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Friday, September 24, 2010

Schleich Animal Figures Review

I love it when a product review is challenging to write only because your kids love it SO much that it's hard to put in words. That's the way these Schleich figure are for my kids. We had the opportunity to review them last year, and you can read that review HERE. So when my kids found out we were chosen to review them again this year, they could not contain their excitement. I think it's safe to say they stalked the UPS man waiting for our package to arrive!

So what's the hoop-la all about? Schleich is a German company that has been making figurines since the 1950's. They began with comic figures, but branched out over a quarter of a century ago to include amazingly realistic animal figures. Hand painted amazingly realistic figurines. I could gush and gush on...really, I could, but I think my children's photo vignettes show off the figures quite well:

Gnu calf

Gnu and Gnu Calf


Swabian-Hall Bull and Piglet

Przewalski's horse

Indian Elephant Calf

The pros: Just look above! The minute these figures arrived, my kids took off with them and started arranging them in their "natural habitat". That lead to my daughter asking where gnus live, and me looking it up on the internet. And then realizing that "gnu" is actually pronounced "nu". (Yes, I realize that usually the "g" is silent next to an "n", but I watched The Great Space Coaster as a kid, and one of the characters was "Gary Gnu" pronounced "g-nu", so that had me mispronouncing it for life! I never would have kn0w if it wasn't for these figures.) We talked about Okapis and how well they camouflage, and about how our pigs were father/piglet, not mother/piglet, and how Indian and African Elephants are distinguishable by by ear size (which they knew, but it was a good reminder). And that wasn't even intentional learning. My kids just love these figurines.

The cons: Nada! We love Schleich!!!

The bottom line: Schleich figurines are one of a kind. Literally, since they are hand painted, but also figuratively, since they are head-and-shoulders above any other animal figurines out there. They are reasonably priced (generally between $3-15 each depending on the size). There are also knights, and castles, and dinosaurs, and elves, and sea animals, and vehicles, and so much more. You can order from several vendors online-there's a list HERE. Or, they are available at several retailers including Target and Tractor Supply.

To see what other members of the TOS Crew had to say, go HERE.

Legal Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received several figurines which enabled me to write this review. Those figures are the only compensation I received.

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

It looks like your family has really had a wonderful time with these! My boys liked them, too. I loved your pictures.

Melissa said...

Love those animals! Very cool!

Julie said...

On the safari at Animal Kingdom, they said something about gnus and wildebeasts being the same thing (or maybe they said similar). I love the okapi(another animal I know about because if Animal Kingdom!

My security word is "inviz". The okapi's markings make him almost "inviz"!

One Mom said...

Love the pictures!