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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Always Icecream/Clever Dragons sale

We are big Always Icecream (for girls)/Clever Dragons (for boys) fans around here.  My daughter has learned more geography from AI than I can begin to describe.  And she's learned tons of math concepts she, previous to AI, had not been able to wrap her head around.  Plus Always Ice Cream gives her plenty of opportunity to express her creative side.

Well, right now Always Icecream and Clever Dragons are offering a special for fall:
$79 for a lifetime membership and $159 for a family lifetime membership. 

They are also having a T-Shirt contest.  They took the 5 most popular shirts designed by members of AI, and put them on their Pinterest board for everyone to vote on.  The winning design will earn 1000 scoops (in game currency) for the girl who designed it.  Here's where to go to vote:
Pin It!

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