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Thursday, July 23, 2009

But wait...there's more :-)

So then, after the "We've got you surrounded" incident from Friday, Monday night proved to be just as interesting in a different way.

I wasn't feeling well Monday, so I went to bed early. Around 11:30ish I heard a LONG blast of a car horn-really it was long enough to sound like a train, but we don't live that close to any tracks that a train whistle would wake me. I drifted back to sleep and it happened again. By then Iwas frustrated because all I knew was it was dark out, and therefore NOT an appropriate time to be blaring your car horn for a minute or two at a time (is there ever an appropriate time for that in a residential area???). So I drifted back to sleep again, and I heard a loud BAM followed by some voices. Well, that got me out of bed and to the window. We've had some things permanently "borrowed" (read that as STOLEN) from our carport while we've slept so that was the first thing I thought of. But when I looked out, there was nothing to people, so obvious source of the noise.
So, seeing that it was only11:30, I went to find the hubs, who was asleep on the couch with Sari. I decided not to wake him, but when I went to the kitchen to get some water, I saw an orangish glow on the side of my neighbor's truck. Thinking it might be someone in a car with their orange rear lights causing the reflection, I thought I'd go see if someone was up to no-good. (I guess there's a little Nancy Drew in anyone who red her books as a kid, LOL). I made my way through my neighbor's yard and out onto their driveway, and was greeted with a sight I never thought I'd see-the truck belonging to the neighbor across the street from the house I was standing at was engulfed in FLAMES.
It looked like something you see on TV. The front end of the truck was burning and burning massively. Small explosions kept occuring as new things caught on fire. The fire department was pulling up, and someone was trying to wake the people whose truck it was. I ran back to wake the hubs and we both headed back to watch. One very smart older neighbor kept telling the firemen to move the OTHER car which was right beside the one that was burning, so someone did that. I wish I had pictures, but 1) I'm not good at night shots yet, and 2) it seemed wrong to photograph someone else's misfortune.

I did get some pictures by the light of day though ;-).

This is the car that was NEXT to the burning one. Can you see the parts that started to melt? Luckily, the burning one was the farthest from their house, and nothing else caught on fire. God is so good!

For the record, I think they believe it was an accident. The guy who owns the truck has been working on it that day, and they did something with the fuses, so if they bypassed one, then there was nothing to "trip" to stop the fire from happening.

A house way out in the country is looking better and better.....
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crispy said...

What !!!! You have had some action around there. WOW. I love all the shots. Makes me feel like I have friends that live in the hood.

Glad to know everyone was safe. And it might just motivate me to have professionals repairing my car.

Leisa said...

Sounds like you live way out there in the ghetto. I am so glad we live on the good side of town, you know right off Bates ;)

for goodness sake I am typing slaboho...

amy w. said...

hhmmm....there is NOT that much going on up here! we just have bulls, cows, horses and a mule making their noises. Forget reality TV, you have it in your own front yard! Glad your all okay but i know that is unsettling.