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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wizzy Gizmo Review and Giveaway!

Wizzy Gizmo.  Go on, say it.  Wizzo Gizmo.  Fun, no?  But what is it?

Wizzy Gizmo is a company that is dedicated to "Equipping children for life by exploring God's word."  They are doing that with a few different products- audio dramas, books, and Fast Track Bible Packs.  For this review, I took a look at the Fast Track Bible Pack, but I also got a chance to check out the other products digitally so I have an idea what they are like too.

The Fast Track Bible Pack currently is available for the New Testament.  Designed to be used by all ages, these cards give information about each book in the New Testament.  The front of the card provides the basics- who wrote the book, when, why, and to whom, as well as the theme of the book and key verse.

The back of the card provides a deeper look, beginning with a brief outline of the book, followed by key chapters and their themes, key passages, key doctrines and key people.

OBM says:  The cards provide a wonderful amount of information at your fingertips.  They are just colorful enough to allow for discrimination of the information without them being distracting or childish.  Their website gives some suggested usages for them beyond just having them as a reference tool so that you can use them with your children even at a young age.  But for me, their value comes in the fact that I am a leaky sieve.  I forget things that I know that I know...or at least I know that I should know.  Like when a book was written or who the audience might have been.  These are great Bible study tools to have handy to remind me of those things that might have slipped my mind.  The Fast Track Bible Pack retails for $14.99, and is available directly from Wizzy Gizmo.

Wizzo Gizmo's other products include two books: Who Created Everything (Genesis Chapter 1) and In His Image (Genesis Chapter 2).  They tell the Bible stories, but within the context of the town of Sunnyville and Professor Wizzy Gizmo whose Gizmovision allows some of Sunnyville's kids to experience the Bible stories firsthand as if they are really there.  The books are $12.99 each.  They also have an audio drama that lets you listen to the Bible.  Geared toward children ages 4-12, it tells the same story as the first book above, just brought to life with a cast of characters and full sound and songs added.

The audio dramas retail for $9.99 as an MP3 or $14.99 for a CD and digital download.

In today's day and age, you know everyone has their favorite site for social media, so here are all Wizzy Gizmo's links:

Now here's the really cool part.  I get to do a giveaway!  One of you can win either a Fast Track Bible Pack or the Who Created Everything audio drama.  Just enter below!

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Laura B. said...

I would choose to experience Jesus' sermon on the mount, especially the beatitudes for their profound simplicity. I would also like to be a fly on the wall in Mary and Martha's house for the reminder I need to sit at Jesus' feet and relax on some chores. It would be pretty cool to see the walls of Jericho coming down too. Imagine the expressions on everyone's faces!

Laura B. said...

I would like to be present for Jesus' sermon on the mount, especially the beatitudes for their profound simplicity. I would also like to be a fly on the wall in Mary and Martha's house. I need the reminder to shift focus from my daily responsibilities to sitting at Jesus' feet. It would also be cool to see the walls of Jericho come down. Imagine the expressions on everyone's faces!