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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ACK! No pictures?

There's an amazing lack of pictures on my blog lately. BORING! Here are some for a not-so-wordless Wednesday.
Today we went on a field trip to a local nature center to learn about...SPIDERS! This fun activity involved a child sitting on a cloth in the middle of all the other kids. This "spider" had to close his/her eyes and figure out which child was pulling their string (like when a bug gets caught in the web) based on the tension on the strings. The kids made very astute spiders.

An outdoor spider activity involved the kids "catching" their prey just like the type of spider they were portraying jumping spiders had to jump, web-throwing spiders used a net, etc. I loved that Scott was an "ogrefaced spider".

Their craft was making their own web with a "y" shaped twig and yarn. Here Mimi reacts to her spider as only a girl can :-).
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Julie said...

I love the picture of Mimi! You can almost hear her.