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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Three Things Thursday- 6/19/14

After taking a break last week because she was on vacation (how dare she, LOL), Heidi is back this week with her meme

I was actually prepared last week to write, and was somewhat disappointed there was no link up...somewhat...  But you notice, I never did go on and just post my own blog post anyway, so I wasn't too disappointed.  Here are this week's three things.

1)  One of my toes rings broke.  I'm actually really bummed about it.  Behind my conformist, rule-follower facade is a closet tie-dye, toe ring wearing rebel, and the fact that one of my toe rings broke is really bumming me out because it was part of a set of three that I wear all on the same toe.  I got them at an art fair near our former home, and I don't even know the business name to try to replace it.  Sigh.

2)  Speaking of tie dye, I tie dyed today, and it makes me happy.  Here's the thing...I'm a perfectionist, and tie dye isn't a perfectionist sort of thing.  Unless of course you try to do something to it like add text that should be centered...and not crooked...sigh...when will I learn???  (The words Be still and know that I am God are supposed to make a cross, and be centered, and straight, and well, not imply that I am God...oy, does EVERYONE second guess themselves this much???)  For the record, I do love the colors, and the way they turned out.  I'm hoping the text hangs better on a real person.

This verse comes from Psalm 89:1 and for the record, I had no issues with how the text initially turned out...but I did the text with a glue resist, and it appears when I wet the shirt and was wringing out the extra water, the glue "ghosted" and if you click on the picture, you can see ghosted letters now in odd places all over the shirt.  Sigh.  0 for 2.

The third shirt was just traditional tie dye style, and seems to hold the most promise for actually having turned out as I hoped.  The first two were really experiments anyway.  We make Faux Batik banners for the holidays, and this was taking that same process one step further.  In fact, instead of traditional fabric dye, I used acrylic paint for all of these.
The above was a very nicely made white tee shirt.  The problem is, white tee shirts don't stay white around me to too long.  Tie dye makes a perfect solution, so I just might have an above average amount of tie dye in my wardrobe ;-).

3)  This is a good news/bad news/no news one.  First, the bad news.  My husband was supposed to go to Chicago in August and we were going to go with him.  That trip (for him) just got cancelled.  BUMMER!  I had already mentally planned such cool things to do, as well as a stop off half way up to my brother and sister-in-law's and a stop half way home to Kirsten's (she didn't know that yet, lol), and now the trip is off the table...BUTTTTTTT, there is good news.  Some of you already know.  But...are you sitting down????  We have...really, are you sitting down????   We have a FULL PRICE offer on our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We, of course, accepted, and the inspection was TODAY.  That's where the NO NEWS part comes in.  We haven't heard anything yet.  Please join us in praying no news is good news.  We actually know that technically the house will not fully pass inspection because the bathroom isn't done (I don't know why they scheduled it for NOW, before the bathroom was done), but I guess the way it will work is they will make it contingent on them sending pictures of the finished bathroom to the inspector for him to sign off?  That sounds cray-cray to me, but oooookkkkaaayyyy.  I know God has this under control.  I do.  He's brought us this far!

If you want to join up with Three Things Thursday, just visit Heidi's blog.
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1 comment:

Heidi Strawser said...

I love your tie dye shirts. I think part of the fun of them is the imperfections (and this coming from a perfectionist!) I think the effect is awesome and I'd totally wear one of them!