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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My week in review, con't.

Well, obviously the listing of my daily activities came to a screeching halt! Let me try to summarize.
Last Tuesday I wasn't feeling was one of "those" days with a chronic syndrome I have. I got the kids and I off to Precept anyway despite the fact that I had been up since the wee hours of the morning. So I pull into Precept, go to get Sari out of the car...and realize she has NO shoes. Yep, they just called to ask for my "Mom of the Year" trophy back. I mean, who takes their kids to a childcare setting with NO shoes??? Me, apparently. Luckily her teachers were understanding. Of course, I had 5 shoes in the car (yes, 5 shoes, not pairs, but with kids you learn not to ask) but none of them were hers.
After Precept we went home instead of going to the park since Sari had no shoes and I wanted to be sure I was indeed just having a chronic issue day and not getting a bug many people seem to have around here. But that night Scott had to be in the Hills for a Boy Scout Board of Review.
Wednesday, well, the chaos started again. Remember the Pinewood Derby? Well, Wednesday night was the AWANA version of the same event. The problem? The blocks you make the cars out of cars and the wheels are slightly different so Mimi and TJ needed totally different cars. BUT, while Mimi's was almost done, we hadn't even started on TJ's. SO his got cut out Wednesday morning, he sanded it that morning, and then we went on a field trip I had totally forgotten about until the night before. We were there until around 1. When we got home, we painted TJ's car over what was left of the afternoon. My husband came home a little early and got the weights on and the wheels sanded and on. Then he took the kids to AWANA and I took Scott to his Court of Honor. My boy is officially a Tenderfoot Scout-the first level you earn beyond just being a boy scout. It was terrible having to have one of us miss each event. TJ won the race for the Sparks, so he had a big night too. Luckily our kids are used to the divide and conquer approach.
By Wednesday evening, I was sick as a dog. Not with my chronic issue...well at least not the same one. This was an allergy thing. I hardly slept Wednesday night and must have blown my nose about 200 times. I was beat by the morning.
Thursday I called in sick as teacher of my homeschool and told the kids they could do whatever they wanted as long as it did not involve me :-). I slept on and off all day. But I had to get up that evening and leave the house to go to, are you ready for this, a Midnight Mammograms and Manicures party. Luckily after sleeping all day and taking four times the recommended dosage of Sudafed PE, I was functional. The mammo thing was a lot of fun. They had drinks and snacks, including gourmet cupcakes, and a manicurist, and then they called us back one by one for our mammograms. Really, for something you have to have done-this is the way to do it! I got home at midnight, had to go to Walmart to get more Sudafed PE, and then went to bed!
Well, I'll end there, but you can see our life is never dull, nor uneventful. Hence, I am sometimes tired. And since I'm still having allergy problems compliments of back-to-back cold fronts, I am even more tired. So I apologize if the blog's been a little quiet :-). More to come though-this week makes last week look tame!
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cindy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like their Mommy awards been repossessed! And I only have 1-good thing!

Love the mammograms and Manicures idea- since we have to do it, might as well make it fun!

cindy said...

I meant one child