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Monday, June 15, 2015

An Update in Quick Takes

I wish I could pick up the phone and update everyone individually, but I'm running around like a mad woman, so quick takes it is!

Where to start?

My husband is currently is Scotland.  He'll be there for 2 weeks.  The highs there are in the low 60s.  The lows are in the 40s.  The high here tomorrow will be 100.  And we're not in FL anymore.  Calgone, take me away!

But wait, I am going Scotland too.  I think.  I have my ticket, and I am meant to fly out Thursday evening.  But my in-laws are watching the kids for a week, and they've spent all morning in the ER with a possible blood clot in my F-I-L's leg.  It sounds like he's about to be discharged, so I hope that means everything is okay because I am meant to be flying out from down there, not to mention the whole four kids needing somewhere to be thing.

Speaking of somewhere to middle two kiddos aren't going to camp this year.  It took about 4 days for my daughter to speak to me after we told her.  We just don't have anywhere to stay.  At least not the 3 of us who wouldn't be at camp.  I mean, we have a house with nothing in it, but I'd have to bring everything we needed for the week including air mattresses, towels, linens, food, utensils, etc.  PLUS have me packed for Scotland PLUS have them packed for a week at Nana and Pop Pop's and then a week at camp...the van just doesn't hold that much, and I just can't do it.  So no seeing all my friends this summer :(.

Speaking of our house...we still own it.  Contract number 5 fell through literally days before closing.

Mimi decided instead of camp that she wanted to try out for the homeschool competitive volleyball team.  It cost $50 to TRY OUT.  Seriously.  At the first day of tryouts, it was obvious to me that she was a little out of her league because most of these girls had played on last year's team and they were good, where as Mimi had only done a volleyball class at our co-op in the spring.  But I have to give her credit, she stuck in there.  She did her very best.  She didn't make the competitive team, but did make the development team that is groomed for the competitive team.  She has a meet and greet for that right before we head out of town to drive them to their grandparents because, well, why not?

I love having friends I can just send emergency book suggestion texts to.  Thanks Aunt Fanny ;)  Sadly, neither library system had ebooks available that I hadn't read from your suggestions, but given that I have like a gazillion free books on my Kindle right now, I eventually just caved in and committed to reading a few of those.

Oh, and I had a kid graduate.  It was actually kind of awesome because this wonderful woman in our homeschool group was in charge of the event, and it was very low key, and one of the grads rod ea hobby horse down the aisle, and one twirled a basketball on his finger, and one putted a golf ball, and Scott danced Gangnam style and fit in perfectly.  They prayed over the graduates by name and had the whole room pray over them-it was awesome!

What else, what else...Mimi may be doing Algebra and English all summer long...

Mimi's been on the yearbook committee for our homeschool group.  Having a yearbook will be a new thing for us.  Can't wait to see it.  She designed the cover.

I teaching a portraiture class at our co-op in the fall.  You can stop laughing now, I'm co-teaching it really, and you KNOW my "co" part won't be much in the way of art instruction!

My kids took their first standardized test recently, but we don't have the results back should be...interesting.

Sari will be tested in July when we get back.

My poor garden is going to get beat out by this heat I think.  We've had 2 dinners' worth of beans and a handful of blueberries..oh, and 6 pea pods.  I'm not sure what will survive 2 weeks of my not being here.

Sari is finally not attached at the hip, and has spent the night at a friend's house a few times!!!

I think that's it.  Please pray we make it to FL safe and on time, that my F-I-L is fine, that my i-laws can survive the kids (they are really worried about being worn out by 4 kids), and that all my flights work out without a hitch- I have a 46 minutes layover  to make a connecting flight.


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Julie said...

Thanks for the update! Congratulations to your graduate and to YOU!! I will be texting you soon. Maybe we'll pass on 95 in SC or something.