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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Forever and Just Yesterday, All Rolled Into One

Yesterday was my 5 year "blogiversary".  It's funny to look back at my first post.  I made some snarky remark about grinding my own wheat, and now, 5 years later, that's exactly what I do.  (Or to be honest, Marie's machine does it for me, but I do buy wheat berries and we do use freshly ground wheat.)  I think so much of my life today is not the same as I imagined it would be 5 years ago.  Some things are still the same- we still live in the same place, we still homeschool, etc.  But many things have changed too.  These days, my blog features way more reviews than glimpses at our life.  That's not the way I intended it to be though, and it's something I want to change.  It's just that I'm way to busy living life to take the time to write about it.  I need to strike a better balance, and not just on my blog. 

If my intention in starting this blog was to keep a record of our lives for myself and my children, then I've got some work to do!

Which always makes me feel like I'm behind. 

And then I feel like I need to "catch-up".

And then I feel like there's no way that's possible. 

And then the crickets start chirping on my blog. 

And yes, I know that all of those were fragments, and not real sentences. 

Soooo, here's a little picture update:
My man and I at Disney.

The whole family - April 2012
Here's to five more years, tons more reviews, and a lot more glimpses into our lives.

I'm blessed to be help-meet to a wonderful man for 20 years.  I'm blessed with four unique children who are each gifts from God.  I'm blessed to have a salvation I could never earn and to be loved by God in a way I could never deserve.  I'm blessed to live in a time of modern technology (even though it makes me crazy sometimes) because through this blog and the Schoolhouse Review Crew, God has richly provided for my family's homeschooling needs and wants. And I'm blessed by you, my readers. 
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Julie said...

Good post, I have to admit I like the glipses of life posts better than the reviews.