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Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Thoughts

I know the exit polls are showing Romney and Obama in almost a dead heat, but I am sure of one statistic...100% of Americans are ready for the election to be over so the political phone calls will end.  I think the only people influenced (positively) by those calls are the same people who believe the e-mails that say there is a prince in Niger who can't access his fortune with their help...

I prayed seriously about my vote and who I should support, and in the end decided neither candidate was someone I could feel good supporting.  I know there are many Christians out there with a different view, but my personal conviction was that I wasn't going to vote for the "lesser of two evils" because that's still voting for evil.  One candidate is decidedly not Christian, and while God clearly has used many, many non-believers throughout history, and His word says He placed them all in their positions of authority, He never commanded the people of Israel to actually VOTE for them to hold those positions.  The other candidate holds opinions I don't share specifically regarding the UN Rights of a Child and other UN regulations, but also on many other topics as well.  So this is what I know- I can (and did) abstain from voting for an individual election, even one as important as President.  God will place into office the person He wills to lead this great country of ours, and I will pray for them, but I will also be glad I did not compromise my beliefs to vote for them.

Speaking of the issues, we don't have cable TV, and we don't get the newspaper, so I've at least lived in blissful ignorance of the accusations that have been flying between the camps.  Other than the phone calls and mailings that is...

One last thought.  By this time tomorrow night, half of America will be elated and the other half totally discouraged.  I want to encourage you that no matter who wins, God is still sovereign, and still in control.  We are called to pray for our leaders, He will do the rest according to His will.  Let us begin now by being united in prayer for our president, no matter who that will be or whether we voted for him or not! 
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bfarmmom said...

I'm out running errands but just some quick thoughts. Please go vote! What a privilege it is for us!! And the "lesser of two evils" is a good man. He may not be a Christian, however I know many professed Christians who couldn't hold a candle to him. Anyway, just my thoughts!! Much love!

oneblessedmamma said...

Hey Kirsten. I did vote...I just abstained from voting for President. I voted for all the other local, state, and national elections. I believe voting is exceedingly important, but sometimes withholding your vote can be too :-). One man will win tonight, and he'll have my prayerful support even though he did not have my vote.