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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Please, Help a Friend Out!

Very seldom do I throw myself at you, my readers, and beg for your help. And I understand after the chirping crickets and gathering cobwebs around here that you might have wondered if I was even still around. Well ,I am, and I've just been very, very busy. Life, it seems, does not ever slow down. I have TONS to catch you up on, and two giveaways coming up, if you hang in there, but right now, I need your help for a friend of mine.
 My neighbor is an architect. A really good one. She's worked in architecture for years, but just got her license or degree or whatever as an architect herself, not under someone else. And she's in a contest for up-and-coming architects. So I'm begging you to help a friend out because the contest is as much about popularity as it is talent, and only the architects with the most "adds" to other people's "ideabooks" will make it to the final round.

 So would you please go to this site:
All you have to do is create an account (takes about a minute), add the pictures to your ideabook(s), and be done. Dawn would appreciate it. I'd appreciate it too, because I was her photographer for the first house (kitchen/sunroom) pictured below, so the more positive recognition she gets, the more publicity I get.

 Thanks y'all, you are the BEST. Oh, and look for the first giveaway coming Monday.
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