got away from me, so I'm determined to do it first thing this morning before I lose my chance (more on that below).

1)  Last Thursday I was in Florida with the slowest internet connection since dial-up.  I don't know HOW my mother survives, but them they don't really do anything but check e-mail and Facebook, pay bills online, and her husband plays some sort of low tech virtual slots or something (not for money, for fun).  Anyway, I had daily commitments social media wise, of course, and it was torture, so extras like blogging for fun just didn't happen since I was loosing my mind a tad impatient with the swirly "I'm trying to connect to the internet, really I am" thing my computer kept giving me.  It was a blessing to have a place to stay, and nice to spend time with family, and the view from Mom and Tom's house is amazing, so that totally made up for the challenges with the internet.
This is the view behind their house.  They are on a canal that leads to a large lake.  My Kiwi girlfriend and I sat out here and talks for a few hours one morning (they have a covered deck).  It's gorgeous, and frequented by lots of wildlife, like this guy below.

2)  I have to blog early in the day because later we head west toward the mountains...kind of.  Not the full blown mountains, just the "you won't have phone or internet service" mountains.  Tomorrow is my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary.  There was much hoopla about what to do for it.  Really, I think my mother-in-law is the one who cares.  First they were having it at the Mission Inn (renting out rooms for them and us and The Hubs's sister's family and maybe part of my family), 30 minutes away from our old house in FL, but they made those plans even after we had moved to NC and we weren't anywhere near there anymore.  Why, we asked?  We aren't there.  They don't live there.  (They live 3 1/2 hours south of there.)  My husband's only sibling doesn't live there.  (She lives about 2 hours west of there.)  My mom, who is close to there, would be a whole country away in NY state for her 50th high school reunion that same day.  MY sister lives near there but....So we suggested they do it where they live, where all their friends are.  We could drive down, The Hubs's sister could come, my sister could come if she would, well, MAKE SENSE.  They seemed lukewarm.  We suggested a destination celebration.  Let's go to Savannah (or somewhere).  Rent a large house.  We can all stay together.  They said they'd think it over.  They decided all our ideas were stinky.  So their plan was this. "Let's go to a town in Western NC where a friend of ours lives that we didn't get to visit when we came up to see you guys at Easter because we both got sick."
But they rented themselves a cute little room at a B&B and told us we were on our own (we are still paying the mortgage, power, and water bills on our FL house as well as our NC rental, so a vacation in the mountains just isn't in the budget :-(. )  So we are staying with the wife of one of my husband's former employers.  He and Bob were super close, and Bob and Faye were like parents to him.  They always told my husband that we had an open invitation to come stay at the farm (there are two houses on the property) and now with Bob having passed away Faye will have to sell it soon, so the timing is good anyway.  But it's ironic that we will likely see more of Faye than we will of my husband's parents.  Oy!  My husband's sister has apparently decided she can't be bothered and they aren't coming at all.  It's going to be a fun weekend.  Y'all pray for me :-).

3)  Okay, that last one was long and tedious and kudos to you if you read it.  So here's a short one you can laugh at me for.  I'm taking an "aqua fitness" class.  Every Monday and Wednesday night I go to the pool for an hour with a bunch of other ladies and we work out for an hour.  This is my kind of class.  No sweating, no high impact.  But it's still a workout, and I still feel it in the morning.  My FL friends will get a kick out of the fact that the class is led by Laurel A's doppelganger.  I now know exactly what she would be like if she was into fitness and not horses.

That's it for today.  If you want to link up, just check out Heidi's blog.
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Heidi Strawser said...

Wow, your mom does have a great view - and you got some great pictures. Sounds like you've got an interesting weekend in store. Years ago, my cousin and I took water aerobics at a local pool. We LOVED it! Have fun!

Autismland Penny said...

I love that wildlife and so happy he was in the water! Sounds like fun!

Julie said...

Pretty pictures in 1, 2 stressed me out, and I love made me laugh!!

Tiffany said...

Hi, sorry I missed your visit. I hope your time away is fun and you need to get a pic of Laurel's twin. :0)