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Monday, June 8, 2009

The great wood floor unveiling update...

This wood floor update brought to you by Princess-one darn cute kitten in desperate need of a home. If you're interested, we'd be happy to help her relocate to your house ASAP :-). And now, on with the update.

This is just one small sample of the chaos caused by moving ALL your furniture and possessions out of each room as you tear out the carpet. Above are all our school books and below is my "sewing hutch"...both relocated to the middle of the LIVING ROOM now that we are tearing out the dining room carpet.

The GOOD. This is how a large portion of the living room floor looks. For being really old, it looks awfully good.

The BAD. This is the dining room floor. Actually, most of it is in good shape, but for some reason the middle of the floor was not stained??? Nothing makes sense in this house.

The UGLY. Yep, really ugly. "U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY" ugly. For some reason, smack dab between the living room and the dining room is this 2 foot by 3+ foot spot of sheer ugliness. That will be fun to fix!

So that's why you haven't been hearing much from me on my blog. Removing the carpet and the padding is the easy part. Then there's removing the tack strips, the staples (they hold the padding down), old nails that are sticking out, sweeping the floor, vacuuming the floor, and then mopping the floor BY HAND. Oh, and life. But besides that, I'm eating bon-bons, LOL. Actually, I'm thrilled that the carpet is gone in the rooms we've done, so I'm not complaining.
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Randi Sue said...

I am excited for you. Old wooden floors are beautiful and you are lucky to have them.

crispy said...

This was back when homes had wood floors. WHen you are done, they will be beautiful. Enjoy the project.

Anonymous said...


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amy w. said...

i feel you pain. we had a house in mt dora that had all wood floors, they were hidden under 20 yr old carpet that had petrified to the wood and had to be sanded off. get a nail puller, it makes it easier.

TOSHeidi said...

Hi, Amy! We've got an old house (1929) with old wood floors too. One of these days, we'll need to do something with them. For the most part, they look ok, but the cracks are really cracks and need to be sealed! LOL
Anyway, I was just reading about you on the facebook page - how fun to get to know you better - and thought I'd drop by your blog and say "hi".