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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy catch-up post

So the yard guy (who is mowing in trade for computer services rendered by my husband) came today. It turns out our gate (which we chose BASED on the mower width) is too narrow...because the mower guy didn't know his mowing deck was 3" wider than he thought. Looks like my son will now be mowing the fenced yard...we put a positive spin on it with the idea that once he knew how to mow, he might be able to spin that into some money with a neighbor or two.

Today was the last day of our Precept Isaiah part one class. Never have I so NOT kept up with a class. I'm hoping to go back and do it justice over the summer, but we will see. I still have gleaned quite a bit though and look forward to part two in the fall.

I had a bit of a relapse Sunday night and Monday with a horrible cough. I thought I was going to cough my eyeballs OUT. I'm doing better today. But being sick made me totally forget my plan to have gifts for the kids' Precepts teachers. I felt like such a heel!

The kids are LOVING the trampoline. Loving it! The Hubs even gave it a try tonight. Given my...ahem...leakage issue, I think I'll wait to try it until I get my first endorsement check from Depends, LOL.

Today Mimi found a dragonfly at the park. It's wing was broken, so she befriended it for quite a while. She went to play with friends and left "Flipper" the dragonfly on a bush. She was dismayed to find it was not there when she got back.

Sari on the other hand spent her time collecting baby toads and grasshoppers. So much for being a girly-girl!

Sari came home and told me she wanted to show me another bug. Turns out it was a ring neck snake she found right outside the back door! She took to that too. She's calling it "Takie" (that would be "Snakie", but she can't do the blend) Something was not quite right with it, but it's currently in the empty fish bowl in the kitchen, and we'll see what happens. As enamored and obsessed as she is with Takie, she did ask more than once to feed him to the chicks, LOL. Guess he figured it's the whole circle of life thing, and if he's going to die, he might as well go to use.

I put the chicks in with Thumper tonight. They ignored each other quite nicely. Unfortunately, I think they have a digging competition going on. Between the chicks, Thumper, and Riley, we may soon have tunnels to rival Kiwi's son's-but far less intentional :-).

The chicks are changing daily. They are losing their fluff and gaining their feathers. They can fly quite well-too well if we aren't careful! We got the roof pieces for their "Playhouse" so we can get it finished and they are have use of the real deal instead of the brooder.

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Sonya said...

Cute chicks! You crack me up. Ah, words are like toothpaste, you can't put them back in the tube.

Thanks for your help for the whole Mother's Day thing. I really appreciate it!

Melissa said...

Your chicks are in their awkward teenage phase. They are beautifully scruffy!