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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

So, We Bought a House Today :)

This is the new home on the range ;).  It all came together rather quickly, and we've been crazy making everything fall into place between the time we made the offer and today when we closed, but it's officially ours.  There's some drama over the fence you see in the picture-it *should* be tethered to the back corner of the house according to the HOA guidelines, not the front corner.  So the HOA tried to stop the closing, but we have a fence company coming to move it, and the sellers under contract to pay for that fee plus any HOA fines, so we went on and closed because we need to get out of our rental house.

I'm super excited to say that we have plenty of room for guests to stay, and .79 acres of land for kids to run around.  A wood playset stayed, and we'll have a volleyball net up soon enough.

After living in a house built in 1883 for over a decade, and this "stuck in the 80's" rental for the past 2 1/2 years, a 3 year old house sounds really, really amazing to me.

I'll post some more pictures as soon as I take some of my own, although it won't look nearly as impressive with our stuff in it as it did with theirs :).

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Sonya Caskey said...

WooHoo! Looks great! So excited for your family!

Cristy said...

Pretty! How exciting! Congratulations!!

Julie said...

Congratulations!! Time for more pictures please!

Mattie said...

What an interesting choice of colors for the top half of this home. Part of me wants to love it and another part of me wants to paint it immediately. It looks like you live in a rainy area. If so, make sure that you have good gutters installed to move the water away from the house.