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Monday, October 22, 2012

Destination Disney-Moving Forward Quote

My friend Heidi over at Heidi's Head hosts a weekly Disney meme called Destination Disney.  Her current theme is taking Disney quotes and telling what they mean to you.  This week's quote is above.

In my decade of working at Disney, I definitely saw Walt's philosophy at work all over the company.  Sometimes, it led to a lot of feelings of inconsistency that were less than welcome to Cast Members who like things to stay the same, but often the changes led to better ways of doing things.  Now, as a guest, I can appreciate that they are always pushing the envelope.  On our most recent trip to MK on Friday, we got to visit a sneak peak of the new Fantasyland, including the newest Little Mermaid ride.  The auto-animatronics are amazing.  Her hair is SOOOO cool.  It literally ripples like it's floating in the water.  That what comes of Disney moving forward and opening new doors.

In my own life, I feel like each new door I open bring me further down the path God has for my life.  I don't always love the process.  Sometimes new doors have to be opened because old ones get slammed in your face, and that is painful.  But God has always been faithful to be there holding my hand to lead me down His new path for me.  Whether it's leaving the workforce to become a full time mom, starting a new business venture, or just changing curriculum choices, if God is in it, there is always a peace even in the trepidation.  Personally, I feel poised right now, even as I type this, on the brink of trying new doors just to see where they lead.  That feeling, as Pocahontas puts it, of strange clouds on the horizon.  Wondering what God has in store for me now.  And as a family, we are going through the same thing.  Poised to make new decisions.  Big decisions.  And not knowing what the right answer is, but trusting the One who knows everything and sees the beginning and the end to lead us as we move forward and down new paths.

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Heidi said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful post. Thanks so much for linking up this week! I miss you when you don't participate in DD!