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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sunday Evening Post

It's strawberry season in FL...and yet the berries are $3/pound at the u-pick and $3/pound on sale at the grocery store.  My kids can eat a pound of berries in about 10 seconds flat.  We're going to need a second mortgage to afford our trips to the grocery store!

I had a HORRIBLE dream last night.  You know, the kind that has no basis in truth, but wakes you up and leaves you awake.  This one involved horrible, torturous things being done to my small boy...while I watched helpless to stop it...almost 24 hours later, it's still bugging me.  Now if it had been his older brother...

Our indoor cat...the one that was born in this house?  She's an outdoor cat now.  She went into perpetual heat.  Perpetual.  And she started peeing everywhere in the house.  And getting her fixed wasn't in the budget.  It just isn't.  I love animals, but my priority on our one income is to feed our family and pay our bills, and spaying all the kittens of every stray cat that lands on our doorstep just isn't in the budget.  So when she ran outdoor for the gazillionth time Thursday night when it was dark and cold, we just let her stay out there.  It has taken her no time at all not only to acclimate to being outdoors, but to fully embrace it to the exclusion of even being civil to us most of the time.  Crazy! 

I need one more day in each weekend.  One that holds no obligations in it but time for me to get our homeschool week planned.  I just can't seem to get ahead.

The kids and I have been reading a book aloud every day.  We just finished the Hobbit.  I'm not sure what we will start next, but the potential list is very long.  The kids have a long list of books to read for Precept and most of them are sitting in a basket just waiting for us to start them.  We watched Chariots of Fire tonight for the same reason.  It was very good.  I never saw it when it came out or any of the years between that time and now.  But I'm glad we watched it tonight. 

I'm photographing a renewal of vows a week from tomorrow, and I'm very nervous about it.  I'd appreciate your prayers that everything would go well and that I will not disappoint them.  Also, if any locals want to volunteer to have a kid or two of mine hang out at your house Monday morning, that would be great.  It might help to ensure that I return home to four kids.

Why do I always start my blog post with tons of great ideas and end up writing insipid little things instead?

I'm watching Doc Martin on Netflix.  My friend Aunt Fanny and her husband have been watching it and loving it.  I'm less enamored.  It's not bad, but it's a little slow.  The characters are quirky, and I'm sure a good part of the attraction for Aunt Fanny is that one of the main characters has dreads, LOL.  I did like the driving bits in the first episode was VERY much like the roads we encountered in Wales.  I never did understand how anyone arrived anywhere alive.  In the villages, there were places where you would literally back up until you reached the next driveway and pull in until the oncoming traffic passed you.  Definitely NOT the place to live if you tend to be chronically late since you spend 1/4 of your driving time going the opposite direction from your destination!

Okay, I'm off to bed.  At this point, I'm tempted to blow off school in the morning in favor of Disney, but I imagine we won't do that because we are already planning on going on the 25th.  So that means an early morning for me as I attempted to get done all the prep work I meant to accomplish this weekend in the few moments I will have in the morning before everyone else gets up.
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bfarmmom said...

Reading this Monday morning, right before I start my lesson plans also!! I can so relate. I hope you have and awesome week

Melissa said...

Stick with Doc Martin - it gets better and better IMO. I can have a kid or 2 of yours on Monday.

Sonya said...

I may be able to take a kid too. Just need to check on the time line.

Tiffany said...

I would definitely much rather buy strawberries at the store than pick them, especially if they are the same price! Also, the problem with taking three kids strawberry picking is that you end up with a buttload of strawberries! Even still, we may end up going just for the experience.
As for Doc Martin--I see a trend here and have for a long time--you and I do not have the same taste in movies or tv. Boo on you!