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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Three Things Thursday- 6/5/2014

It's time for Three Things Thursday!  I always have about 200 things until I actually get to sit in front of my computer, and then I have 0.  Goose egg.  Nada.  Nothing.  So please, bear with me.

1)  Last week, my husband and eldest son went to Fl to do some work on the house we have there that we are trying to sell.  He didn't get everything on the "to-do" list done, but he worked hard and it looks much better than it did.  We have changed realtors and as of last night, it is relisted.  She already has 2 requests to show it.  PLEASE join us in praying that the house does sell, and soon.
Ironically, in the house were we are not living, I apparently have a ton of volunteer tomato plants going where the coop was.  The boys ate most of the tomatoes while they were down there, but brought one home for me to see.  (Sorry the picture is blurry.)

2)  I have a sad little garden going here.  Our backyard is very shady, and there just isn't a long period of direct sunlight.  I had to give up on tomatoes from seed and buy a few heirlooms that were already well started.  My peas are the first things to produce edible stuff for us, but we will never have peas for a meal because the pods get picked and eaten straight from the garden.

I got some watermelon planted right by the peas yesterday...we'll see how they do.

3)  3 totally random things together-  I got 8 lbs of soap made while my husband was gone.
There is another full drying rack under this one.  We will have to wait until mid June to use it, but at least it's done.  I've now had 3 neighbors/friends say they want to learn how to make soap, or at least watch me do it, LOL.

We met up with some old friends who live in VA now.  Their daughter (my daughter's friend) is in a band, and the band was playing at a church about 25 minutes away.  The girls fell in together like they'd never been apart.  The boys?  They were more awkward.  So only a picture of the girls for now.

TJ had his last soccer game for the season.  He sprained his thumb during the first game while he was  playing goalie, so for the next 3 games he was out of the goal box and played defense.  By mid May, he was back in the goal box for half the game, and then defense for the other half, but THIS game, this last one, he was goalie for half and then offense for a good portion of the second half.  Offense is NOT his skill set, but it was good for him to be stretched.

I took pictures all season long to share via dropbox with his team.  They were a great group of boys, and it turned out that several are homeschooled.  I just signed him up for fall soccer and requested the same team.  However, since they had to combine age groups in the spring, if they don't have to do that in the fall, they will likely be split almost in half by age.

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:DISTherapy said...

Best of luck with the house sale. (And your garden!!) All the best~ Didi