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Monday, May 13, 2013

Catch-up, totally random post

1) This week is our last week of school.  I'm not sure who is more excited--me or the kids.  Can I get a woo-hoo and an amen?

2)  Except it really isn't the last week because TJ has one more week of science and both he and Em have math to continue with (funny how you can't finish a 5 day a week math program in three days each week by just doing one lesson a day, LOL).

3)  I'm on the worship team at our new church, and as such, there are times when I have to sing by myself.  That's not my thing, I'm a harmony singer.  But I'm really being stretched by God to be obedient, and so I occasionally find myself singing alone into the mic.  Today was one of those days.  Alas, I have yet to chase anyone out of the building screaming, so I guess that's good.

4)  My mother got remarried a few weeks ago.  It was great to see my brother and his wife, and two of his friends that are like extended family.  Now, my mother and her husband are on a 5 month RV trip to Alaska.  Yep, you read that right.  5 MONTHS.  I heard from her tonight, and they are in Texas tonight.

5) I really need to do a photo catch-up post for, oh, I don't know, the past few months.  But I have pics to edit for my son's recital (which actually is in a week, but we did posed pictures at the dress rehearsal), so that has to happen first.

6)  TJ is amazing.  He's done TWO Apologia science book on his own this year.  Love that kid!

7)  Soccer is over for the summer.  Whew!  Love watching him play, but also love having a little but of life freed up.

8)  After Scott's recital, he will take a break from his regular piano lessons and spend a bit of time learning how to play chords so he can play along with guitar chords at church.  I think he's excited about that.

9)  So, Sari has wanted to do ballet for EVER.  Really.  But a bit of family related awkward circumstances meant that the school that all her friends go to is not an option for us, so I've been putting her off.  Well, she's done being put off, so she's decided to take up aerial silk like her sister.  Her first class was yesterday, and she LOVED it.  But she's very sore today ;-).

10)  The same set of awkward circumstances meant that even though there were two different major performances this weekend involving homeschooling friends, we weren't able to go.  I hate that, but I hate the awkwardness of being at social events with people who'd rather my family and I were never seen by them again even more.  I hate times like's like salt in a forever-open wound.  Okay, pity party over.  On with my life.

Probably more things to blog about, but that's all I can think of now, and 10 seems like a good number.
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Melissa said...

Hurray for Sari on the silk and Scott learning chords for the worship team. Great news!