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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars House Party

If you're not familiar with House Party, it's this totally amazing website that you can become a member of and get the chance to host differently themed parties with tons of FREE goodies supplied by the sponsor. You may remember I did a Schwan's one HERE.

Anyway, this House Party was for the premiere of Season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I applied to host it SURE that I wouldn't get it, but I DID!!! Not only are we big Star Wars fans, but TJ's 9th birthday was Sept. 7th, and this seemed like a perfect chance to celebrate his birthday in Star Wars fashion- a perfect set-up for my son and 9 of his best buddies. Because of the late hour of the premier (9PM) I figured I should make it a sleep-over if they wanted, but only 2 boys took us up on that, and calling it a SLEEP over was a stretch, since they were up until at least 4!
Here's a brief recap of our party...

First, Hasbro sent 10 figures like the two below-one for each boy to TAKE HOME! There were also tattoos, a coupon for $1 off another figure, and a membership code to the new Clone Wars online game. The figures that the kids got can be used to play an easy, but fun, Galactic Battle game that we played "tournament style" with the winner getting first pick of the figures. The kids really enjoyed the game, and it was easy to play, AND it made use of basic math skills to!

D and J check out the skill cards on their figures...

The game figures up close...

D doubles as Darth Vader. Here he was dancing to the Weird Al song about Yoda, which was a hoot.

All the party goers!

TJ's cake. He wanted a repeat of last year, which was fine with me. It's easy, and it makes him happy.

I wish this picture wasn't as blurry, but small children don't stay still long- especially not when they are battling with light sabers. I love how J is smiling even in the face of imminent danger!

J and D duel it out in a Galactic Battle...

I wish I had pictures of them actually WATCHING the Clone Wars, but somehow I missed taking any of that. Thanks to all the boys who came and celebrated TJ's 9th birthday and Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 3 premier. Thanks to Cartoon Network for such a great TV show and for the chance to showcase it at our party. And thanks to Hasbro and House Party for this wonderful opportunity!

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Laura O said...

Lucky, lucky ducks! Looks like the gang had a blast with all the Star Wars goodies.