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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Melissa and Doug's Terrific Twenty Holiday Gift List

I have been a fan of Melissa and Doug products for years.  In fact, we have their calendar hanging above my 7 year old's desk because she just LOVES to change the magnetic dates and months and events every month.  Well, they've released their "Terrific Twenty" Holiday Gift list for 2012, and to go along with it, they are doing a give away on their Facebook page- a lucky winner gets one item from the list EACH DAY for 20 days (starting November 6th). 

I have to say, reviewing the list of their Terrific Twenty left me wishing my kids were little again.  But there was even something on the list for bigger kids- a game called "Suspend" which looks like lots of fun.  I'd love to win today's giveaway- it's for that adorable lion in the picture above!
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