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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's a money saving tip...

Okay, yes, in hindsight I should have scooped this BEFORE I took the picture, but here's the tip anyway. As you may know, we had two unplanned litters of kittens show up at our house in the past three months. Kittens need a very shallow litter box because they are little and it needs to be easy for them to get in an out of. Cats, of course, need much deeper litter boxes because they "dig" and "bury" with more, shall we say, vigor. "Litterboxes" are expensive. Some are break-the-bank expensive (the self cleaning ones are close to $100). And why spend a bunch of money on on for kittens when they don't need it for very long? So here's a tip I got off a website (I'd tell you which one if I could only remember). Use plastic storage containers. Really. I mean, plastic is plastic. The one above cost me $3. And it's perfect. Plus, if you are really cheap (even I wouldn't go this far) you could bleach it and then reuse it in your home for storage as it has a lid too.
So there you go. Hope that helps someone out there. Oh, and did I mention that I have FREE KITTENS in need of a good home? Please pray that the lady coming today takes one...or maybe two. She wants a boy and I have tow so pray she can't decide and takes them both, LOL.
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Smith Schoolhouse said...

that's what we did for our kitten but it is a smaller version since he is the only one using it. At some point soon I think I will dump it into the older cat's litter box so that the kitten smells himself in the older cat's box and hopefully will get the hint that he needs to start sharing the big litter box. I just hope it doesn't make the older cat decide she will go elsewhere. She hasn't taken to him like we had hoped she would.You would think the content of this post would be common sense but sometimes silly people like me fall for the if you have a cat you need a litterbox thing but a rubbermaid tote will do just fine. thanks for the reminder.

Cheryl said...

great idea! but no thank you... getting another dog was a big enough step for me though I have to say she's certainly grown on me!