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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just another day

With each passing day, I am more and more convicted that if I keep going at this pace I'm going to spontaneously combust...or at least melt down. Today went something like this...
Up at 7.
Quiet time with God until 7:30ish
Check e-mails and set up trial accounts for a product we are to review.
Hop in the shower.
Concoct brilliant scheme in the shower to make the best of our field trip to the symphony by going to get TJ's 7 year picture taken.
Call Maire to see if my older two kids can go home with her after field trip so my life will be easier.
Assemble the troops for breakfast.
Make sure everyone is dressed in clothes appropriate to the Symphony.
Attempt to start some school.
Retrieve dog who is running loose due to kids bailing on my attempt to start some school.
Get Scott started on piano.
Sing the first line of 50 different Christmas songs to get him to pick ONE to start learning.
Play chosen song for him so he would know how it goes.
By now, we're at about 10 AM, so I call Sears to set up the photo appt.
10:10-banish the kids to the car to buckle up.
10:12-take 2 minutes to brush my teeth.
10:13-take 3 minutes to throw lunch meat in baggies for everyone for "lunch" on the run.
10:20 (okay, often things take longer than I think they will, LOL)-get in the car and drive an hour to the Bob Carr
11:30-meet up with our group and be ushered almost immediately into the auditorium-so much for lunch :-).
1:00-out of the symphony. Get older kids to Marie's car and younger kids to mine to drive to the mall for pics. Realistically, by now it's closer to 1:30 since we stopped and talked with friends.
2:00-pics at Sears. The photographer did a great job, and TJ did great too, so it didn't take too long, but you still have to wait for them to tinker with the pics in hopes of selling you all sorts of pictures you were not planning on buying. We left the mall by...
3:10-drive 30 minutes to Marie's house and arrive in her neighborhood just at she is driving out.
4:00-American Kids Club at the library. The kids were making ornaments for the library's tree. Miss Lynn needed help, so Sari and I stayed and helped out.
5:10-leave the library and head home.
5:25-arrive home with strict instructions to the kids as to what they need to do so we can be out the door again by 5:50. This included Awana uniforms for the younger 3, plus finding books and Bibles. Scott needed his scout uniform on. Oh, and I poured some yogurt into bowls for them and called it dinner.
5:50-My husband takes the younger 3 to AWANA, and I drove Scott to a local middle school for a Scout recruiting event. I dropped him off, and was off again by...
6:25-and driving to meet someone at JoAnns so I could give them their Ren. Faire tickets.
7:15-back to the middle school to get Scott (I did kill a few minutes in JoAnns)
7:40-leaving the middle school and heading to Publix for lunchmeat.
7:55-Side trip to Bealls first to look at the sale shoes for the girls. One pair for each of them later, and we finally were off to Publix.
8-8:40 Shopping. Getting deli meat just takes a while no matter what you do.
8:55-Home finally, and all kids off to bed from sheer exhaustion.

So between 10:30 and 8:55, I was home a total of 25 minutes. No wonder I'm tired!
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crispy said...

My head is spinning...crazy day.

Julie said...

I was considering posting a similar thing yesterday about the the 6 times I did the drive between E and MD between 4pm and 8pm.

cindy said...

My head is spinning, too! Yikes!

Tiffany said...

Days like that make me crazy! We've had way too many of them lately. I hope life settles down for you--you might have to "just say no." Even to the good stuff.