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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Home School Grades Review

My Home School Grades is a BRAND NEW program for tracking your homeschool child's grades and generating a transcript when needed.  Designed by a tech savvy homeschool dad and an exceedingly tech savvy homeschool graduate, My Home School Grades is perfectly designed for homeschoolers to easily and painlessly keep track of their student's grades in every subject for their entire homeschool career.  The program costs $49 for a lifetime family membership.  It is accessible across all your "smart" devices.  And it is a breeze to use.

Above, you can see my home screen.  There is a button under "STUDENTS" that says "Add Student". That's how you initially put your students and their basic info into the system.  Then, you just click on the student whose subjects/grades you want to enter.  When you do that, it will take you to that child's page.  There, you will see their picture (if you upload one) or icon.  Next to that is displayed their GPA and credits for this year.  Below their picture is a button that says "Add Class" and one that says "Transcript".  Click on "Add Class" to add classes.

This opens the box above where you put in the class title, and then use drop down boxes to enter how many credits it is worth, what school year it's for, whether it was a full year, one semester, or a quarter class, what subject the class is, and the student's grade level.  There are boxes to check if it is an AP/Honors class and if you want to grade with just pass/fail.  Then you choose how you want to grade the class.  You can just enter a single end of the year grade for the class.  Or, if it's dual enrollment, you can enter it that way.  Or, if you are really detailed, you can enter the class lesson by lesson like you would in a real teacher's grade book.  You can choose how the grade components are weighted, and even enter grades as letters, numbers, or fractions (like getting 23/25 right on a test).  If the Publisher is listed in the Publisher drop down box, then you can choose that.  Another Drop Down box will appear to let you choose the specific course, and there is a chance ALL the lessons are already input for you.  More publishers and curriculums are being added all the time.  On their website, you can watch a tutorial on entering grades or any of the other components of My Home School Grades.  Finally, to generate a transcript, just click that button below you student's name.

Above, you can see my son's freshman year info.  I have not entered grades for some subjects yet (he has a few more lessons to go), but this gives you a "real life" example.

The pros:  I could just gush and gush.  I LOVE this program!!!!  Really.  And I'm not a very grade oriented person.  In fact, I have to keep a chart in front of my at my desk just to know what grade my kids are supposed to be in.  And for elementary and middle school, I've always felt like giving grades for assignments is pointless.  I don't settle for less than an A.  They get it right, or we go back and fix it.  I'm homeschooling them so they LEARN the material, and if they didn't get it right, they didn't learn the material.  That's all my personal philosophy, but I thought I should explain because even with the way I feel, I LOVE this program.  I can track what each child did what year very, very easily.  Oh, and I forgot to mention you can keep track of activities/extra curriculars/awards too!  With the pass/fail option, I can just "pass" them on the subjects, but still have a very real, easy to refer back to record of what they covered and what activities they did each year.  And now that I have a high schooler, and grades really are an issue, My Home School Grades makes it SOOOO easy to keep track of everything.  Because I can award .25 credits, I can even keep track of shorter things like the grammar program we reviewed earlier this year.  Hallelujah!!!

The cons:  Really nothing.  I do wish when I edited a class and hit "save" that it would close that box then and the change would be automatically reflected on the class list.  I was trying to change a class name and hit save repetitively, and finally hit cancel, only to realize  when I when out to the home page and back to the student that the change had indeed taken place.  But this company has amazing customer service and I wouldn't be surprised if that is fixed as soon as they read this.  In fact, I was the first one to enter a child with two first names into the system which caused that child's account to freeze.  When I sent them an e-mail, they not only fixed the problem, but called me to let me know why that happened and that they had fixed it.  WOW!  And since I'm on my wish list, I'd love it if I could attach a picture to the activities/awards items...but that's just something that I think would make the program even better, not a necessary thing at all.

The bottom line:  My Home School Grades is an amazing program and the answer to every homeschool mom's prayer.  It's so easy to use, does exactly what you need it to, and is priced perfectly.  I think $49 is a great value for a family for a lifetime, especially for a product that will make your end of the year reviews/evaluations easy and creates a high school transcript at the push of a button!  I'd definitely recommend My Home School Grades as something every homeschool family should have.

To order My Home School Grades, or to try it out for 2 weeks for FREE, you can go to My Home School

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You sold me! I'm buying it. Sounds just fabulous!