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Monday, December 10, 2007

The best thing about being the MAMMA???

You get to eat left over chocolate bread pudding for breakfast while everyone else has omelets :-). Actually, it was a sacrifice as there were only 4 eggs left, so I HAD to eat something else, LOL. At least I ate in private in the kitchen as I was cleaning instead of at the table in front of them.

I have to say I am TOTALLY blessed that both of my older children have taught themselves how to make pretty gosh darn good omelets and they delight in making them for us for breakfast. But, we are now out of eggs...and vegetable oil...and butter...and milk...and lunch meat... and, well, the list is endless, so I see a trip to Publix in our future.

Today though, we have piano, so it is full speed ahead to be ready for Scott's lesson (the last until January), so Publix will have to wait a while. Oh, and we have pictures tonight, so all the kids are getting their monthly whether-they-need-it-or-not bath ;-).

Looks like we may be inviting ourselves to Ann's house for lunch to have some of Presley's yummy Buffalo Chicken Dip-it's easier and more fun than going to the store! I'll bring dessert!
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Clunn Family said...

Heehee. don't you know you're SUPPOSED to leave the food at the hostess's house??? I got the buffalo dip (heh heh, and it's GONE!) but I MISSED the bread pudding! (though I was hoping you'd leave it!) Would you make me some more or at least send me the recipe??? It was DELISH! I love the not-to-sweet deserts and that one is sure to be a favorite around here!