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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm still alive!

Okay, I'm on the road, and so I actually have a spare second to do a little catch-up.  If you'll recall, my oh-so-silent-lately blog was featuring the sound of crickets chirping because I had shot a wedding, and was knee deep in photo editing.  Well, that's done, I delivered the photo disks and they even gave me a tip (I shot the wedding for free because I'd never done a wedding before and so it was a portfolio builder for me and a big steeping out in faith moment for them to use me).  Almost everything went fine-one glitch with a camera setting that overexposed several shots, but other than that, I'm happy and I think they are too.

As soon as I was done with that, I turned my attention to my house-specifically the girls' bedroom and my bedroom.  See, the hubs promised to switch our bedrooms (we live in an old house and there's no "master" and definitely no "master bath", but if we switch then someday we can knock through the wall where the linen closet is and MAKE a master bath) while the kids and I are driving back from vacation. The problem?  Well, the girls' bedroom is always a mess despite me having spent at least a week of my life since January (spread out over several spurts) cleaning it up.  And our room?  Well, let's just say I was too embarrassed to even take a "before" picture.  It was RINGED with bags of clothes that some child had outgrown, or things that friends had given us for some child to grow into, and then to compound that was a lot of homeschool stuff that had migrated in but never out, and my Bible study resources, and clean laundry, and dirty was BAD!.  So I spent at least a week and a half cleaning them up.  And PURGING!  I took 6 large garbage bags of clothes to Goodwill.  One large bag of outgrown shoes, one bag of toys, and several odds and ends.  It was cathartic.  Hopefully the rewards will be on several fronts.  Tons of stuff just gone, my annual sorting of the outgrown clothes (almost) done (I still have to box up the things for TJ to grow into), and clean rooms for my husband to begin working in.  Paint colors are even picked, and the general plan is for him to pull all the furniture out of both of them, paint, rip out the carpet, and then put it all back in it's new home.  All while we are on the road.  Pray for him!

The rest of my time was spend packing, and all the other little things that you have to do to get out of town-holding the mail, making sure prescriptions are filled, getting books on CD from the library, etc.  Hence the continuing crickets chirping here at One Blessed Mamma.  BUT, I have internet, I'm on the road, and I'll post later about our trip...gotta go eat and start our day right now!
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