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Friday, February 6, 2009

A totally unsolicited post

This year I am a reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse magazine, and we are loving it. My family and I have been truly blessed with some wonderful products to check out. And TOS is a great magazine. This month's issue had an article about homeschooling children who are challenging that spoke to the very things that I wrestle with in my mind all the time. It was like she and I were living the same life. And there was a review of a product I picked up at our homeschool conference, but have yet to touch. I felt good that it got a positive review, and that has renewed my desire to get it out and let my kids try it.
But this plug is for a totally different magazine. It's not in competition with fact they have just started advertising there, but that's not how I found it. That I found it at all is a God thing. I got there by clicking on one blog after another and then finding mention of it. It's called New Harvest Homestead, and it has blessed my heart.
NHH speaks to the core of what I want to be someday (maybe when I "grow up"-or as my kids do) both as a homesteader and a Godly wife, mother, and homemaker. The devotional editorials have all spoken to my heart directly, especially the one on one of the sample issues about being in Midian. And the reader contributed articles have inspired me in gardening, canning, and so many other homemaking skills. I love that it supports anyone with a homemaker heart, even if your circumstances aren't very traditional in the homestead sense. To check it out, go to their website at .
Right now, NHH is having a back issue sale that everyone should know about. Here's Lisa's e-mail about it:

For one week only, all back issues of New Harvest Homestead will be on sale for $1.00 each!

This means that you can purchase an entire year’s worth of NHH for $6.00 – that’s less than HALF the current subscription price! Purchase every single back issue for only $21.00! That’s a savings of over $30.00 on all!

You will never get a better deal on the New Harvest Homestead newsletter.

In these uncertain economic times, New Harvest Homestead is an investment that will save you money in the long run. Learn how to grow and preserve your own fruits and vegetables, cook & bake from scratch, raise a small flock of chickens (even in the city!), save money BIG TIME at the grocery store, make your own laundry detergent and other household products – and so much more! Plus, receive encouragement and comfort in the Lord from women just like you in every issue.

Here’s how to order using Paypal:

1) Log on to your personal Paypal account

2) Hit the “Send Money” tab at the top of your account page

3) Our Paypal email address is:

4) Add up $1.00 for each back issue you want to order and enter that


5) In the “Note” section, make a list of each of the back issues you would

like to order. For example: July/August 2005, May/June 2006, etc.

6) Hit “Send Money” to complete your order.

Please make sure that the email address attached to your Paypal account is the one you want the back issues to come to! If you want the issues to go to a different address, include that in the “Note” section.

You can also pay by check or money order. Our mailing address is:

New Harvest Homestead

P.O. Box 51

Carlotta, CA 95528

All checks or M/O’s must be postmarked no later than February 13. Be sure to include your email address and a list of the back issues you want with your payment.

This sale begins today, Friday, February 6 and will end on Friday night, February 13, at midnight.

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DebiH. said...

Thanks for this information! I have read these before and LOVE them but it is something that I haven't thought about it a while! I'm goiing to the site now :)