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Monday, February 22, 2010

iheartfaces Hands-On Fun Challenge

This week's challenge is one of the rare ones that does not have to include a face-just hands.

I wasn't entirely sure what to enter-I have a lot of different "hand" pictures. But, as cliche as this pose has become in maternity pictures, I chose this one because this is M and S's second child, and the littler hand at the bottom of the heart belongs to their first child RM. She will be 11 years older than her baby sister, and is very much a part of this pregnancy too.
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Michelle Pixie said...

A new spin on it! I really like it!!

Anita Johnson said...

The addition of the little hand makes this photo unique...nice work!

Jan said...

SO sweet!! I just love it!!

Misty Sparks said...

How adorable to include all of their hands. That'll be one loved baby :)

Anonymous said...

so cute! it feels like love!